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Centuries ago, a magical plague known as the miasma appeared, which began to devour the surface of the world. Unable to restrain this scourge, the inhabitants of the surface used another form of magic to extract from the ground a giant island the size of a continent in order to dwell in the sky, where the miasma could never reach them. But this celestial island wasn’t big enough for everyone, and thousands were abandoned to the miasma…

Time passed. Through the fires of wars, a kingdom appeared on the flying continent, whose citizens had long forgotten the tragedy of the forced emigration of their ancestors but also the other one, even worse, of the people who stayed behind and had to face the miasma. And everyone now lives as happily as possible in a human society.

But it is several years now that the flying continent seems to slowly sink into the Sea of Clouds upon which it is yet supposed to fly. And the nightmare of the miasma surfaces again in the collective memory…

Now, a hero has to go back to the surface below to find a way to revive the apparatus which allows the flying continent to remain above the clouds.

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COTCW is now on Greenlight!

So don’t hesitate to lend a hand to my game; you know how things work: the more numbers, the better! It happens right here and it goes rather well for now (I think) with around 1500 visits, 275 yes and 24 favorites: it currently is at 20% of the way to reach the Top 100 –not bad for a three days run!

As a side note, I discovered an unwelcome bug which ruined a part of the visuals of the demo (I’ll spare you the technical details) but I couldn’t solve it without removing an entire script and I don’t know if this will corrupt your saves: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience but the graphics are one of the most important part of a narrative RPG so I just couldn’t let this go...

The demo file has been updated and in case you noticed this and wondered why, well, here is the reason ^^
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  • 05/10/2015 10:19 PM
  • 05/25/2015 12:11 PM
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Based off the demo

random thoughts

interesting how the indoors are pictures like a VN rather then the normal mapping

i love when stores inventory's are neatly organized but it seems the gear is pointless because its at your lvl nothing better (tho it makes sense since the king is sending you on a important mission) items/gear
tho im never found of permanent stat boosters especially when they are sold

theres awkward grammar. i really don't feel like fixing as ill have to stop way to often to enjoy the game. advise getting a proof reader and or going over the script carefully

the guards blocking the areas where i assume the peasants are...wouldn't it make more sense if they faced the direction they are blocking?
speaking of game should tell you where your going to get to the icelands

pretty pointless to avoid patrolling guards when theres random battles
(after getting out of cell)
and even the patrolling guards see you around corners even if they are not looking in a strait line
^this part would be funner if was a a better designed stealth game play

after you get out of the halls you see a cut scene talking about you having been there for 2 days.
problem is the npc on the left can rush at you during it

once you make it to the girls house theres a really long delay from entering until the basement scene

in the desert ruin area encounter rate is to frequent

we get lots of spears but no character uses them

if you got to use the war mech for all future battles the game would be alot funner. i like the simple element all whipping enemy groups out. relying on TP is annoying sometimes

a bit late to say but the character sprites look pretty funny mixed with more realistic backgrounds XD

-the mapping visuals are amazing
-character sprites are generic and may look a lil out of place compared to the maps
-plots questionable (refer to Q)
-battles were pretty dull
-some game play mechanics could be improved (sneaking areas?)
-exploration is linear
-gameplay 2+ hours (maybe less if rush)

good game worth checking out

Q spoilers!

What is the point in completing your missing if people can live on the ground?
if they managed to lift a considerable landmass into the air surely they can lower it to the ground.
What misuse of magic led to the miasma being created? (what type of magic)
how is it possible that the masked man recognizes the neckless?
it was 100+ years since Celestia went into the sky.
this should be impossible(unless immortals exist)

others id hope to be answered in a full game
will Alasran get all lovey dovey with Annalys? (married or lovers! :D)

will Alasrans father ever think he isnt useless?

will humanity ever move past having kings and nobles!? it does nothing for culture!

i guess that about covers it have a good life
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