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Hello everyone!
This is my first game ever, so please be indulgent, it probably won't be the game of the year.

This game is EXTREMLY short, depending on your gameplay, and won't last that long even if you take the longest "route", so yeah.

The genre would be... dark / wtf I guess...

Also, trigger warning, this game contains rape, if you're not comfortable with disgusting attitudes, don't play.

Short synopsis :
"It was just a normal day for Zoe. She finally found a job, after months of having trouble paying her load, being a simple student living on her own. Hired to clean up a young man's room, she starts to work, but things suddently went terribly wrong."

Yep that's all.
Ya gotta play it.

For now, the game is out as a beta version.
There shouldn't be bugs, however, syntaxes errors might happen.
So whenever you are playing and spot one, comment on here, so I can correct it, and upload the final version !

The final game will be very different from the beta, storywise and gameplay wise. The beta version was mostly in order for me to gather info on how I could make a good game.

As I already said, this is my first game, and I do realize some parts feel a little rushed...
But I think of making another one, longer, with a better story, and of better quality is all.... prooobably going to need some help for it.
So I would love it if you guys would stick around for it !
I just created a tumblr page where I'd share things related to it.

Also, I'd love to hear out what you thought of the little game (keep in mind I enjoyed doing it so plz don't break my kokoro thx) in the comments, or even on tumblr.

(also, if you'd rather it be a fb page than a tumblr let me know)

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Alright, don't worry, read first x)

So, I have made some good advencement on the final version of the game development, thought it's onlyabout 30% done, I'd say, but it's coming along. It's going to be much longer than the beta, or so I hope.

But right now, I have some other activities than are going to take some of my time, and I already am having troubles finding ideas on how to start some areas (once I'm started everything is fine, but getting to actually start is a big issue), so if I just try to force myself into finding ideas at all cost, while thinking other those other things, it's going to end up really bad in one way or another. x)

So I decided to pause the development while I'm "working" on these other things, which should take more than a month, and then come back empty headed. I always find it easier to find inspiration when I'm starting again after a period of not bothering about it, so hopefully I'll make some quick progress after, but we'll see.

So yeah, that was mostly to give you some update, not to leave you guys a month without saying a word.

Hope you're doing well ! o7
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  • 05/09/2015 12:46 PM
  • 07/28/2015 05:53 PM
  • 06/14/2015
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Hello, I would be interested in beta testing it and correcting some of the dialogue. Please let me know when I can start :)

Also, this game seems interesting, I'd like to play it when it's fully completed.
Hello, I would be interested in beta testing it and correcting some of the dialogue. Please let me know when I can start :)

Also, this game seems interesting, I'd like to play it when it's fully completed.

Of course, I'll let you know when I'm finished with it!
I think it'll be ready in june, it's kinda short. ^^
No problem, since I don't get notifications sent to my email address from this, feel free to email me at el.fydzz@gmail.com
Or add my skype, Tappx_
Or if you have any other preferred forms of communication then that's fine.

Hello, I would be interested in beta testing it and correcting some of the dialogue. Please let me know when I can start :)

Also, this game seems interesting, I'd like to play it when it's fully completed.
Of course, I'll let you know when I'm finished with it!
I think it'll be ready in june, it's kinda short. ^^
*Deeply Thinking*
That portrait of the MC is quite pretty ( ̄ω ̄;) ~

Interesting game premise. I'd be willing to correct some dialogue + beta test for you as well.
Hey bith of you !
I made an upload of the main page that you maybe saw,
the game will be out as a beta version, so people can play it, and if they see errors, they can report them.
I figured that way, you can first play the game your own way, and then, if you really want to beta test everything, I can give you a playthrought ^^
Is this okay to you?
I've been looking forward to playing this! It looks so great and the art is amazing! I've already downloaded the beta and played through some of it. There were a few misspellings here and there but nothing too bad! It was fun and had very interesting storyline. I've recorded my experience with it (which is currently uploading to youtube at the moment). I'll be happy to link you too it once the uploading is completed if you'd like to check through it. Of course, I'll link everything within the description of the video so anyone else willing to take a chance at it is welcome. I can't wait until the full game is released, keep up the amazing work!
Hi, I thought this game had an interesting story and a pretty good, relatable MC.

I have to say I was more partial towards
ending 1 (the yandere ending??) because at least the son and mother eventually got what they deserved (with a few innocents thrown in there unfortunately haha).

The "good" ending could have been better in my opinion because where ending 1 went too far in the "kill and stab them all die die die" kind of way, the good end seemed to go in the other direction and wasn't that satisfying because it didn't seem like she got any justice for what was done to her. I also thought the part where she couldn't even say that she was raped coupled with her going to live with her aunt after seemed kind of like she was running away from what happened. But I guess everyone deals with that kind of event differently, I'm a pretty aggressive person in general, so take this personal opinion with that in mind!

I haven't gotten all of the endings yet so I'll be working on those next. There were a couple errors here and there involving missing files (like not being able to find the damage2 file, or the buzzer file if you tried to use any items from the inventory. Nothing major though.
First of all, thank you all so much for the good feedback, I'm so happy some people already played it ! >w<

@IceyPromise, I'd love to see your recording so don't hesitate and link it !

@Riddleriddle, First, thanks for reporting the missing files, I had some kind of issue at the compression where most sound files disappeared, I thought I had them all back in but I missed some.
Then, I really appreaciate your critic, really, really nice of you. I totally understand why you'd be partial toward the good end, because I took a compretely different approach , and if you'd like to hear my point of view on the matter, I'd be glad to share it with you via email (sigmakedavra@gmail.com) , but not in the comment for obvious reasons.

