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A Fan Game? Not so much...

With this being the introduction to my 3rd official review, i have to say that it is offensive for anything to be called a "Fan Game" with so little heart and soul being put into said project, a Fan Game is supposed to ooze the emotions that you get out of a certain fandom, and i got NONE of that at all.

Instead what we have here is a base RTP Title with a few fandom characters put in and a bunch of filler that is supposed to be an adventure, but i dont see how it is as such.

Now, i know for a fact that i know nothing of this "Cry" series that was the basis for this "Fan Game", so i'm not exactly a good judge of such, be that as it may, i am here to give my cents, and by god i am giving it.

But, i know that for a Fan Game to be a true Fan Game, you have to portray the love you feel for this series, and i felt nothing at all, i tried to look at this fairly, i truly did.

However, this game pretends to be something it clearly isnt, and i am left feeling deceived as a result of it, the game is minimal to say the least, it was about 30 mins of playtime, and the term is a stretch on this one because the gameplay was frankly abyssmal.

And by that i mean that you dont get any party members throughout this game, so the combat is slow going except for the simple fact that Cry is quick to fight, even on the heaviest weapon that i obtained he could move slightly more than the enemies (Double Attack before Enemies Counter)

But he has so few Skills that using anything other than Auto Battle was just a waste of clicks, i mean his magic is all healing for one thing, even having healing spells that have ZERO use, like Revive 3... seriously, did the creator even edit Cry's spell pool? what's the point of having "Revive" when you dont even get teammates in the game?

Quite frankly i cant even be professional with this review, as much as i am trying, i just feel like my time was wasted and that i was deceived on it being a Fan Game.

CREATOR, yeah you, c'mere... look, maybe this was your first game, and you wanted to make a game starring your fave character, but you cant call something a Fan Game and put so little effort into it, it demeans the fandom you are representing and you are misleading people, because Fan Games are works of art that people put MONTHS of effort into, sometimes even years, not in a matter of Hours or Days...

With that being said, i give this game a 1 out of 5, it isnt a fan game, it's barely a game at all, it's boring, it's got no story, and the ending is just meh...