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This page is a work in progress, information is still being added. Please be aware this section also contains spoilers.

Full Guides

Full Walkthrough by Firefly84: https://www.dropbox.com/s/18rao76j5gvvehv/Walkthrough%20Final%20Fantasy%20Legend%20of%20Balance%20by%20Firefly84.docx?dl=0

Blue Magic List by Firefly84: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7hy28hj5fcud8t/Blue%20Magic.docx?dl=0

Character Commands
  • Karina
    Runic - Absorbs the next spell cast and absorbs the MP cost of the spell. Karina's next attack is also boosted.
    Seiken - Holy Sword arts focused primarily on offense. Using Soul Blade gives abilities secondary effects to weaken enemies.

  • Elysia
    Bardsong - Ability set primarily focused on bolstering the party, but also contains offensive bow techniques. A bow is required to use offensive abilities.
    Magic - Elysia gains rudimentary White Magic to increase her support ability

  • Kaayu
    Trance - Boosts all of Kaayu's stats. Only usable once per battle.
    Dance - Ability set focused on both healing allies and weakening enemies.

  • Ashiee
    Rage - Boosts Ashiee's attack and reduces MP cost of skills, but makes her uncontrollable.
    Battle Arts - Ability set focused on powerful offense. Also contains self buffs and crippling Break abilities.

  • Cassie
    Pray - Restores a small amount of HP to the party for free. Amount restored is based on Cassie's Spirit.
    Magic - Cassie gains access to the most powerful White Magic in the game, giving her unrivaled healing ability.

  • Level 99
    Thievery - Ability set containing Steal abilities and offensive skills. Offensive skills rely on timing hits based on a wheel.
    Throw - Throw weapons in your inventory for high damage. The weapons are consumed.

  • Marz
    Bushido - Ability set containing powerful techniques. Bushido consumes no MP, but each ability has a charge time. Charge time can be reduced with Haste and certain abilities and equipment.
    Draw Out - Ability set containing techniques ranging from offense to healing and support. Use of a Draw Out requires a specified katana to be in your inventory. The katana has a chance of breaking on each use of the Draw Out.

  • Aeth
    Truth - Ability set containing mainly powerful area attacks.
    Spellblade - Aeth enhances his main weapon with the power of a spell. His attack command takes on the effect and power of the spell on his weapon. MP is only consumed when casting the Spellblade effect.

  • Doiden
    Study - Learns any Blue Magic the target enemy has.
    Blue - Use any learned Blue Magic. Blue Magic has a wide range of effects.

  • Fievel
    Focus - Charge up, then make a powerful attack.
    Blitz - Ability set requiring the input of button sequences to execute abilities. Blitz skills require no MP, but will fail if the button sequence is incorrect.

  • Orophin
    Guardian - Ability set containing mainly defensive techniques. Orophin can increase his defense and protect allies. He also gains several offensive skills as well.
    Magic - Orophin gains several elementary White Magic spells.

  • Gradd
    Darkness - Ability set containing powerful techniques that focus on use of HP.
    Magic - Gradd learns several Black Magic spells to supplement his abilities, including the unique Absorb spells.

  • Dag
    Chainspell - Consumes 10% of Dag's MP and practically no ATB, and immediately grants him Dualcast for a round.
    Magic - Dag gains a large variety of both White and Black magic.

  • Miko
    Rawr - Boosts the party's defense and magic defense slightly. Can stack twice for greater effect.
    Magic - Miko gains many unique spells to heal and shield allies, and damage enemies.

  • Abelia
    Bluff - Boosts Abelia's magic damage and restores some MP. Can be stacked up to three times.
    Magic - Abelia gains access to the most destructive Black Magic in the game.

  • Azran
    Jump - Azran jumps into the air, leaving the battle for the ability's charge time. He then returns, dealing a large amount of damage to an enemy.
    Dragon Art - Versatile skillset with offensive and support abilities.

  • Divinus
    Mix - Divinus is able to mix consumable items to create brand new ones. The full list of mixes is included at the bottom of this section.
    Time Magic - Divinus is able to use various spells to enhance allies and enfeeble enemies, along with some powerful offensive magic.

  • Flame
    Mime - Copies the last action taken.

