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Bugs are bad! But no game is completely free of them. Please submit any bug reports you may have here. Please include a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to trigger the bug, and if at all possible, a screenshot of the error message received if the game crashed.


Sweet, it's working ! Thanks for your fast answer.. now let's be patient : keep up the good job guys.

I came back, managed to recover the recording of the game, made the updates and spent by the head Titan without the game that an error message.

Big hug!
So everything is ok now? That's good to hear, enjoy the rest of the game! =)
So everything is ok now? That's good to hear, enjoy the rest of the game! =)

All right now!

I'm third group of players and moving on!

You are doing a great job with the updates of the game. I have found another thing. Is not a big deal but the Waterja magic has a 99999 damage cap instead of 9999.
And another problem with people that are KO and gives you a game over when doing their quest still happen with Dag. Hope you fix that.
@Darius87: Those will both be fixed in the next patch, thanks!

I have to ask though, are you just testing for this bug on purpose or do you run around with half your party dead all the time (for magicite min/maxing, etc)? Please don't take offense, I am just wondering because you seem to run into this bug any time it can possibly happen. =(
Yeah, you got me there. Is for magicite min/maxing purpose. Al least the good part is that I noticed those problems so you can fix then. This game is pretty good so If I can help you improve it is great.
I have found another bug. Is not really a problem, is just annoying. It happens when you fight gil birds in the southwest island in the world map. When the bird appears as a back attack and immediately It runs away, the back attack message is stuck in the screen all the time. The only way to fix this is to close the game.
Ugh, I thought I fixed that several patches ago... I will have another look at it, I have had a hard time getting that to dispose properly.
Yesterday I completed the game and saw the ending but I'll give you and advice. You should give the ending sequences more time, I mean they are to fast to read, especially the last few lines, they only give you like one second to read them, is imposible.

I'm starting the bonus dungeon, so if I find any more issues I'll let you know.

Edit: About the gil bird problem, It happens with pre-emptive attacks too. Sorry for all the trouble I'm giving you.
I have found another bug, seriously my luck sucks.
I was fighting marionettes and one of my characters was the thief, level 99, and I had he equiped with the genji gloves, the Ridill (hit three times) and the Vajra. He got charmed, he attacked himself like twelve times when he can only attack four times with those weapons and he ended with 0 Hp but he got a turn anyway and he could even heal himself with a potion. And in the same fight three of the marionettes remained alive but they had 0 Hp as well, I looked at it with libra, and although I kept hitting them, they didn't die. In the end after a few turn of hitting them they ended diying at the same time. It was a real weird fight.

You will end up hating me.
As far as the ending goes, I actually extended it and had people tell me it was too slow now, haha... do you have on instant text? That might be why, the wait time is from when all the text displays. I'll see about having it automatically turn off instant text when the ending sequence starts.

Yeah, that popup just doesn't close if the battle ends before it normally closes, I'm probably going to have to rewrite half the script myself to get it to actually stop, so it might be a while.

As for the last bug, I'm not sure what was happening there... did he have any sort of counter attack gear equipped? I think I know what might be happening, and if it's what I think it is I might just need to put immunity to confuse/charm on multi-hit weapons, because actually fixing it would probably be extremely difficult and would likely break something else.

And no worries, I am just sorry you are so unlucky. It's my fault for having all of these issues. :/
Is not your fault at all. This game has very few bugs actually. I have found some of them but they were very few considering that I have played almost all of the game and is quite complex. There is a lot of rpgmaker games with way more bugs than this one.

An for the ending I do have the instant text enabled all the time so if you think that is the problem with the ending sequences then maybe I will try another time without it.

And for the marionettes problem, no, I didn't have any counter accesory or gear.
And by the way, the marionettes fight and music that you chose is quite interesting. The first time fighting them was cool because I wasn't prepared for that fight, It was difficult to survive.

Edit: When fighting the goddess in the bonus dungeon it happened again. Level 99 had the same equipment, she put him the overture status and when he attacked the goddess he ended attacking himself (I know that this much is normal for the overture status)but he hit himself twelve times and after that he got a turn again like normal but he has 0 HP, he could not attack or use any skill but items and his sprite was of him down in the ground. He could heal himself with any potion instead of a phoenix down although he had 0 HP.

And after that, in the same fight, he got charmed and it happened again, twelve hits, 0 Hp and still I healed him with white wind, is not considered KO by the game.
And another thing that I have noticed is that sometimes the status ailment icons sometimes remains even if it is already healed and they have no effect.
By status icons do you mean the effects on the characters? Or in the status ailment window that shows when targeting a skill?
For example, sometimes a caracter is sleep, with the sleep icon above his head, and after they wake up, they can act like normal but the sleep icon is still there. Is not really a problem but when a character has several status it can be a problem to know which one is affecting him.

I hope that this is enough for you to understand me. I should have said this by now but english is not my mother language so please remember this if sometime I say something weird.
I have found another bug. A character was KO and I used the blue magic Angel whisper to resurrect him but he blocked it with the shield and remained KO.
That will be fixed next time I update, I fixed it for Raise but I guess I just forgot to get Angel Whisper. Fun fact though, that bug is actually present in some of the earlier FF games. If a character has high magic evade, Raise spells will miss them.

As for the status icons, that's a battle system thing that I probably won't be able to fix without causing performance issues. :/
The same bug happened with the white magic bravery of Cassie, the character blocked it. You should revise the buffs spells too for this bug.