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BLANK: Developer Stream Playthrough

Hey everyone,

In celebration of the upcoming release of my newest game, NIRAVASI, I'll be hosting a Developer Stream on my Twitch.tv channel. For those of you that are interested in the game, or have already played it and just wanted a different look into it, I'll be speaking about some of the design challenges/hurdles that I faced while working on the game. You can find a link to my Twitch Channel here:


Now this is my first time doing anything like this, so expect some technical difficulties to pop up as it goes along. Nevertheless, I hope it'll be a cool way to see the behind-the-scenes of my very first game!



BLANK 1.3 is released!

Hey everyone!

After much time has passed, the wait is finally over. BLANK Patch 1.3. has been released and can be found on the game's Downloads Tab. Now in the past, I would usually post a list of all the significant changes that are to be found in the newest patches, but Patch 1.3 is different.

Because of how many changes were added into Patch 1.3., it was almost impossible to list them all down for you without missing entire lines of code changes and/or filling up your poor webpages with unreadable jargon. So ultimately, I have chosen to leave the details BLANK (get it?) and allow you, the players, to find out what's what in the new patch.

I thank you all for waiting this long for a new update and I hope you enjoy this new version of the game. Don't worry, because as of now, I will be hard at work on The Spirits Within and the adventure that awaits Veta in the mysterious land of Sanctaros.

As always, have a great day and if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a response under this Blog Post or the game's profile.

Kind regards,
King Sangos


BLANK: Patch 1.3 is ready for testing!

Hey everyone!

It’s been over a month since I last talked about Patch 1.3 for BLANK and the numerous changes it’ll bring to the base game experience, more specifically, the Battle and Menu Systems. Oh and there’s some nonsense about a Rework and more Spirits, but they’re not important for this stage.

What is is important however is that I am not quite yet ready to release the entire patch publicly yet. Right now, I am worried that there may still be some small errors like grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as visual bugs. Additionally if the extreme became true, I’m worried that there may still be a potential crash bug in the game, due to missing Battle Backgrounds (The files for these were rearranged).

So that’s why this update is more of a roll call than an actual release update. Right now, I need playtesters for Patch 1.3. and I’d be more than happy to let you guys go wild with the game. All that I ask from you is your feedback on those pesky bugs, and potentially feedback on the game’s functionality and story.

Here’s some Software Requirements you need to know:

Software Requirements

  • You must have a Windows Operating System (Windows Vista, 7 & 10). BLANK is developed using RPG Maker VX Ace and will not run on Apple or Mobile Devices.

  • If you have not played an RPG Maker VX Ace Game before and do not have the Engine installed, you will need to download the RTP Included version of the game when you ask me for it.

  • If you already downloaded the VX Ace RTP before and/or have RPG Maker VX Ace installed on your system, you will only need to download the No RTP version when you ask me for it.

That’s about it. If you’re interested in testing the game out for yourself, just leave a comment response below or message me through my personal E-Mail: angus.mccallum1@btinternet.com.

Thank you for hearing me out and I look forward to hearing you responses. Hopefully Patch 1.3. can get released sooner than you’d like.

Love from,
King Sangos


BLANK: Apologies & Patch 1.3 Analysis

Hey everyone!

So first off, I'd like to issue a formal apology. I have no kept this page as updated as I should have. In fact, I barely even explained my inactivity for the past 10 months. Well, long story short is that real-life got the better of me. I recently moved houses, which really cut into my casual lifestyle for a while. Then I also had work and University to worry about, so all-in-all, it was just a big mess. As such, I did not have the time to work on The Spirits Within Expansion and thus, went silent.

However, BLANK does have a GameJolt page and if you're a user there and found the game's page, you'll know that I've been working on a new patch. But why talk about the new patch and what it brings when I can just show you what's in store?

BLANK: Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 is a quality-of-life update coming soon to BLANK that will introduce and improve existing battle and dialogue systems to promote a better battle experience overall. While BLANK may largely be about the story, it's not fair for you guys to have it spoiled by iffy dialogue and lacklustre gameplay. So hopefully with this patch, I can introduce various new things that'll make the game a ton more fun to play. ~~Or hopefully just better than **Patch 1.2**.~~ With that said, let's get to talking about the patch's new features.