Hidden Characters(thanks for the writeups, Noel!)
  • Azran, the Dragoon

    • When in Ashieeton Lv. 2 (there's Azran's workshop on a cliff) when talking to Azran choose an option regarding his recruitment to the party.
    • Since he cannot leave town unattended for it to develop properly, he tasks you with finding a replacement for him and advises to ask around bars.
    • The replacement is Eden whom I happened to find at the pub in Aquaria, although it may be in a different city because it might be random where she'll appear.
    • When back at Azran's workshop in Ashieeton, Eden says she'll replace him after you give her something. That something she needs is an "Iron Celata Visor" which can be stolen from enemies in Patch Tower, and the Waterway/Manor Basement in Cecille. Presenting ICV to Eden will award you with Azran as a party member.

  • Kaayu, the Dancer

    • First you need to acquire an airship.
    • From there head to Enaya and talk to Elia in the doctor's house and she'll tell you that to heal Kaayu she needs water from Frozen Whisper Forest.
    • In the airship, fly to a valley north of Garuda's Peak where there's a larger forest to the west, smaller forest to the right and a snow plain between them. Land on the snow plain and head to the larger forest. Enemies here shouldn't prove too much problem, a party of around level 30+ (which you should have at that point of the story) will be enough. There are no boss fights here, if you're wondering. When in forest simply head north and approach a spring, press the Action button, and head back to Enaya.
    • In Enaya talk to Elia inside the doctor's house and she will prepare a potion which will heal Kaayu's condition.
    • As an addded bonus we are treated with some background regarding Kaayu's mysterious disappearance at the bridge to Palomton.

  • Divinus, the Time Mage

    • After acquiring airship head to southeastern continent and land near a lone house which is located in an eastern valley. Enter the house on the world map and you'll arrive at the Hunter's Lodge. Inside the building, head to the room on the left side of the map with a silver-haired man in it and accept the NM quest.
    • Now head to the Western Forest, the first dungeon of the game, and south to the save point in the southern map of the dungeon there'll be a star. Stepping on it will initiate the battle against the spider. Defeat it and head back to Hunter's Lodge.
    • Talk with Argus to finalize your joining to the hunter club and go upstairs.
    • In the right-most room there will be a girl with black and white hair. Talking with her will result in her joining the party.
    • Divinus can Mix items to have a variety of effects and can use Magic to toy with time a bit in a battle.

  • Flame, the Mime

    •After returning from the past, head to Cutter's Cry. Speak to the blue-robed woman with Level 99 in the lead of the party. In a strange scene, she will randomly join you.
    •Flame functions like Gogo from Final Fantasy VI. In the Skills menu, you can equip her with three commands of your choosing. Mime is always equipped. Note that not all commands are available. Flame knows whatever skills your party members do, with some exceptions for powerful skills. To make up for her versatility, Flame has low stats and cannot use Magicites.

Character Specific Weapons
  • 1. Holy Knight Illumina (Quested)
    To start this quest, head to Memoria. Go to the cave in town and speak with the masked man. From here you need to obtain two items, one can be obtained at the Sage's Hut in past world and the other can be found the grave site at Bobe's Rest. Return to the cave in Memoria again and speak with the masked man. Complete the dungeon and obtain the weapon.

  • 2. Bard Perseus Bow and Arrow (Quested)
    To start this quest, head to Squeenix and talk to the dwarf sitting on a bench in the towns park and pay him 25,000gil. Head to Squeenix Castle, and temper the souls of five Squeenix ghosts. Fight the castles boss and obtain the bow and arrow from the chest.

  • 3. Warrior Conqueror (Quested)
    To start this quest, Ashiee's town needs to be completed. Once complete, speak with the red haired woman outside of the town's cave. Enter the dungeon via the cave. Complete the dungeon, defeat the boss, and obtain the weapon.

  • 4. Skyseer Dawn’s Edge (Quested)
    Complete the quest "A Special Request" which obtained from the man at the Drifter's Camp. After completing the quest, speak to Ironbug after recruiting Aeth. Obtain a Fire Charm (one can be found in a chest in the Fire Shrine), and bring it back to Ironbug. The final portion of this quest is available after entering the Genesis Tree. Return to the Bug Residence, and click on the door. Head to the Forgotten Shrine, a shrine located near Ashiee's town. Complete the dungeon and the events in the Shrine and obtain the weapon.

