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Why does this remind me of Faxanadog/Lobster Quest...?

  • pianotm
  • 01/27/2019 05:12 AM
Name: Life of Splor(c)k the Orc

Developer: Liberty

Story: It's because the hero, Splork is very reminiscent of the hero from Faxanadog. You play as Splork! You are a nice orc who likes the humans who live in the village near him. Those humans are nice! But you shouldn't go into the nearby human town. Oh, no! Those humans are not nice and they will make Splork dead. The humans like you because you are a helpful orc.

Dear god, it's like Esby speaks directly into your mind...

Gameplay: Simple and fun. The only battle as an autolose, and that's the...well...no spoilers! You basically have several different quests to go on, most of them fetch quests. Some of them give you different endings. There's a lot of different things going on all over the maps and literally everywhere you go, there's something else to do. This was a quick jam games, and has a few silly quirks that you might enjoy. Some minor glitches that are amusing. This game is loaded with cameos from RMN regulars, and a few that have disappeared.

Oh, my! Splork suddenly got very handsome!

Graphics: RTP and the expansion pack. This game was short and sweet with quick development. RTP is perfect for this type of game. It's identity is that of a community game, and that's exactly what RTP looks like.

Sounds: Same as graphics. Liberty seems to know the best RTP BGMs because it actually didn't drive me nuts listening to them over and over again, and I actually liked listening to them.

"Pats for Patrick!"

Glitches: There are a couple of glitches to address. Obviously, I'm not going to go through them all. All of them are minor. All of them are silly. The first glitch is that in two endings, Splork's face chip changes into the bandanna wearing man you see in the second picture. The second glitch that I'm going to point out is a passability error in Joseraph's house.

I'm walkin' on the ceiling! OOO!

Conclusion: This is a fun game to pass your time. You'll get through it quickly, but fortunately, there are multiple endings for you to occupy your time looking for.


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Thanks for the review~
It looks like I have another bug-hunt on my hands, and I do want to get some kind of in-game list or the like of the different endings, even if it's obscure (maybe I'll write it on a list you can find in the forest somewhere or something). ^.^)b
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