Risk/Reward No More

Aah, Contasma, the Spirit of Cupidity. She was the final member of Veta's crew of Spirits and boasted an array of specialised attacks that would bring havoc to the battlefields of Transech. It's just a shame that all of those said attacks (save for Silence the Sky) were all useless. As I explained before in a previous Developer Blog, Contasma was designed as a Risk/Reward character. Its abilities were powerful, but were accompanied by negative effects. An example was Electrosis, which would increase an ally's Agility, but also have a chance of Paralysing them. While I thought trade-off abilities like this would be a fun little mechanic to work around, I was proven wrong by all the videos and reviews I saw from you guys online. Essentially, he was useless compared to the other Spirits, as players would just use **Silence the Sky** whenever available, then just use items when she was silenced.

From this revelation, a change had to be made. Contasma could no longer be the useless fourth party member that brought everyone down. So ultimately, I chose to remove Contasma's Risk/Reward design entirely in favour of a more offensive spellcaster. My reasoning for this is that having a character that can bring more benefits to the team is a far better design than one who can support the team, but only if you're lucky. Either way, I'm really happy with how Contasma work and here's a preview of some of her new abilities.


Devour Mana: A strange ability that removes an ally's debuffs, restoring 25% of their MP in return.

Spectral Pulse: Contasma fires a radiant pulse, hitting all enemies in battle and lowering their SPELL DEFENSE.

Deceitful Oath: A mysterious ability that applies Magic Regeneration, but reduces their ATTACK and SPELL ATTACK.

Impatience: An ability that increases ALL stats of ALL allies for two turns.

And that's only half of the abilities Contasma now has at its disposal. Hopefully these new abilities will make you drool all over your monitors in glee at the new and overpowered Ring Spirit. But it the worst case scenario where you just don't like Contasma as a Spirit, there are now alternatives to find.


Scary Boys.

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to your new Rings Spirits.

  • NEGATA: Spirit of Rigidity\c

  • ACCELION: Spirit of Nihility

  • BLIGHTANIS: Spirit of Enormity

These new Ring Spirits will offer Veta and her other Ring Spirit companions and host of new spells and combinations to choose from. Whether you decide to adopt Negata's tanky ways into your team to soak the damage, or accept Blightanis' insane magical attacks into your arsenal, these new spirits have something to offer every player. But hold on, there's a significant problem here!

Funky Party


Worry not, my pessimistic friends, for I have offer you the solution. If you may or may not have noticed, there is now a tab on the Menu Screen known as Formation. This is a tab native to RPG Maker VX Ace games that was removed from BLANK, since it did not serve any purpose at the time. However, with the introduction of the new Spirits, it finally does. And with the help of a new script (Courtesy of the incredibly talented Yanfly), players now have the option of simultaneously changing their Spirits out of combat.

The Base Boys

On this screen, we can see Veta's Party, including her and the Ring Spirits she has acquired. By hovering over the different various Spirits, the player can view the different stats and equipment that each Spirit has, similar to how it would be shown to the player if they selected the Equipment Screen in the Menu.

Death comes...

In the image above, Accelion is visible and ready for combat. Unfortunately to get him in the fight, you will have to replace him with another Spirit in your party. So for demonstration purposes, we have chosen Contasma (Sorry Contasma). By selecting change, Contasma will be swapped with Accelion and with any luck...


You will have successfully added Accelion to your team. And don't worry, Contasma hasn't gone anywhere. She will sleeping soundly in your inventory and can be re-added to your Party anytime you wish. The only exception to this rule is Veta, who CANNOT be swapped out (Because that would break everything).

So yeah, that's pretty cool right? But do you wanna know what's cooler?

New Battle System


Thanks once again to Yanfly and his godlike Scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace, BLANK now has a fully revamped Battle System to make combat more visually appealing and efficient. Tired of having to wait for those "Veta's ATTACK has been increased." Battle Messages? Well thanks to the new Battle System, all little details such as States and Buff/Debuff Tooltips are displayed dynamically on-screen.


