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Hey everyone! I am sure a few of you are wondering why a completed FF Fangame just showed up out of the blue, when they generally linger around the site for years before being completed or (much more often) abandoned. I thought I'd explain a little.

The truth of the matter is, this game was really originally made for a group of friends. I wasn't even going to post it anywhere because I was afraid I'd be lambasted, haha. But with a ton of encouragement from testers and friends, I decided to share the game with everyone.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't a perfect game or the next Blackmoon Prophecy. It is generally silly and light-hearted. But myself, wotgAshiee, and our friends put a lot of heart into making Legend of Balance, and we just wanted to share what we'd done with you all.

Thank you for checking out the game, and we all hope that you have fun playing! We will of course be here to answer any questions and take any feedback or bug reports.

Also, the game is currently unencrypted, but please, please at least ask before trying to do something like using every asset for your own game or copying the battle system.

P.S. I am so, so sorry about the huge filesize. We did everything we could that didn't involve lowering the music to FM radio quality to reduce it. The game just has a lot of stuff in it! It is however a 30-40 hour game (based on tester playtimes), so there's that at least.