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Act I - Welcome Home!

Twelve years have passed since you've heard from your father. To your own surprise, you don't remember what led to the separation of your family. After meeting your old friend Meja, you both decide that it's time for a family reunion.

Will you be able to retrieve your memory, remember that one certain night from twelve years ago and unravel the mystery that surrounds your family?


Vigiles Lucis is a Horror-Adventure that observes your choices, actions and relationships. Events and dialogues will alter depending on these features. Riddles, exploration and encounters with creatures will be part of your journey throughout Vigiles Lucis.

Warning! This is only act I. If you want to have your choices carry over to act II, you will need to secure your save data for a while until act II will be released.

Warning! Contains possible jumpscares!


Vigiles Lucis
created by Waldemar Alexander Sulej and Toni Michael Sattler

Illustrations By Alice Laferrière

Music By
Toni Michael Sattler

External sprites and tiles by
Ayene Chan | Matheus Viera | Mataraelfay | Themo |
Enterbrain | Pandamaru | Celianna

External scripts by
Victor Sant | Yami | Tsukihime | Zerbu |
Mobychan | Bird Eater | Yanfly | Doogy |
SirBilly | Zeus81 | DoctorTodd

Alexis Bougie

Special Thanks to

Timocop | Shattix | HolyDante | Zarpox
Gama 949 | MarkBondar | TraditionalTea

Latest Blog

Vigiles Lucis - Act I can now be downloaded!

Hello everyone!
We are very proud to present you the first act of Vigiles Lucis.
The overall playtime should be between 1-2 hours.

With Vigiles Lucis we wanted to:

- encourage and reward players, who explore
- have players bond with the characters
- create a unique atmosphere through music
- play around with decisions and actions
- implement romance options

Have fun and be sure to let us know, what you thought of it!

  • Production
  • 1 of 3 episodes complete
  • Lyrahel
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 05/12/2015 01:12 PM
  • 02/22/2017 01:34 PM
  • N/A
  • 47300
  • 29
  • 629


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If you agree with this, i would like to do a LP of your game :)

Sure thing. Go ahead. :) Be sure to tell me when the first episode is ready! :D
So as the developers are probably aware of, judging by the friendly conversation we had in the comments, I did a Lets Play of this gamehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSQ0ABGdnBc&list=PLutQRqszz0osoDmn5O31FlKqC-meP2YnC&index=1.

I really enjoyed it, there were good scares the story is actually interesting and I really want to now what will happen next. My only negative criticism is the humor, but I am very sure that is up to debate :D

So I can only recommend playing/watching/whatever your deal is this game. It is pretty entertaining.
This was a fun game :D The art was nice, music great :) The part with goblins annoyed me a little bit though :D
Q: Any ideas when Act 2 will be out?
Heyo! I'd love if I could put up your project on the upcoming update for the New RPG horrors on Tumblr, YOu see, I run a blog dedicated to RPG Horror blogs and I released a very famous list on tumblr about new projects like this one!
Here is my blog

while here is the list!

If you allow so, please fill this out so I can put it on the list! http://horrorrpgartmastersupplier.tumblr.com/draft
I really hope this is still being worked on, because it's absolutely lovely!
Man, I really want to keep playing this game, but... I would love to have the ability to dash and to save anywhere in these nightmare sequences where I have to memorize the patterns of mobs or whatever and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Like, you've pretty much lost me because I don't think I'm willing to explore this over and over and over again to get through once, twice, hit a switch, open a grate that I then can't find what I opened so I have to go back through the creatures. And I have to do it again, and again, and again. And eventually, I just turn it off and say, "It was interesting up until this point, but I'm done now."
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Try going into the game files if you own rpg maker vx ace and hold ctrl. It'll let you walk through walls and skip that annoying maze section.
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