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Class: Chemist
Command(s): Alchemy, Green Magic
Weapon: Rods/Staves
Background: A kind and caring (yet very spunky) young chemist from Southern Lenadia who has made it her mission in life to cure all diseases, a dream that she struggles with due to the relative lack of reagents in the forests around her town. As a chemist, Aster is able to get more use out of items than others when handled by her. Potions heal for twice as much, antidotes affect all party members, and battle items deal additional damage/effects when used by Aster. She is also proficient in green magic, which is status altering magic that hinders enemies and supports allies.

Class: Kindred
Command(s): Summon, Sword Art
Weapon: Swords
Background: A young Kindred woman from the Lenadian town of Daguero where she resides with her brother, Ronan. Aysha is a calm, measured individual who is content living in Daguero and using her summoning abilities to protect the town from harm. Aysha is not one known for taking risks and operates very much from her comfort zone, which she is forced to confront when the ailing Esper World commands her attention. She shares the role of main character with her brother Ronan.

Class: Monk
Command(s): Flair
Weapon: Claws/Gloves
Background: Proud, strong, noble, loyal. These are just some of the words that the people of Silvera would use to describe Bayu the Bold. Bayu's simple goal in life is to protect people, namely those who are close to him or those he cares about. Mess with anyone from the town of Silvera and expect a flaming claw to face.

Class: Red Mage
Command(s): Black Magic, White Magic
Weapon: Orbs
Background: Godot, a weak half-Esper known as an Eidolon, is a native of the Esper World who is assigned to Aysha and Ronan and instructed to help them on their quest to save the Esper homeworld. Godot does not like to get his hands dirty from combat, thus he does not equip traditional weapons or physically attack enemies in battle. Instead, Godot relies on his knowledge of black and white magic in battle to turn the tide in the favour of himself and his allies.

Class: Thief
Command(s): Thief
Weapon: Knives
Background: One look at Hilde and anyone would find themselves wondering how she wound up doing what she does. Fine clothes and manners that are befitting of nobility contradict the young woman's chosen occupation, which is thief. Hilde is quick on her feet, and even quicker with her knives. She is, of course, able to steal items from enemies while also being able to spot traps when leading the party that would otherwise be naked to the invisible eye.

Class: Gambler
Command(s): Gambit
Weapon: Blunts
Background: A freespirited gambling moogle who is prone to angry tirades. Moguel loves nothing more than being able to bet on things, which is reflected in his dream to one day open betting facilities across Lenadia with an auction house being at the top of his list. Moguel enjoys smacking anything that resists him with blunt objects, and has an arsenal of high risk/high reward abilities that he leans on in battle.

Class: Knight
Command(s): Lancer
Weapon: Spears
Background: The younger brother of Aysha, who also lives in the Lenadian town of Daguero. His is adventurous and likes to explore the nearby Great Plain of Lenadia. He is generally more carefree than his sister. Ronan wields spears and is able to utilize his weapon to damage enemy attributes, pierce armor, or protect allies. He shares the role of main character with his sister Aysha.

Class: Blue Mage
Command(s): Blue Magic
Weapon: Any
Background: Like Godot, Zenon is an Eidolon from the Esper World tasked with helping Aysha and Ronan. The similarities mostly end there, as the shockingly naive and obtuse Zenon enjoys trying to learn techniques from others. As a result, he has learned how to wield a wide variety of weapons and can learn how to steal abilities from monsters that he encounters.


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Updated this page with the cast of the current iteration of Blackmoon Prophecy III. Also turned on comments, so feel free to share your thoughts on this motley crew.
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