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Warning: Butler Quest is extremely difficult. Do not attempt unless you crave a challenge.

Butler Quest is an rpg made using rpg maker vx ace. The protagonist is a lazy guy who doesn't seem to do much work. He encounters a girl who watches too much Black Butler and wants a butler for herself. Then they go to hell to catch a demon butler using a pokeball. Along the way they meet a boy who loves butter; a boy who likes good food; and a boy who is really strong.

Party with up to six members. Battle through dungeons on a quest to capture a butler. Characters can learn magic at the magic shop. Characters can also train to become stronger and learn new weapon styles at the weapon trainer.

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  • Completed
  • jordan787
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 05/16/2015 07:33 PM
  • 08/30/2015 08:48 PM
  • 06/19/2014
  • 22071
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Hello, jordan787.
There is only a RTP version of the game?
You don't have a non-RTP version?
You should be able to play it without needing to install rpg maker if that's what you mean. But yes, there is only the one version. Sorry about file size.
At first I thought it said along the way they meet a boy who loves butler and couldn't stop laughing. xD The plot sounds goofy; can't wait to play this.
Dimension how am I suppose to go? keep ending up in the same places, help me pretty please
Sweet! Someone made it to the dimension. Hold on. I'll try to help you
Okay so once you are in the dimension follow these exits to each area: 1 Top-Left; 2 Top; 3 Right; 4 Right; 5 Top; 6 Bottom-Right; 7 Right; 8 Bottom; 9 Right; 10 Top-Left; 11 Bottom-Left; 12 Top-Right. Then you should reach the boss. Also sometimes you'll come across the same room. It might confuse you but keep going.
Thanks got to use the ball to ^^

What do I do now?
Once you defeat him and capture him in a pokeball that should be the end of the game.
Congratulations! There is also new game+ if you want to play again.
Started a Let's Play series of this game some time back.

Check it out: https://youtu.be/1E5peh47Slk
Well, I've started my own Let's Play series for this game.

I liked Kido's Let's Play the best so far. Apparently this game is hard, so expect a challenge when you play it. Although I'll tell you, you don't need to grind at all. If you know what you are doing you can beat it in less than an hour.
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