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Project is on hiatus for a year.

-My laptop is a fucking retard
-RPG Maker VX Ace (Steam Version) crashed
-The project's data went corrupt. Everything gone!
-Project will be restarted when the time comes.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Blame RMVX Ace, Enterbrain, Steam, Walmart, and my stupid laptop that came from there!

ERGH! It makes me so mad! >:(


This project will be started up from scratch. The entire thing. Let's pray for the better and not the worst.

For the prequel to this game, check out Dusk of Verdeame!

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A subscriber already? Man, that's awesome!
i just looked at this game and said..... yes i want to play this game
4 downloads and 5 subscribers!

I'm noticing a trend here...

But thanks to all who have subscribed and downloaded!
OH MY GOD! i downloaded and played the alpha and holy crap, dude whatever your doing, you are rocking it!!! i cant wait for the full version to come out!
Hi, just finished the demo.
Some "bugs":
- Thief changes appearance when spoken to
- When leaving the thief's or elder's house, you stand before the other's house.
- I run into two slimes for my first battle, they nearly killed me, balancing is getting better when leveling up. The monsters could drop a bit more money.
- You can't sell your first weapon to gain some money.
- The signs in the forest are blank (without the one at the entrance)

Some ideas: You can hide some objects in cupboards etc. in the village

But I can't wait for more...
Firefly, I have a response to your test results:

-Thief bug fixed!
-Transfer bug fixed!
-Balancing is still a WIP!
-I'm still debating on that...
-Signs now have text!
Yo, i finished the demo. there are few things i found in the game:
1. The thief’s sprite changes when I talk to him.
2. When I exit his house, I’ve transported outside the elder’s house.
3. I like the sounds in the first village. It calms me
4. The screen blips for a second when I finished talking to Izela.
5. I think ‘statuses’ is better than pains. Personally.
6. I wasn’t teleported to the second floor in the inn!
7. The text before the wood's entrance is bugging me (it's red and the background window is red). I can’t see the name at all. I think you should change it to white, or yellow or something.
8. The TP didn’t reset when I fight monster. Very awesome!
9. the minotaur uses an axe, but why is the attacking animation punch?

that's all i think...
sorry to hear that...
i was wondering why the status went to hiatus and now I know why...
next time you make a game, you should've make a backup of it.
i've experienced it long ago, you know, and i was crying right in front of my laptop...

don't give up!!
The game looked amazing in screenshots. It's a shame I was too late to download the Alpha version.
Don't worry! The project will restart in late August to early September since it will feel more like a game for that season.
I'm patiently waiting for this game to come out of hiatus. LOL I really REALLY want to play it! :D
Don't worry, it will come out of hiatus.

In the meantime, its prequel is in the works. Check it out here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7948/

The prequel is called Dusk of Renica.
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