  • 5. Paladin Crystal Sword (Quested)
    Available after entering the Genesis Tree. Head to Bobe's Rest and talk to the old man outside the lake. Head to the island on the southwest corner of the world map, and fish up a jellyfish (bait and fishing pole can be found at the Lonely Shop on nearby the island). Once a jellyfish is caught, a monster will appear. Once the monster is defeated, head back to Bobe's Rest and speak with the old man to obtain the weapon.

  • 6. Red Mage Murgleis (Quested)
    Available after entering the Genesis Tree. Head to the Undead Castle and speak to Silverberry. Once ready, speak to Silverberry again. Defeat the boss and obtain the weapon.

  • 7. Blue Mage Koggelmander (Quested)
    Available after entering the Genesis Tree. Head to the Riverside Cabin and talk to the woman in blue. After speaking with the woman in blue, head to Mount Rosalia and find a person hanging out near a waterfall. Once the events at Mount Rosalia are complete, head back to the Riverside Cabin, talk to the woman, and obtain the weapon.

  • 8. Thief Vajra (Quested)
    Speak again with A. after Genesis tree. She gives you the Thief's Writ. Solve the puzzle in the thief's cave.

  • 9. Dancer Terpsichore (Quested)
    Cecille Manor, speak with maiden in front of the throne room and defeat the fiend.

  • 10. Dark Knight Ragnarok (Quested)
    Inn between Cecille Pass and City. Search for a Monolith at the Inn in Sundiland.

  • 11. Samurai Kusanagi (Quested)
    Visit Kokkol's Forge and solve the mystery in the locked hut on the northern isle. After recieving the soul, head back to the forge.

  • 12. Monk Spharai (Quested)
    Available after entering the Genesis Tree. Head to the Valkurm Resort's Inn and talk to the monk in front of the counter. Head outside the inn and defeat the enemies. Once the enemies are defeated, go back and speak with the monk and obtain the weapon. Speak with the Valkrum Emperor to complete the quest.

  • 13. Black Mage Stardust Rod (Quested)
    Speak with the man at the well in Enaya. Defeat the Dragon to get its treasures.

  • 14. White Mage Nirvana (Quested)
    Speak to Jolteon in Rosalia at the church. Get into the catacombs and solve its mystery then speak to Jolteon again.

  • 15. Scholar Staff of Lords (Pseudo-Quest)
    Available once entering the Genesis Tree. Head to Koen and talk to the man in blue located in the northeast portion of the town with Miko as your party leader.

  • 16. Dragoon Holy Lance (Quested)
    Head to the north end Drakenvale with Azran in the party and complete the quest given.

  • 17. Time Mage Chronos Rod (Quested)
    Head to Mielo with Divinus after visiting the Genesis Tree and complete the quest.

  • 18. Mimic Anti-Hyperion (NPC)
    Can be obtained after recruiting Flame and entering the Genesis Tree. Head to Kutan and speak to the man in blue in front of the waterfall a few times. Complete the scene to obtain the weapon.

Frequently Missed Items / Weapons
  • Kraken Club
    Talk to the auctioneer repeatedly until it appears in the list. There's a higher chance later in the game.

  • Brave Blade
    Talk to Isori in Gurgu Village after getting the airship, and do the sidequest. The Gigantaur can be found in the middle of the desert south of Riverside Cabin.

    The Brave Blade's attack power is based on the number of victories you have won, and is lowered every time you escape a battle. Its attack power caps at 255, making it one of the strongest weapons if you don't run much.

  • Conqueror's Mark
    Defeat Odin in the Frozen Whisper Forest after entering the Genesis Tree for the first time. Odin can be found at the tombstone, accessed from a hidden path in the lower left of the first area of the forest.

  • Offering
    Obtained in Omega Weapon's area, which becomes accessible after clearing all of the hunts at the Hunter's Lodge.

  • Ultima Weapon
    Defeat Ultima, who becomes accessible after clearing all of the hunts at the Hunter's Lodge.

  • Soul of Thamasa
    Complete the final hunt at the Hunter's Lodge.

  • Postmoogle Cap
    Complete all of the Moogle Mail sidequests at the following cities: Cecille, Aquaria, Squeenix.

  • Moogle Charm
    Speak with the Moogle in the upper left area of the map after completing the Moogle Mail sidequests. Complete the quest given. The mailmoogle can be found in the Sundiland Pass.

