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Bugs are bad! But no game is completely free of them. Please submit any bug reports you may have here. Please include a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to trigger the bug, and if at all possible, a screenshot of the error message received if the game crashed.


Hmm, I've never seen that error before, and looking at the line I have no idea what could be happening. Were you doing anything specific at the time?

I will put a rescue on that line to prevent the crash, but it is a very strange error. :/
I will do this: I just tried to pass once and made the mistake, I'll try one more time in my version of the game to see if the error repeats.
At the time of that mistake Level 99 character made his fourth skill, I do not recall here the name at that time, but the night I listo here.

Big hug!
I'm having problems with my PC. As soon as possible I will make the test.

Hi there. This game is great but I have found a bug that not let me continue the game. Is in Emerald, when Griever get dreesed as a woman and you get the levicite, just after Karina say "We`ll be downstairs then. You have fun now, Fievette..!" I get an error in game and it send me to the main menu.

" An error has ocurred on the game server.
(30002)1333825860,0,5 "

Please, help me with this so I can continue the game.

By the way, I`m playing the 1.57 version
That's the game over screen, it's a bit of a FFXIV joke. I might change it because a lot of people have thought it is in fact an error message from the game. Sorry about that. ><

The only way I can think of that you could be having that happen is that Fievel is KOed. If so, since it removes all other party members, he'd be alone and if he was KOed it would count as a game over. I will place an event to restore him in case this comes up in the next patch, but if this is the case just bringing him back to life should fix the problem.
Thanks, That was exactly the problem. Thanks for the quick reply.
And about the error be a joke, I already knew but I just wrote it just in case, you know.

Anyway, thanks again and by the way is a great game, one of the best rpgmaker games if not the best that I have played and with very few bugs.

Just a thing that I have notice, the suplex blitz of Fievel says in the description that you have to push Y X down up, but is actually X Y down up. I tell you this so you can check it.
No worries, best to be safe!

Thank you for the compliments! =)

Hmm, that's a weird one. I actually changed it because someone was saying it was backwards for them. It fixed it for them, but now it's backwards for other people. I am really not sure what's going on there, unless it's just different brands of controllers or something. Thanks for the heads up!
I have tried more blitzs and the only three that needs the button X and Y are suplex, pounce and chackra. Well, suplex and pounce are wrong, the X and Y are inverted, but chackra works fine.
The blue magic "charged whisker" says in the description "Deals lightning damage to all enemies", but it is a no elemental spell. It this intentional or did you forgot to give it the lightning elemental?
It was an oversight and will be fixed in the next patch. As for the Blitzes though, there seems to be an issue where the buttons are inverted for some people and not others (it was changed because they were inverted for testers). Not entirely sure what I can do about this as it seems to be something beyond my control. :/
Hi, I just downloaded this game and it keeps crashing in the western forest right before you save Jolteon's father. The characters run up to him and then it crashes with this error:
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"

Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to playing :D
^ Yeah, a lot of us have had that problem. Just go here and download these six audio files:


Make sure to save them to the ffxivrpg > Audio > BGM folder. Make sure they display the Japanese text in the titles. Once you do that, simply delete the old versions of those six songs that display a garbled mess or just squares or whatever instead of the original Japanese text, and it should work then. Hope this helps!
I can't find the escape option, needed in Patch tower. Am I missing something?

Great game btw.
Hold LB and RB on a controller, or Q and E on the keyboard to escape (your characters will run in place for a bit and then escape, ala classic FF). And thank you!
I see that you fixed the problem with Fievel when he was KO in that part of the game in the last update but as far as I know there is another place where this happens again. It is in Memoria, when you do the mirror quest and Karina is alone, if you have her KO you get a game over screen. I donĀ“t know if you are aware of this.
I just forgot to check other events where that happens, since it isn't something that had come up previously. Likewise it will probably happen in Gradd's, Dag's, and Level 99's quests as well. I'll fix them all for the next patch.
First of all, many thanks for this awesome game !

Just started, alas got a crash in the Western Forest when you have to save Jolteon's father from something or someone..

Karina said "Hang on" then I got this :
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"
First of all, many thanks for this awesome game !

Just started, alas got a crash in the Western Forest when you have to save Jolteon's father from something or someone..

Karina said "Hang on" then I got this :
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"

Hey, there is a blog post about it. There is a general extraction error and you will need to download 6 files. We are going to update it so it does not crash when that happens, but people will still be getting annoying popups until they download the files.