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This is a game i made a few years ago ... And then I dug it up the other day and saw how awesome it actually was XD ... So i just want to share it with you guys.
Its a small download (6 MB) and its a short Demo as well, so give it a try :D

I'm unsure of the story lol ... it follows a young boy named Kammuki, who dreams to become a samurai like his father, Ruteo. He lives in the village called "Lami", the village that never has rain, and lives with his mother, Reatta. Ruteo died a few years ago, by events that are unexplainable. (A not explained in the demo either). But one day, Kammuki and his best friend, Chyra, notice strange things happening in Lami. Could these strange things be in any way linked to Ruteo's death?

Kammuki (Main Character)
Age: 16
Height: Who cares? lol
Weight: Same ...
Race: Human
HomeTown: Lami

Kammuki is the main character. (Hence the title "Shrine of Kammuki")
He has no fears, which usually leads him to trouble. A very brave boy, and at such a young age. He has strong feelings for his best friend Chyra, although he is very shy, he wants only to protect her from danger.

Chyra (Kammuki's Best Friend)
Age: 15
Blah blah
Race: Human
Hometown: Lami

Chyra loves animals (I hate that i wasn't able to show more about their character in the demo ... since i was so young my RM skills were bad back then), and is afraid of almost everything. She secretly admires Kammuki as well.

Age: 17
Race: Human
HomeTown: Unknown (Even to me)

Haze's real name is Kaiden, although he wants to be referred to by as Haze. He doesn't like Kammuki, mainly because he is in love with Chyra ...

Age: Unknown
Size: Small!
Race: Min-Kin
HomeTown: Unknown

Little is known about Telia. All that is found out by the party is that Telia is of "Min-Kin" Race, and not the evil "Kin" race ... which is a good thing. though the party does not really understand. Her speech is very poor, meaning that the Min-Kins do not speak english as their first language.

Ok hopefully now you are familiar with my characters so listen up!!one11eleven!

-ABS or CBS (not sure XD)
-Day / Night system, complimented by a time system which works perfectly now -_-
-Partner system, which works great with the ABS. Your party members will actually fight for themselves using the ABS while enemies will not only attack you, but attack you friends as well :D
-Friendship system ...
-Many more ...

There are no system requirements just:
1. Download
2. Extract
3. Double click the exe
(Actually according to a friend, he experienced lag in the first map ... so I'd same atleast 1gb of RAM :|)

Game's length:
Estimated to be 45 mins atm, I will update the length as people tell me how long it takes them.

Ok here are the little cheats i put in my game but listen ...
If you use cheats, I will not be responsible for any:
1) Harm caused to your computer
2) Explosions of computers
3) Death of you and/or Pets

Im just kidding but listen really:
I'm not responsible for any glitches that are cause when you enter these codes ...
For example, running on water / Wrong music playing (Not my fault)
Here are the codes:

To implement Run feature, so you can get around easily:
Speak to Haze. When he asks if you are here for something, say Yes and enter code "925" to enable running.
(Running is not fully tested, so im not sure what will glitch out)

To change the Hour of day, to what ever you want:
Go to Anira's shop (All the way to the bottom), and examine the clock to the right.
When Anira asks if you know anything else enter code "925" then you will be able to change the hour to anything you like. And when i say anything i mean it. You can even make it 99:00 am/pm which is crazy ... so don't do that please ... but again it's your own risk.

Changing the Midi/Music:
If at anytime the wrong music is playing. (Anira's shop music in Lami) Speak to Yanik all the way to the right ... and then enter code "925"

Conquer Swimming test:
Now if this swimming test is to hard for you ... (My sister got mad cuz she couldn't beat it) then you can do this.
Leave the Swimming test area, when Swimelia tells you that she will erase your memory, still leave. Then re-enter ... She will say that you have a weird look in your eye ... enter code 555 and wa-la!! You passed -_-'

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Well,It looks great but the download doesn't seem to be working!
Really? There is no reason why it shouldn't be working ... What's not working the link or the game itself?
This game looks pretty cool. ima download it and see how it is :)
nice to see it's up. I'll try and get a proper review of it up soon.
it says some errors occur sometimes like on the Adv. swimming course,and the cave with the fire skulls
it says some errors occur sometimes like on the Adv. swimming course,and the cave with the fire skulls
Strange ... its working fine for all the other people
tried playing your game but it says file clothesline-01 cannot be opened,anyway round this?
hmmm wtf? lol i don't even use clotheslines meh. Make a new file in paint or something called "clothesline-01" exactly and insert it into the "Characters" folder ... this should solve the problem.
did what you suggested but it still doesn't work
Well I would try and update if it didn't work on other people's comps, but it does ... so there isn't anything more i can do ... I'm really sorry. That should have fixed it but i guess not. Does it bug out when you first start it uo in the middle of the game?
the download isn't working!!! it SUCKS. but the descriptions good
lol you mean you finally got it to work?
This is a fun game,thanx for posting it! ..still trying to find a way to make the homemade cookies 9_9;
Maybe this topic is dead but can it be fixed using theRpg Maker 2k3, and where at?
(open project/shrine of kammuki/Adv. Swim Test ,then goto Tools-Database-(common event?)
WARNING! worm detected

Well, I'm not sure, but two .EXE files I just scanned show a Worm.W32 on them: Worm.win32_Autorun .adza(v)
RPG_RT.exe for Shrine of Kammuki
Is this a false positive? It's not showing up on any other game EXEs but these two.
Hey Max, I just downloaded Shrine of Kammuki, and scanned the RPG_RT.exe with VirusTotal, a free service that scans small files with 41 different anti-virus programs and shows you the results for each of them:

And only 1 of the 41 anti-virus came back positive for a virus, which means it is a FALSE POSITIVE.

You should submit the RPG_RT.exe file to your anti-virus tech support so they can confirm that it's a false positive and resolve the problem.

Here's SystemSuite 10's support page--click where it says email support at the bottom of the page and send them an e-mail:
Thanks for the tip SegNin. It's probably my antivirus program. I'll have to uninstall and re-install then update and see if that helps.
Your welcome.

Lately, there've been a lot of people reporting that they've downloaded an RM game from here that their anti virus says has malware in it.

And every single one's been a false positive.

Just one of those things I guess.
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