  • Paladin Shield
    Speak to Squeenix Mayor to get the VIP-Key. In the Auction house you need Ultima weapon, Omega's Mark, Cursed shield and Conqueror's Mark.

Extra Magicites

Magicite is equippable via the Relic menu. Equipping a Magicite will confer permanent stat gains upon a character who has it equipped at a level up. The stats differ per Magicite.
  • Carbuncle
    Purchased at the auction house after the three scenarios.

  • Shiva
    Obtained after recruiting the extra character in Enaya after obtaining the airship.

  • Alexander
    Visit the Temple of Light in the present after uncovering the identity of Koen's Elder.

  • Diabolos
    Visit Mielo after entering the Genesis Tree, and recruiting the extra character at the Hunter's Lodge. Complete the quest.

  • Odin
    Visit the tombstone at the Frozen Whisper Forest after entering the Genesis Tree. It can be found at the tombstone, accessed from a hidden path in the lower left of the first area of the forest.

  • Phoenix
    After returning from the past, visit Goldbug in Port Enaya and complete the quest.

  • Ramuh
    Speak to the character next to the throne after the final dungeon becomes available.

Mix List
  • Potion + Potion = Hi-Potion

  • Potion + Hi-Potion = Lifewater (Grants Regen)

  • Hi-Potion + Hi-Potion = X-Potion

  • X-Potion + Dry Ether = Elixir

  • Dry Ether + Dry Ether = Elixir

  • Ether + Ether = Dry Ether

  • Ether + Dry Ether = Half Elixir (Restores half of a target's HP and MP)

  • X-Potion + Ether = Half-Elixir (Restores half of a target's HP and MP)

  • X-Potion + Phoenix Down = Phoenix Pinion (Revives a target with full HP)

  • Elixir + Phoenix Down = Phoenix Plume (Revives a target with full HP and MP)

  • X-Potion + X-Potion = Mega-Potion (Restores HP to all party members)

  • Elixir + Elixir = Megalixir

  • Megalixir + Megalixir = Holy War (Grants the party near-invincibility for a short time)

  • Elixir + Dry Ether = Goliath Tonic (Increases max HP)

  • Potion + Antidote = Neutralizer (Cures poison and restores some HP)

  • Potion + Eyedrop = Cure Blindness (Cures blind and restores some HP)

  • Ether + Remedy = Dragon Shielding (Reduces damage from Fire, Ice, and Lightning)

  • Holy Water + Antidote = Samson's Might (Increases physical damage)

  • Antidote + Maiden's Kiss = Levisalve (Grants Float)

  • Antidote + Eyedrop = Smelling Salts (Removes Poison, Sleep, Confusion, Paralysis, Silence, and Berserk from a target)

  • Holy Water + Eyedrop = Elemental Power (Increases magic damage)

  • Holy Water + Maiden's Kiss = Blessed Kiss (Grants Berserk, Haste, and Blink to a target)

  • Remedy + Remedy = Panacea (Heals most status ailments and restores HP)

There are other general combinations when mixing items of types as well. Generally, the stronger the potion you mix with something, the stronger the result, but not always! The list above covers all specific Mixes, though.

Blue Mage Magic List - This list is a work in progress

1000 Needles
Angel Whisper - Sorceress
Aqua Breath - White Dragon, Leviathan, Deathanet
Awful Eye - Bloody Eye
Bad Breath - Morbol
Battery Charge
Blank Gaze - Gargoyle
Blaster - Panther, Gray Coeurl
Blood Saber
Body Slam
Chaotic Eye
Charged Wisker
Cocoon - Larva
Blaze - Chimera, Flame Dog, Breeze Beast
Death Scissors
Dimensional Death - Vampire, Chrys, Mummy
Dream Flower - Deadly Beauty
Eyes on Me
Feather Guard
Frightful Roar - Fire Gigas, Saber Tiger
Healing Breeze - Lamia
Magic Hammer
MP Drainkiss
Magic Fruit - Sasquatch
Memento Mori - Mindflayer
Mighty Guard - Alexander
Mysterious Light - LM-11
Radiant Breath - Yellow Dragon
Saline Coat - Centipede, Leviathan
Self Destruct - Nakahara, Mine, Bomb
Smite of Rage - Gigas, Antlion, Ice Gigas
Spinal Cleave
Tail Slap
Temporal Shift
Wild Carrot
White Wind
Everyone's Grudge
Traveler - Intangir
Final Sting
Pollen - Demonic Tiphia
Dragon Breath
Rampant Stance
Frog Drop - Quested
Absolute Zero
Southern Cross

Dark Ixion Spawn Locations

1. Small island west of the continent south west
2. Area near the hunters lodge
3. South of Enaya
4. Near Valkrum Resort

Phase 1 Town NPC Locations

Bald Man - Palomton, north of the inn.
Couple - Cecille, west side of town.
Tarufell - Sundiland, west end of the beach.

