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This is a list of people, places, and things in the world of Gaia that have had to be renamed from the original Final Fantasy fan game setting of Blackmoon Prophecy.

Behemoth: Gargantua
Bomb: Flare
Chocobo: Rapapa
Flan: Slime
Leafer: Cottontail
Moogle: Trog
Tonberry: Sourberry

Cid: Benz
Shiva: Chione
Ultros: Kraken
Wedge: Block
Vicks: Veks

Albrook: Coldbrook
Altair: Alton
Cornelia: Port Lenadia
Crescent Village: Crescent Station
Horseman's Rest: Valhalla
Gulgur Volcano: Salar Volcano
Kaipo: Kaiplum
Lindblum: Artalia
Kohlingen: Kolenton
Ivalice: Rodenia
Mysidia: Arcania
Tower of Babil: Infinity Tower
Tzen: Neirbrook

Eternal Blue: Tidechaser
Ether: Mana
Hi Potion: Mid Potion
Phoenix Down: Griffon Plume