Once again, I'm so happy about this positive response, love you all ! <3

I'd like to make a new game, obviously of better quality, so it'll take a while, but, I made a tumblr page, where I'll post updates http://sigmakedavra.tumblr.com there's nothing yet, but if you're interested in seeing more from me, or give me some feedback here too, ^^
Hey there

Lots and lots of typos, if you have problems with orthgraphy yourself you might want to get a proofreader onboard.

There's a crash when you try to use the cleaning supplies or any item, really (namely your cookies)
"Unable to find file: Audio/SE/Buzzer1"

It also crashes when you try to enter the crack to the south-east in the ruin.
""Unable to find file: Audio/SE/Slash9"

After you decide to turn away from the exit in the ruin, your portrait stays inscreen, blocking your view.

For story-spoilers, just use hide... /hide (put them into corner brackets). Everyone will know they shouldn't open them unless they played the game.

Pretty cute so far. Will probably write a review later.
Very emotional. The lack of music is somewhat jarring at times, but pretty decent.
Thank you for reporting the bugs, as stated on my upper post, for some reason, my SE files disappeared during the compressing of the game... was pretty sure I check the slash ones, uh, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, I do realize music is important, but I only had the basic musics from RPG vX ace, and few free sound effects found online.
For my next game, I intend to ask for some help for it!

Thank you so much for your comment!

As for the typos, I have someone for it... but he's busy at the moment ><
If you have some in mind, please write them in the comments.
I wonder if there is a good end or something, since I just get End two and the Bad End. I assumed only the escape route matters, do I need to start over for it?
I will just go with the spoiler and use that.
(or you could send me a pm if you care enough, haha)

It's a very decent first game. Good job!

Some missing files are fine, they are not gamebreaking and that is most important. Something you can fix easily, too.
And I think there is a free rmn music pack and some recommended freeware sites to use on the boards as well. For a game using atmosphere and emotions as much as this one, it does a lot. The few tracks it does have work well.

I don't have anyone at hand, but there should be plenty volunteers if you ask in the forum. Given how short the game is, even I would do it, haha
In order to have different endings :
The ending is determined by the doors you openned on the 2nd floor.
In order to open those doors, you need specific items hidden on the first floor.

Thank you very much !

Well, thank you for the advice.
If you are to replay to try and have different endings, I'd appreciate if you wrote down the mistakes that you find, ^^
Here's the link for the video: XXX
I only ended up with two endings, I haven't gone through to find all the other endings yet. If I do, i'll record a separate video and link that to you as well.
Sent the pm with typos, now on to the actual review.
*Deeply Thinking*
For your first game, I think you did pretty good. The use of RTP wasn't bad, there wasn't any game breaking bugs (besides the sound files), there's a good variety of endings, and the scares were well done as well. Good job.

Although... not going to lie, I didn't really like this game that much. Not because of the graphics, gameplay, or music, but... the story.

The amount of rape in video games that I see everywhere now truly saddens me. I feel like it's the go to idea always because of the shock value behind it.

Now, I didn't think you portrayed it in an extremely bad way.. but it's just--agh! I don't know. I feel like it's something I've seen too many times before, especially in horror games--and especially to female leads.

Besides that, I didn't really see much of a plot. And a lot of the other endings I saw or read I thought were basically for shock value too. Murder, suicide... I don't know. It just all seems like cheap writing to me because of the way it's portrayed. I suppose it's just not my cup of tea. Anyways...

I did think the graphics were very pretty. The CG's were nice too. However, I couldn't read some of the text on the speech bubbles until going to the picture folder and reading it like that.

They are a few typos here and there... but it seems like you've been notified of those! I do want to congratulate you on getting all those downloads so quickly! Seems like I wasn't the only one who was "baited" ;) Alright I'm getting a bit out of hand XD;;

I look forward to more of your games! Hopefully we'll get to see more from you in the future!

To SigmaKedavra--Unfortunately it is a common plot "twist" entertwined into writing nowadays whether it's subtle or not. I understand it was not your intention of portraying it in a "vile" sort of way, I really just don't want you to attract the wrong crowd or perhaps send the wrong message.

IceyPromise, I'll watch the video.

Nedras , thank you again for your critique.
I'll admit, I don't play that many video games so I didn't know it was a "common" (if I can say) story line , sorry.

After, the endings weren't supposed to be only shock value, but I understand the game is not long and detailed enough to fully understand the why and what, probably...

If I can reassure you, my next game should be different and not have this kind of outcome ^^ (I think..)

Yeah, I know, I was so surprised like : WHAT 80 DOWNLOADS ?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
hmm buzzing games from what ive seen is just game pages that had recent activity. once i commented on a page dead for years and it appeared there

that aside overly dark stuff isnt my thing,i cant understand people who enjoy others suffering. and i just finished a disturbing show as well.
i think ill watch the lp and give thoughts

no pretty rare i play these types actually. i don't mind character deaths
but once we get into the rape,slavery and torture we crossed the line.

thoughts Spoiler

pretty retarded story...this guy can have anything he wants without committing crimes yet he does this...does not make sense at all...
the cops taking a bribe to let it slide...i know humanity is pathetic but
i want to believe this would not happen.
i was happy as hell when she stopped moping and gave the scum what he deserved but was sad when his mother was not dealt with as well :(
what kind of mother would defend her kid after this? she is insane and successful? just does not work like that!

the grammar needs a good amount of work as well and crashes noted in the lp

the best part of this game is the character art work. its really good!
You won't enjoy it shayoko.

It's sometimes an interesting experience. Definitely not something you would like any time or any day.
Strangely enough, you seem to play these types of games quite often despite that.
I can understand your reasonning,
most dark games I played are not the the suffering to the characters, but for how they overcome it.
Yet again, I havan't played that many game so I don't know what most of them are actually about ^^"
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