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Two heroes, Fermat and Victor, have been summoned by the heavens to vanquish an evil Overlord who is about to break free from the prison he was sealed in. However... not everything is as it seems.

I had a mighty need to game dev, and Indrah and Racheal weaseled their way in with me to make a game in my 3 days off. I thought it would be fun to use RM2K3, even though the three of us have zero experience in it before today. In the end, this will probably end up taking 4 days to finish the polishing, but that's okay! It still helped fix the need.
This is a corny, cheesy little game, but I'm actually pretty happy with how the story turned out in the end.
I hope, if you play it, you find some enjoyment in its silliness!

Custom Graphics: MakioKuta
Mapping: Indrah
Writing/Concept: MakioKuta
Editing/Concept: Indrah
Eventing: Racheal
Moral Support: Racheal, Indrah, and Fomar

Latest Blog

Download Update

Thanks to some feedback and from watching the two let's plays, I've updated the download. It's not enough of a big deal to redownload it if you've already beaten it.

Changes Made:
* fixed some mapping errors
* lowered some encounter rates in the final dungeon
* fiddled a bit with the second last battle so hopefully it's less broken now
* Fixed some pass-ability issues.
* Added just two more loot points
* Adjusted the volume level of the town music

The second last battle had a lot of issues. :/ It's still nothing great, but hopefully stuff will actually HAPPEN now. (I don't know when it got that broken, my final test play I didn't see any issues)

Some specifics on what I changed. Warning for spoilers:
* Took out MP burn for Victor. He will now only have MP rage at full MP.
* Likewise, I removed MP rage from Fermat. He will now only have MP burnout when his MP gets to low
* Apparently at somepoint the enemy version of Victor lost all his skills :/ I've put them back in
* I've set enemy Fermat to HOPEFULLY only attack when his MP is low.
* I've also raised Fermat's ATK stat and Victor's SPD just before the battle. As those were hindering them A LOT when fighting against one another
* For player Fermat I swapped out Quick Caster for Beefcake, since that was an error. His SPD and MIND are at 999, so there was really no point in him having those.

If anyone who plays wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions I would be grateful! (also in a spoiler box because of spoilers) I'm just trying to see how obvious or not obvious things were.
1. Whose route did you play?
2. When did you realize that the character you picked was a demon?
3. When did you realize that the other character was also a demon?

Baring any MAJOR things coming up in the future, I probably won't be making anymore updates on this game. It's time to move onto bigger, better things. (It's time to join forces with Indrah, Rach, and Fomar and one-up Sunken Spire)
  • Completed
  • MakioKuta
  • Racheal (Event Workhorse)
    Indra (Overenthusiastic Mapper)
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 05/29/2015 01:06 AM
  • 04/06/2017 11:54 PM
  • 05/29/2015
  • 60595
  • 23
  • 654



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Looks sweet and these charsets are so cute. I like the way portraits are pixelated too.
You're magical to me.
Subscribed! Looking forward to playing this :DDD
This game looks like fun. Subbed! By the way may I ask, how did you get a name box with the message in RPG Maker 2003?
Same way I did the busts - pictures :3

Tedious, but it works.
You know how deadlines go. Hopefully this will be done soon -o- I think I underestimated just how long this thing actually is. (also, I'm kinda having fun eventing some of the battle skills >D I might still need help later though, Unity! For the final boss's skills xD I've got the gimmick that'll be in that battle, but not what they actually DO besides that. haha )

My shady crystal ball estimates---Monday??? The question marks were shown in the crystal ball as well. (So much for 'make a game in my days off from work')

Most importantly I fixed the oversight of never mentioning Fermat's eyeshadow in game.
You're magical to me.
I'll be here if you need me :DDDD And if not, I'll be cheering for the game's release ^_^
A warning:
Watching Indrah livestream the game totally randomly crashed on Victor's route before the second final boss fight. Then turned around and worked perfectly the next time. SO I don't know what that was all about??

:( It's annoying, but please make sure you save before what is very obviously the Final Room. I'll try to replicate the crash and get a screenshot and seek answers about why it happens.
You're magical to me.
Playing it now as we speak. Thanks for the head's up :)

Well, I got a Let's Play recorded for this game.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
GEES, I had subscribed but after that 1st review I just gotta
download and get to work playing a FIVE STAR game :)

Off to download heaven am I :)
I-I'm honestly a little flabbergasted by the high score. (still processing it) I would ask not to have expectations set too high in terms of gameplay, but I am confident in the story and characters at least. haaaa

I hope you find enjoyment out of it!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)

The person/persons who created this game can't even believe the review score.
Don't worry, he was probably drunk while playing and can't even remember what he played :) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

Actually I do have a question.
I'm not a computer or game maker geek sssooooo.....
Most games I download I get a desktop icon I can use to click and start playing.
This game and a few others make with RM2k3 demand :) to be loaded on hard drive and while it does show in the Windows part of Windows 8.1 there is no ICON where all my others are.
It can be pinned to the taskbar but if you download enough games like this then the poor taskbar will get way to fat :)

Is there any way to create a DESKTOP ICON ??????
You can make a shortcut the same way you can with any file. Right click on the EXE file, select to 'make a shortcut' and then move that onto your desktop. That still works with 8.1 (just tried it)

Hopefully that helps. Also, probably not nice to call the person who left the review drunk... they enjoyed the game and the review was mostly focused on the story.

I'd wager it's not possible to ever think in your heart that your own game is worth 5-Stars. (If you think you've reached perfection, then you won't continue to learn to grow.)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
:( sorry, guess you just did not pick up on my sense of humor.
I was just trying to make a funny. That's why all the hahahahahaha's
Of course if he enjoyed a game that much, he would give it 5stars :)
The real reason I posted that was because YOU were amazed with the rating :)
I'm glad he enjoyed the game and that you've received the attention you deserve
for making a good game.....hope I'm showed that I was properly chastized(spllck) :)
ohhh okay sorry 'bout that! Ah written text, its lack of cadence can be so misleading at times.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
I opened the file.
Clicked on setup.exe which created a "shortcut". Moved that to the desktop.
Clicked on that, clicked on "run as administrator" and it took me to the
INSTALL SETUP that loads the game onto the hard drive.

Is this a Microsoft conspiracy ????? Will Microsoft now message me to pay them to give me the same 8.1 that you have????

OH, THE PAIN of just trying to play a simple 2D game :(
You have to extract all the files within the "You and I" archive located inside the "You and I. V1.10" folder after running the set-up. Then make a shortcut of the "RPG_RT" application.

But I just finished Fermat's story and must say I greatly enjoyed it, though the battles that showed up later seemed a little..... drawn out. Considering how short the game is I can accept that you wanted at least a little bit more of a challenge.

Not going to score this until I play Victor's story, just so I know the few differences.
@Linkis - did you get the game working in the end??

@Catastrophe15 - Looking forward to your comments after you play both sides; if you'd like me to send you a rigged version of the game without random encounters or with the final dungeon unlocked already so you can skip the seals, let me know.
Don't worry about a rigged version, all I would suggest is make all the enemies scale as you go along. I know that it is hard with such a short game but for any future games it should be thought of.

Will play Victor's side either tonight or tomorrow, though.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Was never able to get a desktop icon after many trys so I'm going with
the TaskBar Icon :)
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