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Playing the game at higher resolution

Hey all! I just wanted to post a link to an upscaler that will let you play pretty much any rpgmaker game at a much higher resolution.


Download this and follow the instructions, open Magpie, then the game, then press alt+F11. I'd suggest using either the Anime4k or CRT upscalers for LoB. This will let you play the game in fullscreen and it will look really nice!


Updated download link again!

It seems Google did not like the game, so I have reuploaded again to Mega. Hopefully this one stays functional.


New Download Link

Hey all! I have updated the main download for the game to a new google drive link for the time being until I can find a more permanent solution. I don't think the game is popular enough anymore to cause any issues with that link, but do let me know if there are any other problems. Sorry for all of the trouble!

Still pretty pissed the original got delisted and we lost our 20k+ download count, but not much I can do about it.


Download Missing

Hey all, for some reason RMN removed the download link to the game, saying that there is a high trojan threat in it. This is absolutely not true, the download has been up for years and has not been changed. This likely being caused by some of the external .dlls used in the game, for example for mode7. If I were to just repost the game, it would probably just be removed again. For now, you can download the 1.66 version and apply the 1.69 patch to it. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I will try to get an alternate download up soon!

Also sucks because that download was almost up to 20k unique downloads. =(


Misaos and Fun Times in RPG Makers Animation Editor!

First off I want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for our fangame in the Misaos! We won in a few categories and got pretty close to winning in a few others. I was very humbled by all of your support and am very grateful as well. I know Rydiamist feels the same way, So again thank you everyone! Your support is huge motivation booster to get stuff done on our next fan game!

Rydia has been working on making a small little bonus to the game to celebrate getting 5000 downloads! I personally have moved away from working on Legend of Balance other than looking into bug reports we get here and there… but I that doesn’t mean I don’t have something new to contribute to it as well!

I have been spending a lot of time working on our next Final Fantasy fangame, making sprites, looping music, making maps and tilesets, all sorts of fun stuff… but in addition to that, I have been trying to recreate some cool Final Fantasy animations in RPG maker. Let me tell you guys something… I HATE RPG makers animation editor so much, it is so hard to work with… but you have to do what you have to do.

One of the animations that I have been working on has been Fenrir. Now, I always thought it was strange that Legend of Balance didn’t have a Fenrir Magicite since (spoilers) you fight Fenrir in the game. However! For the 5000 download patch, I would like to present to you, Fenrir's Animation~!

Now i’m off to slave away on our next fan game!


5000 Download Special?

Hey all!

We are approaching 5000 downloads! I wanted to say thank you to everyone for downloading and playing our game! As a thank you, I am tentatively planning a little bonus add-on to the game sometime after we reach 5k downloads. It won't be much, just a fun extra dungeon that will give a bit of a glimpse at what the characters have been up to since the end of the game, and of course will come with some super-powered beasties to fight.

Additionally, I have received some feedback about the bonus dungeon. It seems a lot of people were disappointed by how a climactic battle at the end "stopped short". However, to rectify that situation, I would need good quality sprites of the end bosses from FF7-FF13. I know of the Record Keeper rips, but since LoB uses 32-bit sprites, the 16-bit ones are just too low res. If anyone knows of or can provide good looking sprites, I'd be more than happy to fix that fight up. :)

Also, we haven't been ignoring the bug reports, and the next version will have all of that stuff fixed.

One last thing! I honestly haven't been paying attention, but I took a look at the Misao nominees ( http://rpgmaker.net/misaos/2015/vote ) and wow! I am shocked and incredibly, incredibly humbled that LoB was nominated in so many categories! I'll flat out say that I really don't feel like the game deserves to win a lot of the categories, but I am still just amazed that you guys saw fit to nominate us and maybe even vote for us. Even if we don't win any of the categories, it's just so wonderful that so many people enjoyed our silly little game. You're all awesome, and you keep both myself and Ashiee wanting to make bigger and better games. Thank you so much!


Audio File Issue Right Before First Boss

Hello everyone!

If you are experiencing a problem where the game crashes right before the first boss and gives you an "Audio::UTFSEXT" error at the end, it is because Windows is converting Japanese text that we use in the names of our audio files to Unicode in compressed files. The main solution we have found was to keep your windows fully updated, and use a third party extraction program such as Winrar to extract the game.

We also have an alternative, quick solution for those who just want to keep playing our game.

Download these six files from the link:

Once downloaded, place the files in ffxivrpg > Audio > BGM

Make sure these files display with Japanese text.

I hope this fixes the problem, it did for myself during testing. Please let us know if you have any further issues, we will get you a solution right away.

Thank you to all of you who have checked out our game.I really hope that everyone is enjoying it!



Hey everyone! I am sure a few of you are wondering why a completed FF Fangame just showed up out of the blue, when they generally linger around the site for years before being completed or (much more often) abandoned. I thought I'd explain a little.

The truth of the matter is, this game was really originally made for a group of friends. I wasn't even going to post it anywhere because I was afraid I'd be lambasted, haha. But with a ton of encouragement from testers and friends, I decided to share the game with everyone.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't a perfect game or the next Blackmoon Prophecy. It is generally silly and light-hearted. But myself, wotgAshiee, and our friends put a lot of heart into making Legend of Balance, and we just wanted to share what we'd done with you all.

Thank you for checking out the game, and we all hope that you have fun playing! We will of course be here to answer any questions and take any feedback or bug reports.

Also, the game is currently unencrypted, but please, please at least ask before trying to do something like using every asset for your own game or copying the battle system.

P.S. I am so, so sorry about the huge filesize. We did everything we could that didn't involve lowering the music to FM radio quality to reduce it. The game just has a lot of stuff in it! It is however a 30-40 hour game (based on tester playtimes), so there's that at least.
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