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Devlog 94: Steam We Go!

Hello guys!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve been on Early Access so now is as good a time as any for an development log regarding the game. I’ll simply include the upcoming changes for the next build.

Upcoming changes:

*Sax_7 requested a way to make side doors more visible. We’ve added a light to indicate the presence of doors on the side of the screen.

*Behind the scene: Jeff, the programmer, has coded a tool to quickly import art to the game. I have quite a lot of stuff which is done and waiting to be implemented: new foes, items and other animations. This will make us faster and more proficient to add things to the game engine.

*Behind the scene: Jeff is working on another tool to quickly add vocabulary cards to the database. I have a list of 10 new words I want to include to test out the new tool and add more diversity to the current list which is very limited.

The new words; all part of JLPT 4.

あが 上、る る、上がる、 to rise (v.)
あか 赤、ん ん、ぼう 坊、赤ん坊、baby (n.)
い 意、けん 見、意見、opinion (n.)
いし 石、石、stone (n.)
うで 腕、腕、arm (n.)
えだ 枝、枝、branch, twig (n.)
かべ 壁、壁、wall (n.)
かみ 髪、髪、hair (n.)
くも 雲、雲、cloud (n.)
こ 子、子、child (n.) 

This might not seem like much but having those tools will certainly streamline the already finished content which is just waiting to be coded in.

Keep the feedback coming! As you can see, everything is read and at the very least considered.

Thank you for reading,



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Oh, so you're already on Early Access now? Nice! Not sure how I missed that, but I certainly hope it goes well!
I didn't announce it before, that's why.

It's going fairly well I think. I mean, for Early Access.
Well, that's good to hear!
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