With this new Battle System, my hope is that Battles will become faster and more entertaining for the user, as well as more efficient for those who want to reach the narrative content of the game a hell of a lot faster than what was possible in Patch 1.2. Speaking of narrative content, let's take a look at...


Improved Dialogue & Messages

You probably spotted it right away, near the start of this update. And yes, your eyes do not deceive, that is indeed COLOUR in the Battle Dialogue. And guess what else? That also applies to the base game as well.

Yes in addition to reworking and improving all the dialogue in the game, I have meticulously gone about and highlighted various keywords and phrases to hold more significance for the players. Now hopefully you will all stop asking me questions about how to solve the maze in Chapter 2, before entering the Temple of the Displaced.

Dark Memes.

And going back to the dialogue, let's take a look at the new and improved dialogue for the game.

The Darkness comes...

Now bear with me, as there's bound to be more spelling and grammar mistakes in the game and those will likely just be tweaked out as time goes on. But for now, a series of dialogue sequences and events that created ungodly loopholes or were just a mess to read have been abolished. And most importantly, guess what else is gone?


Yep, that's right. No more ellipsis.

Anyway, before I wrap this Developer Update up, I have one final change that I feel is important to mention.

Revamped Enemy Sprites


You may have noticed the enemy sprite right at the start of the Blog and thought "That's strange, I never saw that enemy in the game.". Well you actually have, just not like that. You see, that's a Displaced, or better yet, a reworked sprite of a *Displaced*. As I began work on Patch 1.3, I began to notice how wonky some of the enemy sprites looked compared to others. The enemies in Chapters 1 & 2 certainly looked a helluvalot worse than their Chapter 5 & 6 counterparts. So to be fair to all life in Transech, I went ahead and gave everyone a makeover. Not going to lie, this took me forever to do and there are over 15+ Sprites that have a complete makeover.

Finally, to end things off, Patch 1.3 has a whole bunch more little changes that I don't want to spoil to you guys/gals. I guess you're just going to have to download this latest patch when it comes out and find things out for yourself.

Either way, it's been a blast and I hope to talk to you again soon about Sanctaros and THE SPIRITS WITHIN

Love from,
King Sangos

Progress Report

BLANK: Intensive Development Time!

Hi everyone!

So as you're already most likely aware about the process of these things, I am currently in a very deep development cycle for BLANK: The Spirits Within. These include details such as sprite work, gameplay mechanics, items, scripts and other glorious things.

Now I wouldn't be lying when I say that development hasn't had its fair share of delays and such. The biggest hiccup in The Spirits Within's development is that I am currently moving homes. In fact, tonight is my last night here in this home and I will be kickstarting a new life in a new home tomorrow morning. I also won't have home access to the Internet until the 22nd, so that should give me some good time to work on the expansion (If my Uni work and part-time job don't take too much time).

But yeah, I wanted to let you know that I am still working on the expansion. Don't believe me? Here, have some juicy sprites for some new (and familiar enemies) you'll meet in the island of Sanctaros.


"Big nasty!"

"Protect and Serve!"

"1001 eyes..."

"Buddies. :D"

"Scary Lava Monster! :<<"

So yeah, enjoy the sprites while I continue to conjure and craft more hideous creations for the land of Sanctaros. But wait, before I go, let me tease you all with this image of a very, VERY important character for the expansion. A young girl who goes by the name... Verona.


See you later this year!


BLANK: Merry Christmas & My Thanks!

Hey everyone!

So it's been a little while since I've posted anything BLANK-related on this page (that seems to be an unfortunate common theme these past updates). This is because I've been busy working on my Master's Degree and making sure all my effort goes into completing the units within it (I've already completed one so far!). I've also developed a deep fondness for Destiny: Rise of Iron, so I've been spending most of my free time on that than I have been on BLANK.

But that doesn't mean to say I haven't been working on the game, it's just that I've entered a development state where I won't be discussing anything on what I've been working on. I've shown you a very small snippet of BLANK: The Spirits Within, but I don't want to spoil anything else for you all beyond that.

