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Latest Patch: 1.69. If you have an earlier version, please download the latest patch as soon as possible.

The download has been updated to version 1.69. It includes all fixes up to this point. There is no need to re-download if you have patched in the fixes separately.

You know that game many aspiring devs create? The one starring their friends, often times based on a chat room, or some forums, or a MMO... or perhaps a fangame that barely resembles its source material. The one that gets maybe a half hour of gameplay finished and is completely unintelligible to anyone except that group of friends. Yeah, that one. Now, what if someone actually saw that project all the way through, and attempted to actually make it a fun, accessible, and playable game that was faithful to its source material?

Enter Legend of Balance. This game originally started out as a fun little project for friends, starring characters from Final Fantasy XIV. Over time, and with a ton of effort, it changed into a complete game of its own. It still stars our characters, and there are still a few injokes, but the plot has been set up as such that any Final Fantasy fan can get into the game and enjoy it as a light hearted Final Fantasy romp. Players of FFXIV will find quite a bit to enjoy as well. The story of the game takes place inbetween the end of FFXIV 1.0 and the start of A Realm Reborn(if you haven't played FFXIV, this part probably doesn't matter, and the game can be standalone).

The game revolves around a group of heroes, champions of the realm of Eorzea. In the midst of an intense battle to decide the fate of Eorzea, the heroes are transported away before facing certain death at the hands of Bahamut. Finding themselves separated in a brand new world, the heroes begin a journey to reunite and find a way home. However what starts off as a simple quest quickly unfolds into a classic journey of crystals, great evil, and steadfast allies. Before this adventure ends, they will discover the truth behind this strange new world, and uncover the binds that tie it to their own home and beyond.

-30 to 40 hours of gameplay, including a multitude of sidequests.

-Enjoy a faithfully recreated Final Fantasy battle system. Everything is as you remember it from the classics!

-Utilize classic abilities, including commands such as Jump, Runic, Blitz, Mime, Throw, Mix, Blue Magic, Dualcast, and much more, along with new commands and abilities based on other games in the series, such as Draw Out from Tactics.

-Equip Magicites to gain access to powerful summons and customize your stat growth.

-A huge cast of unique playable characters, including several hidden ones.

-Find and use faithfully recreated equipment. Favorites like the Ultima Weapon, Illumina, Brave Blade/Chicken Knife, Offering, and much, much more is all here to find and use to become unstoppable!

-Dozens of sidequests ensure there's plenty to do, with no need for excess grinding.

-Face off against familiar foes and brand new ones, including a nostalgia filled bonus dungeon for those who complete the main story.

-Facing a foe that your current party can't handle? Switch party members anytime, even in the middle of a fight!

-Buy rare and unique items at the Auction House, and battle in the Colosseum!

-Take part in minigames, including fishing and an arcade-style airship shooter.

-Customizable Battle Speed, Battle Mode, and Difficulty will get you the experience you want, be it tough as nails or a more relaxed game.

Latest Blog

Playing the game at higher resolution

Hey all! I just wanted to post a link to an upscaler that will let you play pretty much any rpgmaker game at a much higher resolution.


Download this and follow the instructions, open Magpie, then the game, then press alt+F11. I'd suggest using either the Anime4k or CRT upscalers for LoB. This will let you play the game in fullscreen and it will look really nice!



I beat the game, and saved my clear data, but if I try to load it all it says is. THE END. Is this a feature that's not been implemented, or just a bug on my end?

I saved on a different file, so until I know for sure. I'm just going to get to level 99.

I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed your game more than I enjoyed the actual franchise. The amount of content you guys have, and the overall smooth gameplay, and abundance of things to do. I would have payed to play this. I want to change servers, just so I can hangout with you guys after this.

If it wasn't extremely directed towards people who know about FF XIV. I would tell everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to play this.

I really want you guys to be featured. one of the best games I've played all year, and I don't mean on RPG Maker.

I could sit here, and gush over it for hours, but I kinda want to get to level 99.

To everyone that made this game happen. You have my sincerest thanks. You made an excellent game!

I just realized I can't leave the final dungeon... I only have 3 tents left, and I'm only level 72. Good thing I got that economizer!

As far as the end screen goes, when it says "The End", you need to press Enter on the keyboard to get it to do anything. For some reason the gamepad is screwed up there, we will probably make it easier to get to newgame +.

And thank you for all the encouragement! I am very glad you enjoyed our game.
@Xemeth: Your post seriously made my day. Really. I am very happy that you enjoyed our little game so much!

One of my goals setting out was to make a full length RPG. So few people do that anymore and actually finish that I thought it would be fun to do. I'm glad you were happy with the amount of content! I'm also happy to hear you found the gameplay so good, as I went to pretty crazy lengths to make sure that it played like a classic FF.

Again, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! It makes all the work we did completely worthwhile. =)

Now, as for The End screen, Ashiee said what to do there. There's still a whole bonus dungeon to check out!

As for leaving the final dungeon, there should be a teleporter right where you entered. If it's not there, let me know and I'll fix that up. And Exit was supposed to get you out, but apparently for some reason it doesn't. I'll fix that and add it to the next patch.
Thanks Ashiee, and Rydia. Time to do that side dungeon!

As for the final dungeon. it's at the spot where the place collapses. I was going to walk out before fighting the final boss, so I could get my EXP egg.

Oh man, I am so sorry. I checked and there is no exit to that room, I can't believe I missed something so stupid. It has been fixed and a patch will be going up momentarily. So sorry about that!
Latest patch has been updated to 1.53.

