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Blackmoon Prophecy III Cast of Characters

Brynn Highwind: A human mercenary, scavenger, and thief. Brynn is the last of the ancient and once highly respected Highwind bloodline. She lives aboard The Tango, a ship that is staffed by other lawless individuals. Brynn is moderately selfish and cares more about her own personal gain than anything else, and wouldn't shy away from even stealing from the impoverished if it let her get ahead.

Arc Bainford: A human fighter who, like Brynn, lives aboard The Tango and is also her best friend. Arc is a talented swordsman who has made a living for himself as a mercenary for hire. Arc is generally positive and outgoing, always trying to look at things from the most optimistic perspective. He is often considered the angel on Brynn's shoulder and looks out for her, though this is usually short lived as Brynn always manages to get Arc roped into her schemes somehow.

Pollux Vale: A highly intelligent Lupin monk who both excels at brains and brawn. While Pollux is a competent hacker and programmer, he's just as skilled at pummelling and suplexing anyone who challenges The Tango's crew into oblivion. He is close friends with Brynn and Arc, having taken to them early on due to his fascination with humans and their ancient relationship with the population of Lupins who had settled on Gaia after it had been merged with the Esper World so long ago.

Kelgar Boggart: A Baldesian knight who serves in the Imperial Baldesian Fleet as a commander aboard the ISS Inquisitor. Kelgar, though intelligent and highly logical, adheres to a strict judicial code and will go the extra mile (and then some!) to uphold the law. He is regarded as gruff and stern, making him hard to bond with. He also has a tremendous track record in the field, with his file noting that no fugitive has ever escaped from his grasp before.

Odine Nabaat: An Andalian healer who resides in the remote monastery village of T'pacha. Odine is a disciplined and graceful healer, and she never turns her back on anyone who requires aid. Like many Andalians, she is highly shamanistic and believes that good exists in everyone. Her fascination with human culture has led to her adopting the ancient red and white garments worn by white mages.

Lucia Daranouve: A cynical young student of black magic residing in the human kingdom of Saradinia. Lucia loathes the neighboring kingdom of Albion due to their disinterest in preserving the old ways of humankind. Lucia is slow to trust, and her outlook on the world is often pessimistic at best. She prefers to be alone with her studies, though she has a soft spot for the Machina ambassador known as Radar who was assigned to her town to learn more about humans. The naive robotic entity is the only individual who Lucia has ever bonded with.

Radar: A Machina ambassador stationed in the Saradinian town of Algrove. Radar's diplomatic mission is to better understand what the humans of Albion refer to as the "simple folk", the humans who live in Saradinia. Radar, being a newly commissioned Machina, is devoid of knowledge and views everything as a learning experience. As such, he possesses an extraordinary sense of wonder and is often fascinated by the most mundane things in human culture. He has befriended the young black mage Lucia Daranouve, who he has come to view as an invaluable source of data for his research.

Falchion of the Myst: A member of the highly elusive and secretive race that is simply referred to as "The Myst" within the Baldesian Dominion. There is one member of the race who is widely known, and this is Falchion of the Myst. He is known to be a professional assassin, expert spear wielder, and well-versed in the ways of manipulating events around him via time magic. Little is known about Falchion other than the fact that his appearance usually means someone's got it out for you and Falchion has arrived to do the dirty deed.

Beatrix Trepes: The young President of Eden. She is the elected leader of the human race. Beatrix was voted in simply because she comes from a famous family that has greatly influenced humanity's history on Eden in many ways. Though Beatrix is not a strong politician and relies on her advisers for counsel, she is highly charismatic and diplomatic which allows her to be excellent at communicating with other rules in the Baldesian Empire on a personal level.