However, it's now almost a week away until Christmas Day, so I should at least give some of you guys & gals a nice little picture to celebrate this momentous occasion!


Yes everyone, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. This season is a time to be together with those we love and call family (and remember, family is not always blood-relative). I know I'll be spending my Christmas holidays with the people I love and will also probably be gorging on lots of Turkey and Goose.

But if you already guessed from the title of this blog page, wishing you all a Merry Christmas is not all I wanted to write here. I think what's more important is to address a topic that I'm actually surprised I haven't really thought about until a few weeks ago.

That topic is...

My thanks...

Confused? That's fine, I wasn't trying to go for anything flashy here. I wanted this paragraph to be a very honest and personal one. You see, these past months following BLANK's release have been some of the most enjoyable, enlightening and flattering in my life. Following the long and rigorous BETA testing and the continuous adaptations of Demo Builds, BLANK's certainly had a very dramatic evolution. What started off as almost an intended OFF-clone ended up becoming its own story, about a young lady trying to save her odd world from the ancient evil, Corruption.

Throughout that time, you all have expressed your joy with the game's story, fascination with the world's setting, admired the simplicity of the art style and butchered the ever-loving crud out of the game-play (I'm thankful for this, so don't be disheartened. :D).

So now it's been almost a year since the full-version of BLANK was released on RPGMaker.net and there have been many significant additions that have come from both me, the developer and you, the fans. Heck, I'm still surprised some of you are still viewing and downloading the game to this day, despite any recent updates. XD

But no, I'm seriously happy and grateful to everyone's who played BLANK and participated in the experience in their own way, either through admiration or criticism. It's been an absolute blast to have worked on this game and I can assure you, it's not the end of Veta's journey just yet. There are still many dark secrets set within the land of Transech and soon enough, we may just find out everything we've ever known about it was a lie.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year!

See you all in 2017!


BLANK: The Spirits Within

Hey everyone!

Oh boy, I've really been gone for a long time, haven't I?

Yeah, this is really my fault. I mean sure, I've just started a new Master's course at University, but that's not enough to excuse my mysterious leave of absence. What I've also found myself doing is binge-playing the newest expansion to one of my favourite casual games, Destiny: Rise of Iron,

But fear not, my corrupted disciples, for this is not all I have to share with you. In fact what I have to show tonight in this Devlog post will not only send shivers down your spine, it'll also take those spines and go skipping with them!

Okay no, it won't really do that, but this update is still pretty important. Why? Because this post will address what the future of BLANK will hold. And what better way to kickstart this post off than by announcing a brand new expansion!

Yep, that's right people, you didn't read the wrong. I didn't say a new patch...

I said a new EXPANSION...

Okay, so what does that mean exactly? Well if you look at a game like World of Warcraft or Destiny, you'll get a good idea as for what an Expansion is. If a Patch is considered to be a small update to the game with new features, an Expansion would be like a Patch on crack (at least in my terms).

Alright, so there's a few things I'd like to talk about here, so let's get straight into the news and what exactly you'll be finding in this brand new expansion for BLANK.


So you may have played through the story of BLANK and wondered just what relevance spirits have in the overall narrative of the game and the world of Transech:

You have the Ring Spirits (Desolun, Furajinn and Contasma) who help Veta along her journey.

You have the Lost Spirits in the Finima Wilds that you can battle.

You have the Black Spirit, a strange and abnormal entity.

You have the Astral Plane, which is a place where Spirits live.

And you have those corrupted spirits, that you can find in the ruins of Decillia.

Now most of you may already know how the story of BLANK ends, but you may have found it odd that Spirits played little-to-no role in the world of Transech. Like magic, they were just entities that were just... THERE. They served no greater purpose, no greater role and didn't have any sign of history or explanation to them.

... But what if I told you that this was about to change? What if I told you that the very story of this new expansion focused on their story? Would you be satisfied?

If so, good. If not, too bad, I'm telling the story anyway. So the story of the Spirits Within is set just after defeating Umbrus in Chapter VI: Sorrow. The corruption within Veta has started to get a little out of hand, but she still finds herself seeking help from the great guardian, Sonuvox the Songweaver.

