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Year 175 - Long ago, a great and terrible war began between the two kingdoms: the Lucific Kingdom and the Cornea Kingdom. Fighting for the Crystal, the two kingdoms collapsed into destruction, and the Lucific Kingdom remained. Few years later, HE is still out looking for the Crystal and wanting to wreak death and destruction on our newly established Angele Kingdom. Is it time for another hero to step up to the plate?

Returning from a older, failed project, and remade into a new form, Future Helper: The Seven Towers is the first installment in the Future Helper Series and the first of the Future Helper games set in the World Creation - Angele Arc. This game showcases the history of the Future Helpers/HelperNET organization, and how everything begins.

A newfound hero embarking on a long journey, searching for the truth about himself, being thrust into the biggest world happening.

A newbie recruiter for the newly created Helper Guild. Tags along with Alex as he embarks on a long journey.

The Leader of the Helper Guild. Arrogant and annoying. She wants to expand the guild even further.

  • The classic front view battle system with a twist in the formulae, to take skill and speciality into account.

  • Reputation System - A special system that indicates how well you perform around Angele Kingdom.
    Unlock new side-quests and side stories with a higher reputation system.

  • A new set of side-quests And side stories that keeps you playing for a long time.

  • An original soundtrack created by various composers and artists for your listening pleasure. Exclusive for both the Future Helper and the Future Helper: Seven Towers games.

Latest Blog

(Official Announcement) - TST Hitus - Dev Updates- Centralian beginning era - sequeal?!?

It been a long time since you last saw me... (mostely stalking) but anyhow here is a completely long awaited updates. it on hitus once more... Ouch.

Anyhow the development went great during the time before MV release and college (studying game design and development... so quite frankly I am doing this not just a hobby but now part of my life as of today... or I will starve to death)

First of all the reasons why I been in hiatus lately is because first I got a new laptop to work(since MV does not work well with core 2 duo unlike it older engines and also it's performance is getting sloppy since that thing is been with me for a long time), colleges, new equipment, and other excuses I can use upon.

anyhow I would like to say that the seven tower and it's indirect sequel (which I am also announcing today) would now take places in its own timeline (192 - ???) as part of the Centralian beginning timeline.

And also since I just announce I am announcing a indirect sequel, Future Helper - Second chapter.

I already done writing up the draft for the sequel and it would take place few years after the event in the first game "Future Helper - Seven Towers". But with new characters, new world to discovered and also a conspiracy once again in the world.

now for some of you would asked "Would this gonna spoiled the first game?"
Well to answer in a quick way NO...
as this take place few years after the event in the seven towers and also take place in a new locations rather than the Angele kingdom itself. it does reference from the first game since the storyline for the first game is fully created.
But this time it won't be spoiler much once I get this first game finished. (this is why I called it indirect)

But unfortunately that game would be release as a paid game.
(estimated pricing would be 10 - 20 USD)

I will also going to keep the first game for free.

but anyhow TL;DR:
- The seven tower is on Hitus.
- have excuses on why I am not working on the seven towers.
- New laptop.
- Announcing the timeline. (centralian beginning era)
- and announce the indirect sequel "Future helper Second Chapter".
- and no it would not spoiled anything from the first game.
- the sequel would be a commercial game.

further announcement would be announce so stayed tuned for updates.


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
*sigh*, Sweet memories. :)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Hey Ratty I can barely see your ratty avvy against this black background! Hah! As for you, Mr. Jomar, I think you should rather credit CashmereCat instead of thatbennyguy, there my friend. Even though all I do is tell you to Stop Capitalizing Every Word In A Sentence and use plurals correctly, o ho ho!

(By the way, it's Seven Towers, plural. I keep telling you that, buddy, and it's one thing I think you should get right, is the title!)
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