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Pan, a piece of bread riding a mechanical toaster armor, must rescue the 7 members of the Breasistance from Doctor Dough, an organic parasite which can take control over any domestic appliance.

Super Toaster X is a RPG game to learn Japanese vocabulary. It was mostly inspired by the Darkest Dungeon (exploration phase) and Super Mario RPG franchise (combat phase).

So... how does it all work anyway?

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Music is composed by the talented Toney Manfredonia (@amanfr1 on twitter). You can listen to a sample of one of his songs here if you're interested:


My name is Etienne Zizka and I'm the lead and designer and artist for the game. I've drawn all the art displayed in this message and much more. I'd literally fill pages if I were to put everything however. Just keep your eyes peeled, I often show new Pixel Art right here in this thread.

Latest Blog

0.59 is out!

We've just uploaded a new build to our testing branch. This build adds in the new skill tree, which allows Pan to use the points obtained from mastering cards to become stronger.

New players (or players using the revert saves option) will start with at least 2 mastery points so they can obtain the Kung Punch move. Training with Sensei will allow you to obtain mastery points using the Hiragana character set.

Upcoming features include:
Display settings for vocabulary during combat. Swtich between Romanji (english) and Hiragana/Katakana readings, and enable or disable furigana (the characters above the Kanji which tell you how it is read).
Katakana, Kanji and unmastered card training modes with Sensei.
Story mode
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  • 05/20/2016
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Well, the project has certainly evolved since the last time I've seen it. Now that I've come back to RMN, I should probably try to play the demos.
OH! This looks nice! Definitely buying the early access as soon as i can!
Thanks, you can find the game here:

I'm currently in discussion with eplipswitch to have him record audio of the pronunciation of words. Will keep you guys updated.
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