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An interesting twist on the background history of the original Final Fantasy! This game will feature what went down 200 years before the original Final Fantasy 1 for the NES, featuring an unexpected cast of characters otherwise known as the 'Sky Warriors' in the canon game. Witness the catastrophe of the four Fiends of Elements making their grand entrance into the Final Fantasy world, and experience the Lufenian response!

Teaser Trailer!

Ironed out details using canon story from both the original Final Fantasy 1, the various updates from future re-releases on more modern consoles, and even diving into the history of the Dissidia line of Final Fantasy games in a bold attempt to flesh out a very possible "what if" scenario of the Sky Warriors story.

- Rich 8-Bit NES style graphics
- Classic soundtrack used from the Wonderswan re-release of the classic Final Fantasy meshed with other popular Wonderswan titles
- Full sound effects ported from the original Final Fantasy title for NES
- Painstakingly accurate representations of the Final Fantasy 1 world in its past
- The return of several original Final Fantasy 1 classes and the entire spell list (almost.. but with bug fixes from the original NES counterpart!)

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With all the help from my testers, fans, and well, just everyone, this four year endeavor is finally finished. It's been a wild ride, and I don't think it would be as remarkable as I hope it is for you all without Ocean's astounding artwork poured into it! Thank you everybody and enjoy the game!

Below we have our final fiddlebits that were fixed from our testers. Enjoy!

• Redesigned the Earth Falls as well as some maps in the Black Cave and Temple of Fiends to make them more visually appealing.
• Sprint Shoes are free and available from the start, can toggle on or off from the inventory in the menu.
• Fixed the Ship and Canoe problems so you cannot bug out and traverse the world via Canoe or have your Ship disappear completely.
• Fixed the Waterfall and Earth Falls dungeons so the EXIT spell works properly, and so the spell itself does not cast twice for no reason.
• Raised the accuracy on Swords, Hammers, Blades, Axes, Falchions and Daggers to compensate for the seemingly additive miss chance with 2k3.
• Cleaned up a mountain of dialogue. I've decided to drop the whole KEY WORD ITEMS in all caps during dialogue as it's been pretty inconsistent across the entire game. The only exception I've kept to this is the instances of SKY WARRIORS and ORBS as a nostalgic nod towards the original.
• Fixed the WALL spell so it now actually works.
• Lowered the encounter rate during the intro escape from the Sky Castle so players don't feel bogged by random encounters this early.
• Added sound to the Ocean Logo sparkle.


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Professional Amateur

Version 1.4 is live!

After spending a good 30 minutes trying to recreate this 'canoe everywhere' bug I've heard people come across on several occasions, I was unable to recreate it.

I've made some adjustments to both the ship and canoe, hopefully these problems will never occur again. I've also fixed an NPC typo in Crescent Lake and corrected the incorrect spell description of Ruse (The item, not the spell itself).

Unfortunately if your save is beyond the point where you speak with the King of Elfheim after retrieving the Orb of Fire, you will not have access to the sea faring ship. This of course, is of little concern to those that already have the airship, but it will be the case.
Professional Amateur
Wow! Thanks for the let's play, UPRC!

There are no plugins! Ahahaha

I do need to go back and clarify that Ruse raises defense like Fog does, but it's more and it is user only.

I'm really hoping you don't encounter the common ship/canoe problems. I plan on addressing them again soon, though!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
You mean it's NOT just a passability issue in the Terrain settings? Well that's definitely troublesome.
Professional Amateur
I have no idea how these canoe problems keep popping up. I'm assuming you're using the most recent version, so I'll have to pick it apart again. All I could replicate at this part was being able to canoe out into the ocean, but not on land.

I also keep having the ship disappear on me at some point, but this could just be an old save.
It's been a pretty great and enjoyable adventure so far. I've just picked up Bikke. However...

I CAN LAND CANOE! This was after receiving the Canoe and Bikke. I went out through the exit a the top-right of the room (via the stairs). Oh, actually, the Canoe does that everywhere.

Also, the "RUB" and "RUSE" spells both have the same description (for the item/scroll used to teach a character those particular spells).
Professional Amateur
There isn't a point in the game where you 'use' the crystal orbs, they help open elemental doors that you find throughout the game. The order you need to go when you arrive at Crescent Lake is...