That is until, you meet up with an old friend from Patch 1.2:

"Uh-oh, he's back!"

Now this little buddy of yours who helped you out in regards to the Hall of Memories has now returned to tell you tales of another possible solution to help soothe the corruption plaguing Transech. How does he do this, you may ask? Well he does this by offering you transport to a brand-new, unseen location in the world of Transech.

NEW LOCATION: The Isles of Sanctaros

"No fancy image for you here, sorry guys. :<"

So a little backstory about the land of Sanctaros. It is a large archipelago of islands just south of Decillia, untouched in years by the Guardians of Transech. And while the Deman residents of these islands still believe in their creators, Lumenax and Sonuvox, they instead focus their zealous beliefs on another entity entirely, the Spirits.

Yep, these Demans are quite the spiritualists. They believe that the spirits are the key to achieving an everlasting peace and seek to appease them. The concept of Ring Spirits and Corrupted Spirits are actually a subject of blasphemy for these Demans. In fact, Veta would've been chased out of the islands the first second she arrived, were it not for the foul misdeeds of this new character...



Now who's this disgusting looking beast you ask? Well, this is Vikul. He is the newest addition to BLANK's colourful palette of villains and the one responsible for all the bad things happening on the Islands of Sanctaros as of this moment. Additionally, a few of you may have also noticed he bares a striking resemblance to Vash the Defiler, the mini-boss of Chapter V: Infinite.

Well that's not coincidence. Vash is actually a member of the Cult of the Void, that organisation of shady characters led by Umbrus. Now what's interesting is that Vikul's purpose here on Sanctaros is actually an act of defiance to the cult's interests. You see, Vikul was sent here to unearth rare treasures and magical artefacts that could be used to further empower the cult. Vikul achieved this task, but also found more than just a few handy trinkets and books. While I can't explain what he did exactly, all you need to know is that Vikul has somehow managed to gain the ability to corrupt the spirits of Transech themselves, turning them into vile monstrosities.

Case and point...


Yeah, I wasn't kidding. Here are two new enemies that you'll find within some of the darker recesses of the islands of Sanctaros, the Vul'Sha and the Kathdrassil. It appears that you'll need everything you can muster to defeat the hordes of Vikul and more. So what better way to do that than to empower the very spirits you have in your party?


*Hello, my old friend...*

Yes my children, I have heard your pleas and cries for change. It is time for at long last for the Spirit of Cupidity to get her fair share of love. But before I do that, I first feel the need to explain the initial design approach I took with her.

So way back last year when I was developing BLANK, I was beginning to worry that the current party members of Veta's gang were going to feel a little too repetitive to play. Cast "A" on Veta to increase her attack, Cast "B" to attack the boss, rinse and repeat. So in an attempt to tackle this possible monotony, I decided to create a character who adopted a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. This was Contasma. The intended idea for Contasma was to help assist the other members of the party with dealing high damage to enemies, but at the cost of his own well-being. This could either be done through applying nasty debuffs to allies, or applying useful buffs to enemies. Now on paper, this seemed like a very good idea.

In game, not so much...

So almost a year after BLANK's initial release, I have seen how people have been playing the Spirit of Cupidity. Three words... Silence the Sky.

No matter how many abilities I tried to add to her, at the end of the day, the players would ALWAYS use the Silence the Sky ability (the move that deals 7% of an enemy's MHP in damage, but silences him afterwards for three turns). Usually I wouldn't be so concerned about this, if it weren't for the fact that this was all players were using Contasma for. And if Silence the Sky wasn't up, the player would either use her turns for item usage, or just tickle the bosses feet with her terrible base damage.

As of Patch 1.2, Contasma still feels like half a party member. She can't bring to the table what Desolun and Furajinn can bring, and that's because of her high-risk, high-reward mechanics being too risky.

But not any more. Once this newest expansion hits, players will be treated with a brand new Contasma. One that will no longer adopt the high-risk, high-reward gameplay and instead focus on helping the team out in any way she can, without having to worry about nasty debuffs.

