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Latest Patch: 1.69. If you have an earlier version, please download the latest patch as soon as possible.

The download has been updated to version 1.69. It includes all fixes up to this point. There is no need to re-download if you have patched in the fixes separately.

You know that game many aspiring devs create? The one starring their friends, often times based on a chat room, or some forums, or a MMO... or perhaps a fangame that barely resembles its source material. The one that gets maybe a half hour of gameplay finished and is completely unintelligible to anyone except that group of friends. Yeah, that one. Now, what if someone actually saw that project all the way through, and attempted to actually make it a fun, accessible, and playable game that was faithful to its source material?

Enter Legend of Balance. This game originally started out as a fun little project for friends, starring characters from Final Fantasy XIV. Over time, and with a ton of effort, it changed into a complete game of its own. It still stars our characters, and there are still a few injokes, but the plot has been set up as such that any Final Fantasy fan can get into the game and enjoy it as a light hearted Final Fantasy romp. Players of FFXIV will find quite a bit to enjoy as well. The story of the game takes place inbetween the end of FFXIV 1.0 and the start of A Realm Reborn(if you haven't played FFXIV, this part probably doesn't matter, and the game can be standalone).

The game revolves around a group of heroes, champions of the realm of Eorzea. In the midst of an intense battle to decide the fate of Eorzea, the heroes are transported away before facing certain death at the hands of Bahamut. Finding themselves separated in a brand new world, the heroes begin a journey to reunite and find a way home. However what starts off as a simple quest quickly unfolds into a classic journey of crystals, great evil, and steadfast allies. Before this adventure ends, they will discover the truth behind this strange new world, and uncover the binds that tie it to their own home and beyond.

-30 to 40 hours of gameplay, including a multitude of sidequests.

-Enjoy a faithfully recreated Final Fantasy battle system. Everything is as you remember it from the classics!

-Utilize classic abilities, including commands such as Jump, Runic, Blitz, Mime, Throw, Mix, Blue Magic, Dualcast, and much more, along with new commands and abilities based on other games in the series, such as Draw Out from Tactics.

-Equip Magicites to gain access to powerful summons and customize your stat growth.

-A huge cast of unique playable characters, including several hidden ones.

-Find and use faithfully recreated equipment. Favorites like the Ultima Weapon, Illumina, Brave Blade/Chicken Knife, Offering, and much, much more is all here to find and use to become unstoppable!

-Dozens of sidequests ensure there's plenty to do, with no need for excess grinding.

-Face off against familiar foes and brand new ones, including a nostalgia filled bonus dungeon for those who complete the main story.

-Facing a foe that your current party can't handle? Switch party members anytime, even in the middle of a fight!

-Buy rare and unique items at the Auction House, and battle in the Colosseum!

-Take part in minigames, including fishing and an arcade-style airship shooter.

-Customizable Battle Speed, Battle Mode, and Difficulty will get you the experience you want, be it tough as nails or a more relaxed game.

Latest Blog

Misaos and Fun Times in RPG Makers Animation Editor!

First off I want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for our fangame in the Misaos! We won in a few categories and got pretty close to winning in a few others. I was very humbled by all of your support and am very grateful as well. I know Rydiamist feels the same way, So again thank you everyone! Your support is huge motivation booster to get stuff done on our next fan game!

Rydia has been working on making a small little bonus to the game to celebrate getting 5000 downloads! I personally have moved away from working on Legend of Balance other than looking into bug reports we get here and there… but I that doesn’t mean I don’t have something new to contribute to it as well!

I have been spending a lot of time working on our next Final Fantasy fangame, making sprites, looping music, making maps and tilesets, all sorts of fun stuff… but in addition to that, I have been trying to recreate some cool Final Fantasy animations in RPG maker. Let me tell you guys something… I HATE RPG makers animation editor so much, it is so hard to work with… but you have to do what you have to do.

One of the animations that I have been working on has been Fenrir. Now, I always thought it was strange that Legend of Balance didn’t have a Fenrir Magicite since (spoilers) you fight Fenrir in the game. However! For the 5000 download patch, I would like to present to you, Fenrir's Animation~!

