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Audio File Issue Right Before First Boss

Hello everyone!

If you are experiencing a problem where the game crashes right before the first boss and gives you an "Audio::UTFSEXT" error at the end, it is because Windows is converting Japanese text that we use in the names of our audio files to Unicode in compressed files. The main solution we have found was to keep your windows fully updated, and use a third party extraction program such as Winrar to extract the game.

We also have an alternative, quick solution for those who just want to keep playing our game.

Download these six files from the link:

Once downloaded, place the files in ffxivrpg > Audio > BGM

Make sure these files display with Japanese text.

I hope this fixes the problem, it did for myself during testing. Please let us know if you have any further issues, we will get you a solution right away.

Thank you to all of you who have checked out our game.I really hope that everyone is enjoying it!


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I'd just like to add, if you experienced this problem please post and just let us know. If it's an issue a lot of people are having I'll need to go through the game and manually change every reference to one of the few songs with Japanese in the title. Extracting with winrar should prevent the problem, though.

To other devs, don't be lazy like me and forget to rename songs! ;;
I experienced the problem, which is weird, since my non-Unicode language is set to Japanese.

Running W7 Ultimate.
I think it may be due to how extraction is done. May I ask what you used to extract the game?

Thanks for the patience with this all!
No problem, I had saved right before so it was barely an issue. I extracted it with 7zip.
Cool, thanks for letting me know. Looks like I'm gonna have to suck it up and rename the files and then change every single reference in the game. ><
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