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Amnesiac Hero x2!

Hello, adventurers!
Here we are with another old-style RPG Maker 2003 fantasy jrpg, this time it's a short adventure about two quirky characters released in 2015 by MakioKuta (art and assets), Racheal (eventing) and Indra (maps). As I wrote before the game is about two heroes, both amnesiac, and unlike most other games, the adventure begins with the selection of our alter ego: this apparently won't change the story, just the charset you will see and some section where we learn what is going on inside the mind of our chosen hero.

So we have these two: Fermat is a cunning and sinister dark mage (with powers like flesh melting, harmful darkness and so on) and Victor is a cheerful and dumb warrior (with powers like ice storm and blade of fire) and they both are extremely powerful, since they start already at high level, and they also have Permanent Mana Regeneration, meaning that they will recover their magic points during battles (on the other hand there are no experience points, so they will never become more powerful, not that they need that!).
The two wake up inside a ruined temple, with no memories except their names, they read something about heroes fighting a powerful Demon Lord, and so they decide to investigate and see if they can understand what's going on, hoping that their memories will return...

Fermat, my chosen character, is pretty bad at lying, as you can see...

The game is a linear adventure in the classic rpgmaker style: exploring, fighing random battles and bosses, and sometimes restocking potions (there are no weapons and armors, just consumables), the fact that there are no experience points and levels means that there is no option to grind, so sometimes running away can be the best strategy (except if you need some monster meat, that's used both to heal and resurrect a fallen party member, not that I never needed that)... if you do not want to waste time, of course, since battles are VERY EASY, because our two heroes are EXTREMELY POWERFUL (some enemies can be killed by just a single normal attack made by Fermat, that's considered a weakling!).

Visually the game is nice because it merges classic Rtps with some edits and custom made portraits for the two protagonists... yes, just for them unfortunately, but they have enough variety, especially since what happens during the final parts. I'm not going to spoil but the story is good for me! Oh and there are also few edited battlers and custom made opponents plus some original screens like the main menu and some slides for a couple of important moments, like the ending, for example. Sounds and music seems to be Rtps, if I am correct.
Mapping by Indra is good, I mean sometimes it's a bit weird (for example the village for example has NO houses, I wonder where the peasants live!) but the old classic rpgmaker tilesets are used EXTREMELY WELL, I liked the outdoor areas and the lack of "overly spacious" places that often happened in old classic rm2k3 games.

... but he is a powerful dark mage! While not a powerhouse like his warrior friend!

Final Verdict
You and I is a pretty short game that a player can complete in one sitting, it's also linear and pretty easy, but there is ONE little problem: near the end you will have to destroy a magical force field by visiting different planes and well that part is boring: some parts can be done without battles, others have mandatory fights, there are a couple of simple tasks/puzzles, a labyrinth, and an annoying "teleporting maze" but overall it's a part that feels like a filler or time-waster, not fun nor interesting like the rest of the game, the humor and its quirky characters. I mean I liked the humor in this game (I wonder if The Kidnapping of Princess Pri, a 2018 game, was inspired by the Princess Pri seen in this game... well probably not!) and I'd have likes a bit more fun cutscenes/tasks/events rather than that mini-dungeon. But that's the only complaint I have with this game, for the rest it's pretty good and enjoyable! Well done!