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Build 0.58 is out.

Another couple of weeks has gone by, and we have a new build uploaded for the last round of testing.

Here's the changelog:

New features:
11 new items- Enemies and chests now have their own unique loot
Enemy attack damage is now randomized from a range of values
Currency will now be displayed in the top left side of the screen while in exploration mode
Inventory can now be accessed while out of combat in exploration mode by using the attack/defense key (default q/e)
Pan's health bar will stay up while in exploration mode

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the PO Katakana card, it was displaying the イ character instead of ポ
Fixed a bug where Kung Punch could get stuck in an infinite loop if the enemy dies before the move finished
Fixed a bug where the background for the energy/health bars would stay open after combat
Fixed enemy animation not being paused when pausing a room out of combat


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Ooh I'm so excited for this game! ~(=∩_∩=)

I check on each update and they all get better and better! ~(=∩_∩=)d

~☠ ❣Keneko-Chan❣
Thanks, finger crossed it'll meet your expectations.
Thanks, finger crossed it'll meet your expectations.

I bet it will!

It's looking awesome, so I hold nothing bad against it (=^・^=)good luck!

If you need a tester or any kind of spell check person, lemme know!

~☠ ❣Keneko-Chan❣
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