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is an RPG inspired by games of all kinds! We studied design techniques from games like Monkey Island to Metal Gear Solid to Pokemon to Dark Souls to DOOM to Castlevania to Surgeon Simulator 2015, and have put together a truly unique experience that blends a wide variety of genres into a seamless experience. From branching dialogue, to engaging stealth, to fast-paced turn-based combat, in PHP you'll have a variety of ways to tackle any situation. We like to call this blend a Role-Playing-Turn-Based-Puzzle-Stealth-Comedy-Game or RPTBPSCG for short.

Targeted for release in late August of 2016, Pixel Hero Prologue takes place in a diverse and dynamic world that reacts to your choices and your 4th wall breaking remarks. You'll explore a vast planet and be able to explore open hub areas, take on side missions or barrel through the main campaign, which is full of high octane boss fights and gimmicky set pieces.

You'll play as Golden Cobra, a high ranking operative at the wet-works corporation JACKAL. Your mission is simple, a group of 9 ex-JACKAL terrorists plan to high-jack nuclear weapons and hold the world of Orbis hostage, and you have to stop them. Along the way you'll be able to recruit 9 Squad Members to help you as you battle your way through a variety of enemies. You'll also encounter numerous NPCs, both friend and foe, and be able to find secrets, pursue romances and maybe just save the world.

Our subtitle isn't Tactical Espionage Pixels just to be cliche, Pixel Hero Prologue features a unique blend of organic exploration, branching paths, simple yet satisfying stealth and a turn-based combat system for when things get hot!


You and up to two other party members will often be thrown into a unique turn-based combat system, where Guarding doesn't exist and combat goes quickly. You have up to three types of Basic Attacks and a full arsenal of Abilities and Items to take down your opponents before they take down you. While luck can sometimes sway the battle, strategy will always prevail, and sometimes one well timed Ability can mean the difference between Victory and Defeat.


Be it sneaking around enemies through vents or hiding under a cardboard box, fighting isn't the only way to get past opponents. In many areas you'll be able to see your foes on patrol, time your movements right and you'll sneak past them no problem or even better you can sneak up behind them for a quick take-down.


Dialogue in Pixel Hero Prologue is branching, organic, quippy and a pivotal part of the game. Through dialogue you'll learn about the world, find alternate solutions to problems, unlock new options in your missions, break the fourth wall for comedic effect, gain the trust of your fellow squad members, pursue potential romances and scratch your head at obligatory binary moral choices!

Pixel Hero Prologue: VR Missions serves as an extended demo to be released June 9th! It'll introduce players to the varied world of Orbis! Fight demons, ninjas and obligatory zombies in this massive open demo! Check out the trailer now:

Also coming June 9th, Pixel Hero Prologue will be going to Kickstarter to fund the soundtrack, Greenlight and more! Rewards included vary from the game manual, to the soundtrack to exclusive copies of the Design Works!

When the Game Comes Out...

Will it have DRM? Ha, like we'd bother wasting time trying to figure out how to code DRM. We don't really believe in DRM either so, no.

How much will the game cost? Well, we're hoping to set up a Pay-What-You-Want model, it's important to remember that we're making Pixel Hero Prologue because we want to share it with the world and we're only asking with money so we can make it a reality in the foreseeable future and make it up to the standards that I want it to be at. (That said, many of the rewards from the Kickstarter including the Soundtrack and Design Works probably won't be available for free if they ever release post-Kickstarter)

Will it be on Steam or Steam Greenlight? Yes! 100 dollars of the funding is going to Steam Greenlight which will likely happen shortly after the campaign (if we're successful), from there it's going to be an uphill battle to get the votes, and we'll be relying on the community if you want to see it on Steam, otherwise we'll simply deliver the game via MediaFire links to the exe.

Will it run on Mac or Linux? Maybe. The PC version will always take priority, but if we over-fund we'll be able recruit someone to help port the game to Mac and then Linux (either way we may end up doing it ourselves after release, but we can't promise when this will be)

What are the minimum specs to run the game at max graphics? I'm not acknowledging this one with a reply.

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