Go north to the Pirate Cave and recruit Bikke.
Canoe west to Elfheim and talk to the king.
Go to the Marsh Cave and retrieve the Moss.
Go to Gurgu Volcano and activate the Orb of Fire.
Return to the King of Elfheim and get the Sailing Ship.
Sail the Ship west to Melmond.
Travel south to the Earth Cave and activate the Orb of Earth.
Return to Melmond and talk to Cid. He will give you the Floater and you should be able to use the airship!
I got the airship from Cid but I tried using the crystal orbs on the airship that required the crystal of fire and it did not work when I hoped for. Is there a way in order to get the crystal orbs to work? I followed the story and it's a fantastic breath of fresh air along with its artwork and gameplay but my only criticism is a lack of a strategy guide.
Professional Amateur
Yes! The dialogue with Cid when you first enter Crescent Lake suggests you don't use the airship for now as it might alert Tiamat of your presence. So it's unavailable for story reasons.

Don't worry, if you follow the story, eventually Cid will turn the airship over to you!
I did leave Lufein but the bug I was mentioning was when I arrived at the Crescent lake but however, the airship will not let me leave when I tried pressing the arrow keys. I was not sure if it was a bug or a glitch?
Professional Amateur
I encountered a bug in which the airship will not let me leave when I tried to get transported to a another town where the crystal of fire was at,can you please fix it please?

Not sure I understand your problem exactly. Are you saying it won't let you board the airship once it takes you to Crescent Lake? That should be intentional, as access to the airship for yourself doesn't come until later.

Now if it's not letting you leave Lufein, let me know as I will have to go fix that.
Woo congrats on completing this!
I encountered a bug in which the airship will not let me leave when I tried to get transported to a another town where the crystal of fire was at,can you please fix it please?
It was two or three rivers above Crescent Lake. Right after exiting the Pirate's Cave—one of those two rivers.

I was sad about it, because what I had played so far had fantastic attention to detail, what with the menu transition colors, and the hidden-interior rooms. Really nice!

P.S. You should also take this chance to disable the menu on the title screen.
Professional Amateur
Where did you get the canoe bug specifically?

I'll have to look into Terrain ID control. I'm just worried it'll clash with the ship landing at rivers, but I won't know until I look at it.
I wanted to enjoy this, because it was such a nice hearkening back to the first Final Fantasy, but I also got the canoe bug (on the latest version).

Would you happen to be using switches for changing the sprite to a canoe or airship? If that's the case, you can also constantly check for Terrain ID and change the sprite that way. When you use this technique, you don't have to create events at every entry point to a river and hope that you didn't miss anything.
i beat the game today you can beat it at level 23 btw peeps
A-Rub is the one I couldn't remember, yeah. Not that 80% of the spells are good for anything; but hey, that's the faithful FF1 recreation for you :)
And it looks like I was ... right about Mephisto being somewhere I was 100% sure I had explored. I wonder when he became available? Pushover at level 31, but he still did so much damage I bet it's not until you have all 4 orbs?
Anyway, I guess I'm done with the game now. Well - I *do* have a save capable of getting the bad ending, since I thought the choice in Sharlayan might be irreversible; but it's before getting the Wind Orb, so not right away. Really enjoyed it :)
Professional Amateur
Nah, I don't have any 8-bit Theater references. I do have a reference from Faxanadu for the NES, though! It's not easy to notice as it involves trying to pay your way in the Earth Cave and not having enough gold :3

And no, there's no secret way into Cornelia Castle - it's closed off due to the war with Onrac. Same goes with Gaea and Matoya's Cave, their absence is explained in the story. I simply didn't include the Titan's Tunnel, Desert Caravan or Sarda's Cave as I didn't really need to have them in there for the prequel story. And you're half right, there is no katana in the game; The Masmune/Masamune, however~

A few spells didn't make the cut. Notice how there isn't an A-Rub, either? Hah.

Also, the bad ending is supposed to have the question mark, not the good ending. This is what clues you in that it's not the true ending.
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