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Progress Report

Just re-uploaded the demo!!!

I fixed some bugs and balanced some enemies...The board game is also included but not playble in the demo...i also re-done some dialogue with help of Kyle..

Make sure to give feedback if any bugs or balance issues was in the game.

Thank you for your attention.


New DEMO v0.2!!

DEMO v0.2:
-Fixed some minor bugs.
-Add Healer and a save point in the first village (thanks to Kory Toombs).
-Add a Drug...I mean a Herb that can speed up time in overworlds Like the New MGS.
-Add 1 Side Quest.
-Add 5 more places in the World Map.
-Maybe some stuff than i can't remember.:P

-Press "1" on World map to show time.
-Kings are save points
-INN are checkpÃŽints
-Press "Space" to interact with objects or NPCs
-Press "C" to cancel menus or delete letters in Enter a Name screen.
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