And it's also not just him that'll be helping out Veta in this new expansion. It seems that the very world of Transech has sensed our protagonists newest dilemma and has offered to help in the form of new party members!



Say hello to the newest additions to Veta's family. These are three brand new Ring Spirits that you'll be able to find in your adventure.

From Left to Right:

NEGATA - The Spirit of Rigidity
ACCELION - The Spirit of Nihility
BLIGHTANIS - The Spirit of Enormity

Now again, I can't explain in great detail just what these new spirits will offer to the player, but I can say that the player will be able to find them rather easily. Negata can be found be found just outside of Illune Manor, Accelion within Mount Orsus and Blightanis, just outside of Decillia.

And it's not just these three that you'll find. If you're lucky and are quite the little explorer, you may be able to find EVEN more spirits. Now don't worry about how these new additions will affect your party, what you'll find is that in the new expansion, the player can swap what Ring Spirits they choose. So if you wanted a team consisting of Veta, Blightanis, Furajinn and Contasma, you can.

NOTE: You can't remove Veta from the party. She is the ONLY party member that cannot be swapped!

So that's really I have to say about this new and exciting expansion, with the exception of one last little detail. So a few of you guys have expressed concerns with regards to how easy the game is to complete and that sometimes there isn't much of a challenge. Now while I have no plans to increase the difficulty of the base game, I can certainly try to appease your hunger for masochism by introducing a brand new end-game element.


*You're going to die ALOT to this guy...*

Who's this disgusting creature, you may ask? Well I can't actually give you any details, but what I will say is that he is part of a new and completely optional experience in The Spirits Within called a "Gauntlet". What is a Gauntlet, you ask? Well to put it simply, it's a very, VERY hard dungeon.

A Gauntlet is a mega dungeon that doesn't hold one boss, but three/four. Not only that, but the puzzles that needed to complete these new dungeons will really test your skills. These won't be simple keypad puzzles like the one found in the Temple of the Displaced, these mega-dungeons will really make you tear your hair out.

And when you do complete the puzzle, you've gotta defeat the hard-as-nails bosses! Have fun! ;)

So yeah, that's basically all I have to give you guys/gals in regards for what the future of BLANK will hold. I'll try to update this Newslog as best as I can and if you have any questions or points you'd like to make, feel free to leave a response down below!

Take care everyone, and have a good night!


BLANK: Patch 1.2

Hi everyone!

Since the dawn of time, on the eve of humanity's creation, many have wondered and asked a simple question...

"Just when will Patch 1.2 of BLANK be released?"

If your answer to that question is "I didn't even think about that at all!", I would have to call you out on this silly lie and whisper soft secrets about yourself in your ear.

But in all seriousness, I've kept everyone in the dark for too long with this new patch and I believe it's time to shed light on the next saga of BLANK's development. So without further ado, here are the patch notes for BLANK (1.2).


Basic Changes

  • Removed the old Options menu and replaced it with Menu/Exit. I have replaced BLANK's previous options menu script with Yanfly's System Options Script (which I have also added within the game's credits). With the help of this new script, the player is now able to adjust a few more variables of the game, including Instant Window Text Messages, Sprint Toggle, Disabling Battle Animations and changing the Window Colours.

  • Added a total of Six new songs for BLANK. The game's composer, Adam Halpin, has returned to compose these new tracks. They can be found in the newest optional areas of the game.

  • Updated the credits to include Yanfly's System Options Script.

Sprite Changes

  • Added two new base Deman sprites. Several of the game's already existing NPC's (like Cariella's mother) now use these new sprites for their Facial and Overworld looks.

  • Added new battler sprites for the new Corrupted Deman and the new Depraved Demans. These new sprites have replaced some of the already existing enemy NPCs that the player can find in places such as the corrupted Finima Village and Decillia.

  • Updated the Temple of the Displaced Tileset to include keyholes on the specific puzzle doors to better improve clarity on the door's purpose for the player.

  • Cleaned the Corrupted Jackalite Battler and Facial sprites.

  • Cleaned the Goliathan Facial sprite.