-Fixed an issue with an area in the final dungeon having no exit.
-The spell "Exit" now works in the final dungeon up to a certain point, and in several other areas.

I just realized I can't leave the final dungeon... I only have 3 tents left, and I'm only level 72. Good thing I got that economizer!

If you want some more Economizers go farm the Brachiosaurs on the island where Azran's sidequest is. :P
I beat everything! Now I'm stumped about the Omega mark, and the Conqueror's mark.

EXP egg's making me sad. 1 person only, and the person I like the most needs his 2 relics. xD

I even got all the adventurer's guild quests done, and the hunting lodge. I'm still only trying to get to level 99.

By the way. That bonus dungeon. That was a beautiful story you had going in there. Makes me really want to see you make another game.

You have to tell me what server you guys are on. (if you still play that is) I have the sudden urge to meet all of you. xD

@Orophin Only needed the 1 for my scholar. xD

Oh yeah! thanks for saving my ass at Omega weapon, and Ultima weapon. If it wasn't for your tankiness. I would have died a lot more than I did!
@Orophin Only needed the 1 for my scholar. xD

Oh yeah! thanks for saving my ass at Omega weapon, and Ultima weapon. If it wasn't for your tankiness. I would have died a lot more than I did!
Haha, the irony is I don't even tank anymore. I fell in love with BLM in ARR and have stuck with it. I dabble with other things of course, but I try to avoid tanking when I can. But yeah, Oro is pretty badass.

For those marks, you need the VIP pass. It might be in the FAQ where you can get it, my memory is a little fuzzy. I want to say you get it in Squeenix Town or something. The VIP pass will let you in a room at the auction house where you can trade in the marks with the Cursed Shield for the Paladin's Shield. Great item until you start farming Adamantite for an Adamant Shield.
Hmm, gonna spoiler tag this because I think you may have missed some stuff!

The bonus dungeon you did, was that at Memoria? I ask because you mention the story. That's actually Karina's character sidequest. Every character has one, and the fortuneteller at Emerald can tell you where to find them. The actual bonus dungeon is at Cutter's Cry to the east of Emerald. I have the game point you to Memoria first if you haven't done that because it's a requirement for the bonus dungeon. I think you'll enjoy it too. =)

To use the marks, go first to Squeenix(present) and speak to the NPC in the mayor's house. After that, go to the VIP room at the Auction House in Aquaria. Once in there, you can speak to a NPC and he will give you a special item.

We are on Excalibur!

And I'm not Oro, but he seems to be saving a lot of people on some of the optional bosses, haha.

EDIT: Oro beat me to the response!
I forgot about cutters cry!!! Damn! Getting back on the game then. Poor mime was sitting there all game waiting to get in, and so was I.

Karina is my boss Killer. Climhazzard with the limit bracer. Watch the F***er go down! xD
Yeah, Climhazzard was broken.... badly (as in the formula just was not working right). It has been fixed in the latest patch, but don't worry you can still do obscene damage with other things!

If you missed the other character sidequests cheeck out the fortuneteller also. There's some other little stories you might enjoy and they award great weapons and lots of tokens!

EDIT: How much does broken Climhazzard do with the limit ring? I am almost afraid to ask....
Not much actually. Around 20k Gradd still does 40k with 8 hits, but climhazzard is great when they have a barrier up. Same with spirits within.

Oh all the side-quests are done.Fourtune tell takes my 50 gil just to tell me she sees nothing. xD

The first boss of cutters cry... made me want to cry. xD
Second boss is making me cry. xD
The first boss of cutters cry... made me want to cry. xD

First boss is nothing, it gets a LOT more fun deeper in. :P

Even some of the trash mobs in there are pretty tricksy.
I need to level up then. Even Orophin is falling like a brick. I will not be bested here! Not when I got this far!

Runic blade is so useful, when it's not absorbing my white magic! xD
The bonus dungeon is made to be a bit harder, yeah. However, as you beat bosses you have the option to go get some really powerful gear to make the rest easier. What level are you now, and what is your party setup? If you really get stuck I can definitely give you some tips.

You also don't have to beat the bosses in order, so you could see if maybe one of the others is easier for you, and then start getting equipment to tackle the others.
My party is.

Gradd 72
Karina 73
Alysia 73
Miko 74

I'm going to head back into the final dungeon, and level up there. these pink mousse are destroying me. xD
Hmm, that level should be just about fine on Normal, are you playing on Hard? With that group I'd suggest:

Be sure and abuse Miko's shields to keep people up (you can pre-shield before the fight, even), and have Elysia immediately use the elemental resist song that applies to the boss you're fighting, and Knight's Minne. Karina can lower the damage enemies deal with Soul Blade Divine Ruination, so try and get that up and keep it up as much as possible.

EDIT: Also, be sure someone has Carbuncle set so they can use Ruby Light to get buffs up on the party immediately. Having Phoenix on someone else for an emergency full raise is helpful too.
I've been playing on hard mode this whole time!? Jeez!!! no wonder I'm getting my ass handed to me. That's it! Round 2!

Just thought I'd suggest this, but could you make the monsters in here yield more exp? You can level up faster in the final dungeon.
Oh yikes, that'll do it! Bonus dungeon on hard is pretty challenging, haha.

Hm, I thought they did give more exp, but the enemies are a lot harder so yeah I can bump that up a bit for the next patch.
I just got my hands on some adamant gear. Gradd went from doing 40k of damage to 120k+ of damage. Karina's probably going to be higher than that, once I get her set.