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  • wotgAshiee
  • Added: 05/25/2015 06:01 PM
  • Last updated: 04/23/2024 08:44 PM


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Oh! I don't remember seeing this in an earlier version! Looks exciting!
It was there in another form, but the area has been completely remapped for this version with tiles from FF Dimensions (yay for tree area in that), since the old map was essentially a sample map with some passages changed and effects added, haha.
Huh? Dimensions stuff has been ripped? Didn't know that. Well, there are ripped monster sprites from that game on FFWiki, but I wasn't aware of tile rips. Unless you did it yourselves which is commendable.
I went off the deep end one day and decided to remap the area with the tiles. It looks a lot better then the old version.
They have been, and so have FF5 and FF6... they are just really, really hard to find. In fact I'm not entirely sure I could find them again if I tried. If you'd like them though let me know. I'm kind of hoarding them and they were used minimally in this game just in case we ever get ambitious enough to do another game so it can have a different look.
Just wondering, and not sure if this is evident somewhere else, but do the character graphics change based on the job/class?
Characters have set jobs (but you can freely swap characters), so no graphic changing besides with status ailments like Toad.
Ah, I see. Looks good regardless~
Subbed, and I'll DEFINITELY download when I get home ^_^
dude how did you ever find this tileset?
They were extremely difficult to find as the game is pretty hard to rip assets from. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact place I found the tiles, but the tileset was compiled by Ashiee from the raw rips.
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