Game Changes

  • Added a new zone for the player to explore, Tenark Manor. Once Vivizec has been defeated in the Temple of the Displaced, a new pathway will reveal itself just south of Solena Pass. It is here the player will find the mysterious Tenark Manor and the insidious Vivizec's Lab which lay buried beneath it.

  • Added a new zone for the player to explore, the Hall of Memories. Upon defeating Vivizec in the Temple of the Displaced, a new path will open south of Lumenia Pass. It is here that the player will have access to this strange new place, as well as meeting a being who's name shall not be spoken.

  • Updated several of The Reaper encounters. The Reaper as a character now has additional lines of dialogue and interaction between the player should they venture through Vivizec's Lab.

  • Improved the overall clarity on achieving the True Ending for BLANK. Several new encounters and lines of dialogue have been created to better guide the players on finding some of the game's more secretive bosses, like Angeral and the Convicted.

  • Included new dialogue for the Vivizec and Umbrus fights that will only appear if the player manages to defeat either of them before they transform into their boss forms.

  • Added a new boss and mini-boss for the Vivizec's Lab optional dungeon. Their names and information have been omitted for spoilerific reasons.

  • Added five new enemies to the game, the Mimga, Puppet, Zweidra, Nagite and Clorrupted. All of these new enemies can be found in the new dungeon, Vivizec's Lab.

  • Adjusted the Solena Forest enemy pool to now include the Nagite and Clorrupted enemies.

  • Added a new enemy pool of bosses, the Memories. These bosses are simply recoloured versions of already existing bosses in Chapter 1 & 2, which can be fought as many times as the player chooses. In addition to this, all Unique and Legendary item drops chances on these bosses have been increased to 1/3of a chance.

  • Increased the Unique and Legendary item drop chances on bosses from 1/25 to 1/5.

  • Updated Chieftain Tenark Boss Event.

  • Added upgrade-able spirit weapons for Desolun, Furajinn and Contasma. At certain points in the game, their weapons will evolve to MK.II & MK.III respectively.

  • Updated the Shop Menus in the Finima, Solena and New Lumenia shops to once again include the Minor Health and Magic Potions after defeating Cariella.

  • Updated the Shop Menus in the Lunos and Finama Pass shops to include the Medium Health and Magic Potions.

Battle Changes

NOTE: The new Afflicted Status Effect is currently bugged and has been removed until a fix for it can be found.

  • Added a new Status Effect, Cracked. Cracked is a negative Status Effect that lasts for around 2-3 turns and deducts 25% of the target's MP at the end of every turn.

  • Added a new Status Effect, Immobolize. Currently exclusive to Contasma's ultimate ability, Avarice, Immobolize renders the target completely immobile, being unable to cast abilities, use items or attack. The Status Effect can only be removed either by ending the battle or if the user dies.

  • Changed Contasma's ultimate ability, Avarice. Instead of paralyzing all targets (with the 1% of instantly killing the target), the ability now fully restores all party member's HP & MP. But as a cost, Contasma receives the Immobolize Status Effect upon using it.

  • Removed Furajinn's Taunt ability and replaced it with Tempered Frenzy. Upon use, Tempered Frenzy will lower the DEFENSE of a select party member, but increase its ATTACK as a result.

  • Adjusted Furajinn's ultimate ability Ferocity to also increase the ATTACK and DEFENSE of all allied targets, in addition to enraging them.

  • The enemy moves Shadow Orb and Penumbral Lance now have a 25% of applying the Cracked Status Effect to the target.

  • Reduced the number of screen flashes on the Viral Flash and Venocalypse abilities.

  • Added a new family of items, the Potions of Renewal. Acting as a sort of best-of-both-worlds solution to the Health & Magic problem of items, the Potions of Renewal can restore both HP and MP to a party member. But as a cost of this wondrous new scientific discovery, the Potions of Renewal will only restore half of what the Health & Magic potions would have given the player, as well as being slightly more expensive in price.

  • Added a item, the Potion of Life. This item can only be found in the Finama Pass shop at the end of the game and will fully restore a party member's HP and MP upon use.

  • Added a item, the Ultimate Matter. This item can remove ALL negative Status Effects on an allied target.

