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Blackmoon Prophecy I & II - Favourite Party Members

QUESTION TIME: Favourite characters from any Blackmoon Prophecy game?

Here is a Google Forms poll to go along with the question. This may help me develop the characters of Blackmoon Prophecy III.

Google Forms Poll

Progress Report

Blackmoon Prophecy III Info Post

Blackmoon Prophecy III Info Post

Humanity, after venturing to a region of space known as The Baldesion Dominion, met the Andalian people who took to the strange visitors and bestowed them with a planet to settle that would come to be known as Eden. With the aid of the Andalians, the humans prospered on Eden, beginning a new chapter in the history of humanity that was certain to bring with it much discovery and wonder. Unbeknownst to humankind, it would inevitably bring chaos.

Why am I making this?
In between Blackmoon Prophecy and Blackmoon Prophecy II, I attempted to make several original games. None of them got very far, usually only to the design stage in Excel and Word. Shattered Wings was the only exception, which I took two stabs at making, and I eventually decided to cancel that since I felt like it was a step back from my last completed game (Blackmoon Prophecy II) in almost every category. Since I took criticisms of Blackmoon Prophecy II to heart, I didn't feel like Shattered Wings would really do all that well on RMN.

With Blackmoon Prophecy, I've come up with my own mythos of sorts that is separate from its identity as a Final Fantasy fan game. Aspects of my "lore" like cosmic forces, the recurring prophecy of blackened skies/moons, and destructive alien entities span both of my games and the ideas I've come up with for a third game take all of that and sort of push the Final Fantasy tropes aside. The setting for the third game is a completely different world with completely different faces. Those who finished Blackmoon Prophecy II will know the reason why I felt like I had originally shut the door on being able to make another Blackmoon Prophecy game, but I realized after a good amount of thinking recently that, while I shut one door, I opened many brand new doors as a result. I want to go through those doors and explore new stories using a rough history of the previous two games as a stepping stone. This is still very much a Final Fantasy fan game, the lack of "Final Fantasy" in the title is just my way of trying to lean more on the story I've already established than the elements I've borrowed from Squaresoft.

What's this game about?
Set a few thousand (!) years after the last game, Blackmoon Prophecy III is set on multiple worlds in an area of space known as the Baldesian Expanse, which is also the territory that makes up the Baldesian Empire. Five races live within the Baldesian Expanse:

▪ Andalians: A race of shamanistic seers who have helped guide humankind and assisted them in finding a place within the Baldesian Empire. They are believed to an ancient race, and their hospitality and kindness know no bounds.
▪ Baldesians: The governing race of the Baldesian Expanse. Baldesians are big, shrewd brutes who are equal part militaristic and political.
▪ Humans: Humans are humans! They're a bit divided now, with humans living in the kingdom of Albion embracing exploration and space travel. The humans residing in Saradinia care little for outer space and are happy with what they have. Albions embrace technology while Saradinians study ancient history and magic.
▪ Machina: A race of bumbling sentient robots who cannot recall how they came to be, but they all possess a great sense of wonder and desire to learn.
▪ The Myst: Elusive, mysterious, and secretive species who travel in shadows and use the moniker "of the Myst" when introducing themselves (ie. "I am Bob of the Myst"). They are generally feared, as they tend to be hired as assassins and spies.

Blackmoon Prophecy III, at least initially, follows the story of Brynn Highwind. She is the last of the ancient Highwind bloodline and is a selfish scavenger and thief who travels aboard a mercenary ship known as The Tango. Aboard the ship and also serving as crew members are her two close friends Arc and Pollux. Together with her two friends, Brynn often does contract mercenary work and delves into old ruins to scavenge for valuables.

Like Final Fantasy VI, the narrative will focus on one character, but you will be free to have any character you want in your party at all times. The main character of the narrative, Brynn, does not have to actively be in your party.

Should the previous games be beaten first before playing this one?
As was the case with Blackmoon Prophecy II, it probably helps to know about the events of the previous game though it is not mandatory. Like with Blackmoon Prophecy II, playing this game on its own is still entirely possible and would pretty much only "spoil" a major event from the ending of the previous game.

Cast of characters and their classes?
As of now, I have eight characters planned that all have their own individual classes. Here's what to expect:

▪ Black Mage (Staves)
▪ Fighter (Swords)
▪ Knight (Swords)
▪ Machinist (Guns)
▪ Monk (Claws/Gloves)
▪ Time Mage (Spears)
▪ Thief (Knives)
▪ White Mage (Axes/Blunts)

The mages all predictably do what you'd expect them to do in addition to a few original spells I've thrown in such as the white mage's spell called Motivate which increases the critical hit rate of a party member. As for the other classes, I'm trying to be more creative this time around with what kind of functions some abilities have. Here are a few that will be fun to see in use:

▪ Enfeeble: Greatly reduces enemy's luck
▪ Equalizer: Uses 50% of HP to reduce target's HP by 50%
▪ Fortify: Temporarily increases user's maximum hit points
▪ Martyr: Sacrifice self to fully heal all allies
▪ Minus Strike: Deals damage when hit points are lower
▪ Power Spike: Increases all of user's stats for a brief time
▪ Reckless: Allows user to perform two attacks when selecting Fight, but at cost of much defense
▪ Ripple: Exchanges status ailments with the target

In addition to this, there's still blue magic. Many bosses will drop blue magic materia, which can be equipped by any character and allows them to use a blue magic ability. As an example, a boss named hobgoblin may drop the Goblin Punch Materia which allows a character to use Goblin Punch upon equipping it. Characters will each have two blue magic slots on the equip screen. Casting blue magic does not use MP, which will only be for regular abilities and spells. Blue magic will require ability points (AP), which is just TP. It will build up over time when you take damage, and some abilities/items will also grant it.

All characters will also have one slot on their equip screens for summon materia. Summons will, of course, be very strong abilities that either damage the enemies or buff/heal the party. Summoning will also use AP, but will be more expensive than using blue magic. This will prevent players from doing crazy things like resummoning the strongest summon repeatedly (unless they're cheesing the game, which I'll of course make possible).

Exploration? World maps?
This is the tricky area. I want to have traditional world maps, but this will take some tinkering with the Time Fantasy tiles since there will be multiple words. There's also outer space, and I'm not sure if I want players to choose destination planets via dialogue window or be able to fly around themselves. I've tested the latter with Mode 7, and I'm extremely far from getting it to look the way I want yet. It looked more like an amateur space shooter than an RPG, and the screenshot that I have up of it will be probably be deleted the very second I have literally anything else ready to take its place. This will take some time to figure out. World maps will probably be in the same vein as Chrono Cross/Trigger, in that location names will pop up when you walk over a location and pressing the confirm button/key will enter that location.

Will it look like and sound Final Fantasy?
Yes and no. I'm using Time Fantasy graphics for the game, but I'm doing a few little alterations to get rid of the high contrast look of the Time Fantasy resources by darkening all of the greys used in the character sets and lowering the brightness of the tile sets. I'm also making the faces of the characters match how Squaresoft sprited them in Final Fantasy 6. Example below, left is vanilla Time Fantasy and right is after I edited the face to match the FF6 style.

I've got a lot of work cut out for me with both obtaining and editing the Time Fantasy resources, so progress on that front will probably be a bit slow. I'll also be making a large number of sprites from the Time Fantasy character template myself to match the game's setting (lots of drab, futuristic places). It will be slow going, but it will all be worth it.

As for sound? Yes, very much so. The music I'm using only comes from the Final Fantasy series, and all tracks are either orchestral remixes or high quality remasters.

Game length?
Nope, no way. Absolutely no clue yet.
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