Now i’m off to slave away on our next fan game!



Latest patch updated to 1.56.

-Fixed an issue where characters counter attacking while casting could lock the game up. Characters will no longer counter attack while casting.
-Fixed an issue where Silence did not cancel casting.
-Fixed an issue where Reflect was reflecting abilities it was not supposed to.
-Fixed an issue where one of the bonus dungeon battles would freeze if re-challenged.

Hi! I just brought Cid back with me to the present after retrieving the Mother Crystal and decided to tackle some side-quests. Unfortunately I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot where I needed to go next after doing some Hunter's Lodge quests. May I have some guidance?

In the final battle, i received the error:

"Script 'VE: ATB' line1124: AugumentError occurred.

comparision of Fixnum with nil failed"

Edit: This error may happen if Marz use his skill Lv.6 after dies. I just beaten the final boss and got no error... this is very strange LOL
Oh, and i wanna know what song is the "02Mood Swings.ogg", i'm trying to find on youtube but no results... hahahaha
@Ceodore41 Try going to Koen for a scene in the Elder's house.

@edgarox Ugh I wonder if something I did is causing this as I had never heard of it happening before and now it has happened to 2 people. I will take a look at it and at least put in a rescue to stop the crash and will put that up later. Really sorry about it.

And the song is from Type 0. Should be under that same name.
This is really a great game, but i wonder, will there be the rare drop rate from boss? Or just 100% drop rate
Thank you! Most bosses have an item you can steal, but if there is a drop item, bosses will drop it 100% of the time. There are a few regular enemies with rare drops, though.
Thanks for your answer :D And I want to ask that how can i enter the catacombs in the fisrt town, and what can i get from the fishing mini game?
No problem, happy to help! The catacombs come into play much later in the game, so don't worry about trying to get in there early on.

You can get fish that can be eaten outside of battle to restore HP or heal various status ailments. If you have a good enough rod, you can also catch the treasure chest at each fishing spot for a rare item.
Latest patch updated to 1.57.

-Attempted to fix a rare ATB related crash issue.
-Fixed an issue where the skeleton quest from the Inn on the Plain did not flag properly.
-Fixed an issue where Karina could dual wield without a genji glove equipped.

I think the problem with the ATB bar has been solved, i didn't got any crashes anymore. I just beaten every boss of the extra dungeon, included the masked one. hahahahaha
There is something more to do? If not, i think i've done almost everything in this game. hahaha

It's a very, very, VERY good Final Fantasy game, the history, every character and his background histories. The ending is an epic one.
I'm glad it seems to be fixed!

Yep, you've probably done most everything. Out of curiosity, what is your playtime at? I've been asking people to see if my 30-40 hour estimate was close.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! =)
RydiaMist can you give me the list of places in which have the hidden passage so i won't miss any item. Thankyou =D
Off the top of my head:

Rosalia, house basement.
Palomton, room where the Bot was.
Mount Rosalia, far right cave with the pond.
Aquaria, Spoon Dagger mansion. NPC gives a clue.
Jipang, in the forest near the springs.
Oh man, i missed the Brigand's glove so i couldn't steal while in the three scenarios. =D

Maybe i'll just play a little more to reach Lv.99, it's a thing i do in every FF game... hahahahaha

BTW, maybe i'll record the bonus Boss Battles and upload in Youtube, if you give me permission, of course. haha
@Chaox: Ouch! You can get some good stuff but nothing that is missable for good, so don't worry too much.

@Edgarox: Nice! Thank you, feel free to put up whatever videos you like! =)
I can finish the game anytime I want. But I want to do as mush as possible. Just need to find that pesky Dark Ixion;P

Edit: Found the bastard! Omega and Ultima, here I come!!!
I'm at Mielo Cave now and having about 20 Blue spells but i still don't see much use of Doiden lol
You may be missing some, but Doiden seems to be a character people either don't use at all or love. He's really versatile if you get all his spells, but he doesn't really specialize in anything, like most Blue Mages. That said, people have turned him into a pretty fearsome damage dealer that can do big heals by pumping his Intellect.