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V4 includes Tutorial level and some fixes!


- Added a tutorial level accessible before the intro!
- Added a save point in the final area.
- Another attempt at fixing slow-down issues.

Hopefully the tutorial can help clear some things up about the combat system and help prepare you for the journey ahead!


Vital update. Downloads updated!

Please install the new patch, which fixes a problem in the cave level where you can miss a vital note to get through a cypher lock door.


Making a video walkthrough!

I am currently making a video walkthrough of Death Proclaimed. In it, I hope I can help some people that are stuck or are having trouble with the gameplay mechanics. I'll be posting videos in the Media tab as they are made.


Version 3.3 First Aid Kit in apartments

There seems to be a handful of people that have trouble in the starting area of the apartment levels, so I have added a first aid kit to the first floor to ease it up a little bit. If anyone has any more suggestions or any area they are stuck on, please let me know so that I can fix it up. Thanks!


Version 3 is OUT NOW

Enjoy! Hope you all like the adjustments I made. I also tried to get rid of the framerate issues in some parts, so if they still persist for some reason, let me know!

Game Design

Battle system undergoing large upgrade!

I've decided that I will be modifying the game's battle system to be easier and less tedious to play! The battle system is probably the worst thing about the game right now, and after observing a playthrough, I decided that enough is enough and that I must make some much-needed changes.

Here is the current situation with the battle system:
  • The system's clunkiness comes from the inclusion of invincibility frames that creates a "break" between hits, both for the player and the monster.

  • This wait period takes precedence over events that determine weapon swinging, which explains why sometimes you can't hit them.

  • When swinging your weapon, monsters undergo events which designate them to walk, meaning they skip forward and walk faster than usual, leading to them hitting you seemingly from afar.

  • Some monsters teleport and can get stuck in walls.

What I am doing to fix these:
  • Get rid of invincibility frames altogether, at least for monsters.

  • In getting rid of this, you can now hit monsters as many times as you want, although you should still be careful because they will hit you if you keep rubbing up against them.

  • Monster walking will now be treated as a separate parallel event altogether.

  • Monsters will still get stuck in walls, but there will be a parallel event that will determine if the monster is in the same coordinates for a set amount of time and will teleport again.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. Hopefully this will inspire people to play the game further. Look out for updates!


New Download

There will be a new download uploaded shortly that will hopefully rid anyone of the graphics asset errors that crash the game. Stay tuned.


Framerate/Lag Issues

From seeing the Catalogue, I'm getting the hint that some people may be experiencing bad framerate issues with this game. If this is true, someone please let me know they're suffering from it and I will try to optimize the game as much as I can and reupload it. Thanks!



Apparently there is a game-breaking bug as well as a messed up teleport in the sewer level. They have been fixed. Sorry for all these fixes, guys, but there really shouldn't be anymore at this point.


V2 should be fixed now.

The download should come up soon.
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