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After Vanished Souls, there is Song of the Eagle...in Sons of Arcadia

After Soren's team discovered nefarious activities under the mysterious ancient forest in the territory of Vulganon Empire, the Luminary had no choice but to further investigate the involvement of the Vulganon Royal Court. How would our heroes slip into the securely guarded Snow Castle without getting caught? Would they stop an atrocious plot or would they trigger a war?

Sons of Arcadia - Song of the Eagle is the sequel of Sons of Arcadia - Vanished Souls, yet it is also a story that stands on its own. We will take you to the northern empire of Vulganon in this adventure. You will meet new characters and explore alongside ones you already know.

The song of the eagle is the song of vengeance, of sacrifice, and of love. Under the deep freezing snow, buried secrets decades long, and hearts fueled with burning desire for revenge. Let our heroes accompany you on an adventure filled with mysteries, fun and excitement.

Active time battle (with choices in how frequently it pauses)
•Unison skills based on characters' relationships
•Visible encounters
•Option for mouse control (switch anytime in game)
•Interesting sidequests
•Original graphics
•Characters change expressions with their emotion
•3 difficulty levels
•Quest log
•Weapon crafting
•Rewards vary depending on your choices.
•No wasting time on mindless grinding. Pass through after dungeons are visited.

Download the DEMO using the download link.
Visit us at www.halfdonut.com
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  • 05/26/2015 01:14 AM
  • 06/02/2019 03:49 AM
  • 05/25/2015
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Random thoughts based on the demo

could really use a launch app picture

i love difficulty's!

pretty mapping and nice sprites!

the battle script is pretty!

the delay of leaving and entering a new area is a bit annoying

enemies lvl up with you :(

accuracy is terrible

when running away the enemy should disappear. its annoying as hell to run away lose alot of money and even worse get trapped in another battle with the same enemy! or at least have them like not move for a few seconds. also would like enemies to not move really fast.

reset opens the web browser (annoying)

the awkward moment when you realize to grown men are sharing a room with there grandpa
(that's there dad!? wow he had kids late!)

you can use the bomb in your inventory and it disappears but does nothing

oh it didn't mention it in game but you regain mp over time! nice!

the max amount of skills the characters have is far to many for my taste you wont even need most of them.
also they seem to similar

The mapping visuals are the best part of this, the story is somewhat interesting but in my case the battles are a huge downside. i don't mind story battles but when your just fighting random creatures with no real purpose other then to survive it gets a bit tedious.
outside of that you have some cool features like optional quests,a quest journal and apparently optional exploration at times!

despite my complaints/dislikes if you will. this is a pretty good game i would say is worth checking out.
Played the demo, looks very polished and detailed. Impressive. The website popping up every time I start a game is little upsetting though;) good luck
Played the demo. Game likes to crash if i click the bottom left corner of the screen. Maps look good. I couldnt get very far on hard mode. Battles are very annoying because regular attacks have a high chance of missing.
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