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Bugs are bad! But no game is completely free of them. Please submit any bug reports you may have here. Please include a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to trigger the bug, and if at all possible, a screenshot of the error message received if the game crashed.


Thanks for the reports! Both issues should be fixed and will be in the update that is going up soon.
I got this message several times during battles and the game crashes.
Script ve automatic battlers line 411 nomethoderror occurred undefined method index for nil class

Also, sometimes the game gets out of fullscreen, I just click it back. Do you know why it minimizes by itself?

Edit: thanks for the upcoming patch. I rather play fullscreen though.
Ok, I have completely removed the script that was responsible for the popup issues so that should be fixed now.

As for Jipang, did you begin the Phoenix quest by speaking with Goldbug at Port Enaya? If so, that's related to that and intended. If the NPC doesn't stop doing that after you finish the quest, that's a problem.

As for Mielo, are you referring to Magissa? She was disappearing and reappearing? Sorry for all these questions but I am having a bit of a hard time narrowing it down.

Sorry for late answer.
Jipang,yes its after Goldbug in Port Enaya.
And it stops.I understand.
Yes,Magissa in Mielo.Just in the entrance,there you comes in to the town.
I t was like she was trying to sneak away and we just was seeing a fast glimpse(?) ,but it happens again .I think it was after going out from the inn it happens first time.

EDIT:On my second playthrough i realized how good Abelia is
dualcast Ultima and get something like 50K damage its not many that beats it.

@Oep77: Thanks for the report! The problem should be fixed now and will be in the upcoming patch. As for fullscreen, I don't know what would cause that but you can use the F5 key to double the size of the game window while in windowed mode if that works better for you.

@kenlan: Thanks! I think I see what the issue was, and it should work right with patch 1.66. Did this cause the events in Mielo to be non-completable? Were you able to meet Diabolos?

And yeah, Abelia is good but it seems as if Dualcast might make her just a bit too good, so I might need to take a look at that.
Yes,i met Diablos.
Yes maybe strong but i dont think overpowered,i was just talking about characters that people maybe forgets a little.
,Abelia with
earrings and dualcast she`s very strong,but not 50 k each,like 23-25 each time and i dont know if its overpowered really,maybe just very good. Marz with conqueros mark and heros ring casting Fudo is 20k x 3 and its good to,my Karina makes 4 x 9999 and 4 around 7k(now its Karina hits 8 x 9999,im playing on hard because now all are soooo strong :) ),is very very good to.

ok,i have never tried bluff before and but did and stack it 2 times and now Abelia does 40-50K,i dont know if its overpowered but wow.
Downloaded 1.66, but I got the same error
Script ve automatic battlers line 411 nomethoderror occurred undefined method index for nil class

EDIT: I hit start to auto-battle and the crash occurs randomly.
Found another bug that's somewhat related to Mielo. If you go inside the inn and come back out, it stays as a blank screen. I can access the menu to reset to title still but can't see nothing. I tried going back into the inn but the screen remained blank. So I think the maps are still there but everything just goes blank.

Edit: Also seems like the bug where using tab to enter auto-battle is still lurking around. Pressing left and selecting auto seems to be ok though.
@Oep77: Could you please tell me exactly what you do to trigger this bug? Is it just autobattling and it happens randomly? I have attempted yet another fix and it seems to be working for me, but I have been having an extremely difficult time triggering this bug.

@ZarethKnyght: That will be fixed shortly I just forgot to check another event to make sure it was being run. And are you referring to the same bug as above or something else?
Not sure if it's the same one that Oep77 is talking about. But if it helps matters any, the error seems to pop up in the first forest/dungeon thing. It doesn't seem to be a problem after that forest for some reason.
1.67 seems to have fixed the auto battle crash, thanks!!!
I dont know but it is something strange in Cutters cry
bonus dungeon.When everyone is dead and has 0 HP,its not game over i just cant use the attack and magic options.EDIT:For example,Karina is charmed and kills everyone and herself,(and i think it was with far more than 8 swordattacks on herself,and i use cassie(dead) for an phoenix down and revived the other two,but Karina couldnt get revived with arise.
What were you fighting at the time?
Kraken and now Goddess,read my edit in the last post.
Edit:When i use megaelixir Karina gets up to full HP,but not with anything else.So shes not"dead" actually.But zero HP and EDIT 2 :she does zero damage when she hit the Godess,and the second time all dies its game over.Maybe not a bug?.
The bug happened on both Kraken and Goddess? I'm trying to narrow down what could be causing it, but those bosses don't really have much in common. What party were you using? It sounds like you are also using the Genji Glove? That thing has caused so many headaches, haha...

Sounds like it may be an issue with attacks done by a character with the Genji Glove done on another character while charmed is causing them to not die properly. I should be able to fix that in a similar fashion to how I fixed counterattacks. I won't have a chance to work on it until later but this sounds like a pretty rare occurence anyway. Thanks for the report!
Illumina-excalibur2,Genji glove offering.
Abelia-Soul of Thamasa(with bluff my Abelia came up to 83 490 in one hit against Zeromus :o .
Yes,i think Charmed is the problem,Genji glove too,maybe.
For some reason I could not learn blue magic from the Antlion no matter how many times I used Study.
It seems it was only set as a counterattack, it has been fixed and will be in the next patch. Thanks for the report!
According the tutorial at the beginning of the game (in the school), there should be an option to switch the ATB to wait mode, so enemies won't attack me while I'm selecting an action. But even if I swith the ATB to the wait mode, it still acts like if it was switched to the active mode. Is it an intention or a bug?
Wait mode means that the enemies won't attack you while in the ability/item menus. They will still attack while just selecting a command. That's how Active/Wait has always worked in Final Fantasy, and it allows stuff like passing turns to keep a character on standby and so on. I did have a full wait mode for a while where enemies wouldn't attack while selecting commands, but it really messed with the flow of battle and made the game impossible to balance properly because it made everything way too easy and made some abilities not work quite right. Sorry if this is a big issue. :/