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"KLOL^^" is a collection of several minigames. It was made in only one month and was released on Aprils Fools Day in the German Makercommunity. The translated version is now available - exclusively here on RMN!

What's this fuss all about? Let's see, shall we?

- Box of Fruit (catch the falling fruits)
- Pacman! \o/
- Bomb evil hearts from the field!
- "Journey to Jerusalem". With bombs.
- A little Table game
- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Nothing much of a story to tell here.
You are a fruit and have a good time with your friends. Unfortunately, the evil "Herzies" come and want to destroy your party. Let's show 'em who's boss, eh?

Yes. It's that simple. Have fun. =)
Feel free to check out my HP, if you like the game: www.cproductions.de

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