  • Adjusted the Clairvoyant Matter item to no longer remove the Stun Status Effect. Clairvoyant Matter will now remove both the Cracked and Confusion. This item can remove ALL negative Status Effects on an allied target.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed/Updated several grammatical errors and typos found throughout the entire game.

  • Fixed the Tenark's ultimate ability, Abyssal Torment not dealing lethal damage to enemy targets as intended.

  • Fixed the Ring of Madness from not properly applying the health reduction effect. When equipped, the Ring of Madness will reduce the user's base MHP by 100.

  • Fixed the Keypad Door in the Temple of the Displaced displaying the wrong tiles when solved.

  • Fixed an event transition in the Illune Manor that prevented the player from returning to Veta's room.

Damn, I really should have released this patch months ago. But as you guys and gals can probably relate, life decided to through a few wrenches into the cogs and mess up the production. But at least I got it released now and hopefully this new BLANK patch will be a fun little thing to come back to. Oh and as always, if there's ever anything you'd like to see be added or changed in the game, just simply leave a message here on the game's profile page or contact me directly via E-Mail (angus.mccallum1@btinternet.com), Steam (FEARxTHExKANTUS or King Sangos) or Skype (fear-the-kantus).

The game's download pages have been updated to include Patch 1.2 (both the RTP and non-RTP versions) download links.

Enjoy! ;D


BLANK: Why the Patch 1.2. delays?

Hey everyone!

So you're probably most likely asking yourselves why Patch 1.2. for BLANK is taking so long to develop. I mean, I sort of announced that the patch would be coming out by the end of May and it's nearing the end of June at the time of me writing this message.

Well, a lot has happened in between...

Now I'm not gonna lie. A lot of the time has been spent playing a butt-ton of new game releases (Overwatch, Battleborn, Fallout 4: Far Habor, etc) and I've had trouble going back to RPG Maker VX Ace. But there's also more to it than that...

So first off, there was my grandmother's passing away. This was a really sudden event as the news about her sudden stroke of illness to her death was literally only a day apart. So naturally I had to cease all production on the game and join my family up north in Scotland to attend her funeral. While I still felt bad about this delay, the ceremony was a very good one and I've now come to terms with her passing away. What more could you really ask for?

Second, I'm actually working on another video game with someone else. I can't reveal anything as of yet, but I will say that it's an RPG similar to BLANK (but with a whole different setting and theme). I'm not the Lead Designer of this game, I'm actually the Lead Artist. So if you adored the strange artstyle of BLANK, you'll probably enjoy this game's artstyle. Now working on enemy battler sprites is time-consuming and this has taken a good chunk of focus away from development of BLANK 1.2. (Fun fact: Some enemy sprites such as Cariella and Vivizec can take over 2 hours for me to produce).

Then of course, we have the third and final reason for the delays. On July 3rd, I'll be departing for the USA and staying their with my girlfriend for a month. I've made arrangements with her to try and transfer the entire game project of BLANK over to her computer so that I may hopefully work on the game whenever she's away. I tried this last time in January and ended up corrupting all my files, so I think I'm gonna play it safe this time and use Dropbox. :P

Anyway, I do have some good news though. Aside from creating the abilities for the Vivizec's Lab bosses and adjusting enemy encounter rates in the lab, Patch 1.2. will essentially have been completed. All that will be left to add is the brand new musical tracks coming to the game.

So that's it really. I'm sorry for all the delays the patch has had this far and hope you look forward to Patch 1.2. when it comes.


MISC: Going on hiatus for a week!

Hey everyone.

Now I really wasn’t sure about making this news post considering that it isn’t really BLANK news, but it will ultimately result in delay on BLANK’s development so I believe it’s still important.

Recently my grandmother passed away yesterday and this has had a profound effect on my family. So come this Wednesday, I will be leaving for Scotland with my siblings for her funeral, which will be this Thursday coming.

As a result, development on BLANK Patch 1.2. will be delayed until then. I apologize deeply for this unexpected piece of news, but I hope you understand the reason for this decision and just be a little more patient.

Thank you and have a good week, everyone.
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