Phase 2 Town NPC Locations

Lonely Mithqote - Shop on the west side of the far southern continent.
Man with 2 Children - Aquaria, in the inn.
Seeker of Music - Emerald, at the bar.
Strange Tarufell - Port Enaya, north dock.
Elevaan Man - Riverside Cabin.

Phase 3 Town NPC Locations

Mysterious Woman - Squeenix after visiting the past, at the inn. Enter through the top floor and go downstairs.
Bored Mithqote - Hunter's Lodge.
Beach Life Guy - Valkurm Resort, in the back of the inn.
Good Friend of Ashiee - Koen, left of the elder's house.
Strange Man - Check Chocobo forests.

Air Mail NPCs

Rachel, in Enaya.
Mcdohl, in Aquaria Castle.
Ithilsul, also in Aquaria Castle.
Ironbug, in Palomton.
Jolteon, in Rosalia.
Sultan Nicholas, in Emerald.
Azran/Eden, in the town you build.


Thankies! I already got the Holy Lance and Alexander (talk about elemental coincidence, whoops! ;P ) without the use of this. Battles were fun for those two and goddamn that Holy Lance—! It improved my damage output from Jump immensely so at least for a while I won't be switching the Dragoon out of the party.
And oh!

"Visit the Temple of Light in the past"
I didn't went there in the past timeline and I got Alexander in the current just fine. Eventing error?
It may be an eventing error, depending on Rydia's original intentions since Rydia added the event. I was always under the impression while testing that the pre-req to gaining Alexander was to find out about Ramuh in the present, but there is a switch in the past world event so maybe it is. Anyway, the past world event text really doesn't add that much to the whole Alexander quest line. I will go ahead and change the guide to reflect what is currently in our game, we will change it back if we decide that going to past world first is needed. Thanks for pointing that out!
This is great stuff! I missed Ramuh and Flame's weapon so already it's useful! And I am already planning great things with Mix, haha. Finally something for Divinus to do on her turns after the initial buffing/debuffing.

A question though! What is the best place to grind out EXP for us powerlevelers? Also is there, like...an Anti-Moogle Charm? Something that will actually increase the random encounter rate (for purposes of above power leveling)? This is truly one of the first RPGMaker games with random encounters where the encounter rate was nearly perfect for general progression/exploring but if I can increase it for grinding I totally would.
A question though! What is the best place to grind out EXP for us powerlevelers? Also is there, like...an Anti-Moogle Charm? Something that will actually increase the random encounter rate (for purposes of above power leveling)? This is truly one of the first RPGMaker games with random encounters where the encounter rate was nearly perfect for general progression/exploring but if I can increase it for grinding I totally would.

If you fly to the island via black chocobo where you did Azran's sidequest, there are Brachiosaurs there that give 10000 xp per fight. No gil, but a chance at Economizer drops though.

Intangirs on the NE island give around the same amount I believe (and you can also steal Limit Rings from them) but I don't know if the time spent is worth the effort involved. Maybe at the higher levels it's not so bad.

The bonus dungeon is always an option too, but those are some pretty nasty mobs being that they counter attack with a lot of different status ailments upon hit. (like Death, curse you skeleton dragon things)

As far as I know there wasn't an accessory that made encounters appear more quickly.
Maybe you should have a boss faq telling how to find the hidden bosses and strategies to beat every boss in the game.
We could do that, but it would be a bit of an undertaking so we might not be able to get to it for a while. Every boss has a gimmick, but in general good strategies to practice are:

-Kill any adds that spawn or are with the boss.
-Attack carefully at first to test for counterattacks.
-Keep HP high.
-Use Protect/Shell if you have someone able to use them.
-Be on the lookout for new attacks as the boss' HP goes down.
One thing that helps during boss battles is a Seiken ability, specifically Climhazzard (level 23). While it can miss (rarely) it can hit bosses for 9999 damage rather easily making battles easier to handle and quicker to finish.

