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An amazing game!

  • Xemeth
  • 06/17/2015 04:16 AM
I'm going to begin by saying How good this game is. I never thought I'd see a fan game done so well, or an actual game for that matter. There's a lot of content that needs to be evaluated, and I will do so by pointing out the good, and the bad of each category.

The Story
The story takes place in between FFXIV, and FFXIV A Realm Reborn. This concept is actually quite interesting, and it makes for a great setup for the story. Sadly past the intro is when I realized what I was getting myself into. The story Has a lot of comedic value, and it will give you a good laugh. The world, and it's people will do their best to throw cliches, and puns, and witty banter. As for the interaction between characters. You always seem to be out of the loop. As if there's an inside joke that you're just not a part of, but you get to know them, and soon enough. You'll feel right at home. The plot of the story is actually quite intriguing. It strays from the normal path of other RPGs, and it's somewhat unique. It's hard to immerse yourself in it's story.

For the comedic value of the story. 4.5/5
For the the more serious outlook of the story. 3/5

The Characters

With an immense cast of 20 characters Its impressive that each of them are all unique, and interesting. All characters have their own set of abilities to make you think about your strategy. Their personality, and humor ceases to get old. I didn't meet one character that's useless. Each of them have their own strengths, and weaknesses. How you use them is up to you. The victory quotes are funny, and the level up ones as well.

For an amazing cast of characters 5/5


The gameplay is identical to FFIV, and FFVI. The game adds it's own flare to it. With new ways to make combat more interactive, and the right amount of difficulty makes it impossible to sit there, and mash a button. This game has more spells, and techniques than any other RPG. Mix that with 20 unique classes, and getting sets of weapons, and armor. You'll be entertained for hours. The combat comes with a difficulty setting. Find the game too easy? Set it on hard mode! Instead of pumping numbers to overpower foes. You have to use strategy. You don't need to grind, and that's a huge plus! There's minigames, and plenty of sidequests to embark on. Completely optional, but guaranteed to yield great rewards.

The gameplay is just great! 5/5

The Maps

It's hard to criticize the maps, because they're generic, but they get the job done. The towns look great, and some dungeons look beautiful! The world map, and a lot of the dungeons looks exactly what it's supposed to look like. Old school Final Fantasy. It gets kinda bland on some areas, and it's mostly due to the tilesets, and limitations. It's not bad, but it's not great either.

The maps are slightly above average. 3.5/5

Music, and SFX

A lot of music is from the Final Fantasy franchise, but there are songs from other RPG titles, and they all have a good home here. The overall use of the music was well done, and well presented during cut-scenes. It gives you a throwback on your Super Nintendo days. The sound effects feel really good when your hitting monsters. The sound control option was a really nice touch.

That's music to my ears. 4/5

Final Thoughts

After spending 30 hours on this game, I can honestly say that this game plays better than most Final Fantasies. FF 1-6 to be more specific. Just the amount of content alone will give you a rush. It's a darn shame that the story feels like a giant comedy skit. Had the story have more of an immersive approach. It could have been The best game ever. Story aside the game is still amazing, and it's quite hilarious. This is a game anyone should play.

The game deserves a 4/5