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an excellent game

gameplay- the gameplay is simplistic and good, its live and has a Zelda slash and shoot feel to it... with a few dungeons as well. you get one Pokémon to help protect yourself and your friends. he gets upgrades as you help others and bosses are a little harder then normal but not to the point where it frustrates you. the health is somewhat scares (esp in hardcore mode) I highly suggest playing normal first to get to the feel for the bored because you only get too save 3 TIMES.... I really enjoy having two modes....the only flaw I encountered is sometimes there lag and the monsters can start eating you and have a hard time slashing or splashing them :). however when I restart my computer and play it, it works fine. so on hard mode, don't have anything else on because you can only save three times and hp is scares...

graphics- the graphics are very good, they are quick paced and look like pokemon worlds to a T, I enjoy seeing the box tiles of drake and his pokemon along with other characters that also got boxed captions...would of been interesting to see all their faces...anyways good graphics for what a pokemon game supposed to be

replay ability- this game has 3 different endings! and with different decisions you can make throughout the game makes it enjoyable. what if you did this, and what happens when you do that, theres not too much of a penalty besides karma when you do something good or bad besides one of the three endings.

soundtrack- if I have nothing bad to say about it, then that makes it good !. had a resident evil feel to it I thought. and the boss battles esp against bosses made it more dramatic and important.

characters- the characters are interesting enough....seems like this game was made to frustrate drake to the brank of just killing everyone because their all idiots :p

plot- the plot is quite good, if fits into the world of Pokémon and that's where the attractiveness comes into play, wondering what cough cough silver would be up too. it seems like real survival , decisions a normal person would make. a nice simplistic plot you expect from a pokemon game.

overall- this is great game, there's plenty of content for 4 6 hours , with cool side stories in documents enough variety to make it fun...the dialogue is very funny and the missions have there appeal . Drake speech and look at the world def makes the game great...... so go steal your tooadile and have him spit on monsters and survive!!


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Hello ddgamebreaker! Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this game! :)
This review really helps me with further games I'm going to make!


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