If anyone wants to know who learns what at each level please check articles under "Command Skillsets" for the skillsets available here. Please note that the layout on "Magic" article will be revamped a bit due to a large number of characters using various spells.
As for bosses... I could create articles for bosses (there's a LOT of articles to write and fill just for THIS game but they'll likely appear at some point or another), but I'd rather have some more solid information, like values for all enemy's stats (Bestiary would be a good thing here, not sure if it's in-game or not) and some AI which would definitely help since it's always good to know your foe beforehand.
I've actually reeled in Climhazzard a little in recent patches since it's quite OP early on. It's still good, though!

Thanks again for your hard work on the wiki, it's a really good resource, and I plan to link it on the main page when you're all done setting everything up. As for a bestiary, there actually is a script in the game, but access is dummied out. The issue is the fact that I use a lot of extra stats, as I'm sure people have pretty immediately noticed. Because of that, I have to extensively edit any scripts that list stats to display all of the custom stats. My Enemy list is also essentially set up in the order you encounter the enemies, so there'd be no distinction between bosses and normal enemies and things might be quite out of order at times. On top of all that, there's also the matter of monsters having different stats on different difficulties, and it was really just a headache I didn't feel like dealing with.

That said, I could get that info or work on the bestiary at some point if you were to make an enemy list. Everything would be doable, it'd just be pretty tedious to edit the script.
Regarding monster stats: are some stats subject to some kind of determing formula based on the RMVXAce stats, like "Attack" is, I don't know, "Strength / 2". If so, the stat thing could be somewhat easy since I'd be making enemy templates similar to the ones of FFWiki and MediaWiki can handle math via

so putting some math in it like
{{#expr:{{{strength}}} / 2}}

would calculate the "Attack" stat, so if it works that way, it'll be certainly easier than wasting time on tweaking the script to show all needed stats.

I could already whip something, but I'll first need to know what stats I need to include there.
For monsters, yeah their stats are based on the defaults. Their stats are done much more simply than character stats, so you could calculate their stats based on the database ones that way. That said some bosses use different stat calculations, mainly bosses, so I'd have to probably give you those individually. If you do really want to do this let me know and we can work something out!

Character stats use formulas mainly based on FF4, with a sprinkling of FF5 and FF6 here and there. They have very little to do with the normal RPGMaker stats, besides using the database param curves for level growth on the left side stats as a matter of convenience.
The version I downloaded actually has the game data. So I could look if I wanted. I have their stats, what they'll do during the battle, and all that. I'd rather play through before looking though.
It would be helpful if you'd post the list of characters for the little girl's letter quest. So far I know the characters are:
- Allie
- Ironbug
- Artema
- Nicholas
I will edit it for that, just so you know the ones you are missing are that I can think of off the top of my head are:

Ithilsul(King Applesul)
In which small village is Ashiee friend ?
In which small village is Ashiee friend ?

Koen, next to the elders house.
Where might one find the aegis shield? I've been looking for 2 days straight. xD

Nevermind. I found it in the crystal cave.
Oh man, i missed the Brigand's glove so i couldn't steal while in the three scenarios. =D
Great game. I am enjoying it very much. I have a question, but before that I should note the FAQ is missing at least one extra Magicite.

Hint: Whatever happened to Goldbug and the Bot we met in Palomtom.?
Our heroes will encounter Goldbug again at Port Enaya. He flees from the party, but not before hinting at diabolical mischief. Track him down to Jipang and stop him to earn the Phoenix magicite!

Can you tell me a little more about the Dark Ixion spawn quest? I've checked all the locations noted in the FAQ, and I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Is it supposed to sparkle like some of the lodge quests? I'm starting to suspect my file is bugged.

Edit: Nevermind...answered my own question by being successful at stealing from the clams. Stealing stuff other than gil is a yes!

Second Edit!: Any idea how many secret passages are there in this game? Rough amount is fine.
Sorry if this one should be obvious but I can't figure out how to use a weapon as an item. I got Ifrit's staff thingy and it says it casts Fira when used as an item but there doesn't seem to be a way to use it as such.