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Edward Holmes is an experienced private detective who takes a break from his former job. Premonitory dreams assault him lately, reminding him of the town where he spent the first years of his life: Mussara. When he was a child, one night, the town faced a terrible and unexpected inundation that wiped almost the entire area. Edward and his family were some of the few survivors from that lethal night, but he was too little to remember currently how could they escape when others didn't have even a chance. His parents never told him more about that night, and as Edward grew up he slowly supressed those memories.

Now, he decides to return after more than 30 years, reminded by the voice in his dreams, looking for an explanation to what really took place there. A sinister secret hides in the ruins of the ghost town of Mussara, waiting for Edward to uncover it...

No Place Like Home is a dense investigation RPG horror game where the protagonist, Edward Holmes, travels through past and present to discover the mistery of the flooded town of Mussara.

Latest Blog

A change in development

Hello to all. Just wanted to check and say that I am still working on the game, but due to many life and work issues I am currently being pretty slow in development terms. You know, real life goes first, so things are how they are. I hope I can dedícate more time in the near future because, believe me, I really want to finish what I think will be a great game.

One thing I can surely tell you is that there has been a major change. I have tried the new RPGMaker MV engine and I like it, so I might be leaving VX Ace in the future and start doing stuff in the MV. This game, though, will probably be finished in the VX Ace since I have a lot of stuff done already and I don't feel like doing it all over again.

Also the release date will change to mid-late 2016. I have another project in mind ("An Evil Night") which probably will be released before. I will keep you informed. I think this will be worth the wait since I believe I have thought a very nice and twisting story to keep everybody inmersed to the very end (or I should say ENDS hehe).

Stay tuned, bye bye!! ;)

---- UPDATED FEBRUARY 10TH 2016 ----
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Looks interesting
Added a couple of new screenshots to the Images section. ;)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Ahhhhh I didn't realize you were the one who made darkest dreams! Now I'm looking forward to this even more!
I still have a long way to go, but I have in mind some nice improvements and cool stuff, stay tuned!
Ey bro, you there? What happened?
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