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Edmund's had a hard life. It all started even before he was born. He was conceived into an unhappy family of reclusive, unintelligent, obese, balding people; and he became one of the family. His parents bickered and fought, and dragged poor young Edmund into their fits... Until the day daddy died. His mom was an alcoholic after that. Edmund didn't have many friends. The only true friend he did have was an asshole; an asshole that became his boss, at a job he hated, for less pay than he deserved. As a result, Edmund could only afford to live with his hot-headed alcoholic aging mother, and her cat, which hated him.

Edmund just wanted to be happy. Online is where Edmund was most happy. There, he didn't have to be him, he could be someone else. And that someone else was popular, witty, and liked. He even got an online girlfriend. Edmund thought, maybe things were turning for him? Edmund was wrong.

'Is This It?', is an RPG Maker horror game starring a man named Edmund, who's been dealt a tough hand in life. You play as Edmund as he returns home from a day at work, ready to escape the real world and delve into his busy online persona's life... But the gears of fate are turning, and if things don't change, Edmund may have one last cruel surprise awaiting him. The claws of misfortune swipe viciously to latch onto the poor Edmund...

Guide Edmund around his home, and interact with and alter the things and people around you to change the path Edmund goes down. Survive the horrors that unfold before you, and know that your actions change things. Featuring some original music by myself, original artwork by Rincs, and a colorful cast of characters in a twisting and churning story, with branching possibilities and endings.

Remember, there are no dead ends, only possibilities.



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Character Profiles & Voice Actors

So just a few random notes as the game is in the middle of development. Firstly, I will mention the game is voice acted. This isn't typical, and is going for a sometimes hammy, sometimes creepy, sometimes touching feel. I hope it blends well and the game manages to portray a slew of emotions, and hope the voice acting ends up adding to that, rather than taking away.

So the main characters in the game, and their voice actors:

Voiced by: Doovad Hohdan
The main character, a poor and unfortunate balding obese man who finds his escape online. He works at a job he hates, and lives with his mother. Soft-spoken usually, but with a vivid imagination.

Voiced by: NaturalFlirtGamer
Edmund's mom, who he lives with. A woman who turned to alcohol after the death of her late husband. She's a bit sour at the world, but lonely and appreciates company. Has spent of the family fortune on surrounding herself with nice things.

Voiced by: YTKirumii
Edmund's online girlfriend. She and him talk over the internet almost every day. Edmund hasn't seen any photos of her, but pictures her like her profile picture... And for some reason see's something like an illusion or hallucination of her in his room from time to time.

Voiced by: Bluebomberimo
Edmund's boss, and childhood friend. A bit of a douche, and very blunt, he does care for Norman, and gave him the only decent paying job that Edmund could obtain with his grades and resume. Often calls Edmund on the phone for a variety of purposes.

Voiced by: Tik115
Margeret's cat. The cat doesn't talk at first, but later into the adventure... Olive is a bit of a schemer, and while not entirely fond of Edmund, does appreciate and rely on him sometimes.

Voiced by: AestheticGamer
The next-door neighbor. Seems to be having some form of fling with Margeret, though tries to be closer with Edmund. Asks a lot of odd questions. Some people may recognize him from Close Your Eyes...

More as the game comes along, including some voicing samples. Script is being written and voiced right now.


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Subscribed! I haven't played your previous game yet, but it sounds cool. How long are you planning it to be?
Subscribed! I haven't played your previous game yet, but it sounds cool. How long are you planning it to be?

Really up in the air how development goes, as it's a bit of a quicker project and usually with my games it's hard to put an exact timer on them. An example is I would of personally put Girl's Graveyard (a previous game of mine) at a 40-60 minutes long, but most people who played it I heard took about 2-3 hours to complete it. Since this one is split into possibilities and pathways, I suspect one playthrough would take a shorter amount of time, but I want to make it so there's a lot of different possibilities and reason to replay.

But this is a somewhat spontaneous 'fun' project, which is why its one of the projects I'm doing that doesn't have completely original spritework (most of the projects I do, I sprite, but I am a slow spriter, so I'm only spriting some of the unique stuff I want to sprite right now and using outside resources for this project), but I'm a fast developer and due to practice doing timed competitions, can get a lot done quickly. An example being I already have all the music done for this game and already designed and scripted all of the main beginning location of the game in just a couple days. Spriting is usually the slowest thing for me, but regardless.

However, want to make it fun and already have the story and its possibilities worked out in its head, but want to come up with fun scenarios and gameplay things while avoiding some RPG Maker horror tropes, such as making the main source of horror chasing enemies. One of my biggest goals with this game is to make it seriously creepy, I got a lot of compliments on my last game, Close Your Eyes, from people saying that the game was seriously creepy, which had me happy but I know I can do creepy better than that, and want this to be more so.

I need to make a lot of scenarios still, but development is going swimingly. If you want to listen to the OST I cooked up for the game (mixture of original tunes from me, music some friends made, and some royalty free songs) you can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8O4iOHhu5Q
Well, that's good to hear, and I wish you luck! I could only listen to some of the OST, but it sounds pretty good.

Also, great to see that you've done playthroughs of Cryostasis online. Nowhere near enough people know of that game, if you ask me.
Sounds like a hilarious game (in a dark sense). Gonna test it probably when it's out.
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