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BLANK: Vivizec's Lab

Hey everyone!

Now I realize it's been a few weeks since I last made an update page and the last post was regarding the upcoming patch for BLANK, Patch 1.2. But we're not going to be talking about that. Let's instead talk about... your feelings. :D


Okay, so we're not talking about your feelings. I really desperately want to talk about the finer details of Patch 1.2 as a whole with you guys/gals, but I can't. The Patch is nearing completion, but there's still a few things that need be done before I can give the green light on its release (the new music tracks, some of the battles, some more bugs/fixes, etc).

But I figured that you guys deserved to at least get a little heads up on what's to come in Patch 1.2. So if you remember from my last post, I briefly addressed a brand new dungeon coming to Patch 1.2, known simply as Vivizec's Lab. So today, I'm going to be talking about that particular dungeon in greater detail.

Vivizec's Lab:

"Cool, a new path!"

Does this path look a little familiar to you? No? Well don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to know it at first glance. This is the way that you as the player would take to get from Solena Town to New Lumenia. But this time, something is amiss. Now in Patch 1.2, instead of just removing the fog from the Solena Pass, Veta will now discover an alternate route that takes her just south to a previously unmarked location. What is this place you may ask? Well...

"How terrible..."

I can't actually tell you that. In fact, I'm taking a pretty big narrative risk with this new area. You see, this area is directly tied to a very important story arc that the player will encounter along Veta's journey and to save the people reading this who HAVEN'T completed the game from being exposed to major spoilerinos, I'm just going to say that it's a pretty important place. But I will leave this little hinter...

"How nice."

So now you're probably left feeling a little confused. I specifically mentioned this new dungeon as being Vivizec's LAB, not some random-ass home. Well what you'll find is that the titular lab itself is actually located somewhere not far from this location. You as the player will need to investigate this abandoned residence to obtain a certain item needed to enter the Lab.

Now what will you find when you enter this lab? Well quite a lot, actually. Let's first focus on the lore behind this insidious place.

Vivizec's Lab: Lore

Sometime before the events of BLANK, there was the founding of the two capital cities, New Lumenia and Decillia. Each was a city belonging to the two Guardians of Transech, Lumenax the Lightbringer and Sonuvox, the Songweaver. But you probably already know all that, so I'll save you from having to experience too much exposition in one go. What you will need to know is Vivizec's role in this.

You see, before all the dark events of the game unfolded, Vivizec used to be a servant of Lumenax, the Lightbringer. So how could a seemingly bright being be swayed into such darkness? Well Patch 1.2 will be giving you the answers to those questions in such fine detail. Now after you defeat the corrupted mage, you will gain access to his lab and uncover the secrets of his past. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Now let's talk about something a bit more horrifying...

Vivizec's Lab: New Enemies

"Hey, the cutie's back!"

Now with the introduction of a new dungeon comes new enemies to fight. So what are these new monstrosities you'll be meeting? Well, Vivizec was a bit of a mad scientist after all. Eager to discover what kinds of cataclysmic effects corruption could have on all forms of life, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The picture above is one such example. That creature is what I like to call a Mimga. Mimgas are a unique enemy that can only be found in treasure chests found around the Lab, nowhere else (I assumed it'd get frustrating for the player to encounter these beauties all the time). These chests are dummy chests and they will be set up to intentionally trick the player into a fight with them. You can't escape from Mimga battles, but they are no tougher than the average enemy at that stage of the game, so you should be fine as long as you're well equipped. Now let's talk about two more new enemies.


These two new enemies are what I like to call the "Puppet" and the "Zweidra". Now the Puppet's not really anything too troubling for the player. It's merely a punching bag for the player and a failed experiment by Vivizec himself. It's the Zweidra you need to worry about. These enemies are a little unique in the sense that ALL their attacks will trigger twice, be it an offensive move or defensive move. They're generally quite weak though, so again, you shouldn't have much trouble if you're well equipped.

But wait, it's not just new enemies that'll be returning in Vivizec's Lab. Some notable baddies from Solena Forest will be appearing, complete with some alternate forms.

"Well then..."

Yes, that's right! Those horrible Nagalos and Florrupted will be making their return in Vivizec's Lab. But wait, what's this? Who are those beauties besides them? Well my lovelies, those would be the new enemies that'll be alongside them from now on.

Alongside the Nagalos, we have the Nagite. This juvenile enemy is an uncorrupted version of the Nagalos enemy. Unlike the bigger Nagalos, the Nagites deal less physical damage and are generally easier to kill. But to compensate for these glaring weaknesses, the Nagites are much faster than the meaner, bigger cousins and deal much more damage through negative debuffs and status effects like Poison and Bleed.

Standing in complete contrast to them are the much larger (and beefier) relatives to the Florrupted, the terrifying Clorrupted. Just like the Florrupted, these creatures boast great strength and defense, and have even managed to grown some more resistances to even the toughest of spells (here's looking at you, Sacred Flame). But in return for this great power, the Clorrupted will become the SLOWEST enemies in the game, rivalled only by the Chapter 1 scrubs.

Now what good would a dungeon be if I didn't introduce a boss to you lot? Well, it's technically a mini-boss and the real boss is still wrapped in secrets. But regardless, here's a cutie-pie you'll be fighting in the lab.

And that about wraps it up for all the juicy tidbits I wanted to talk about. There's still a few things that I've left out that you can find in the dungeon, but hey I can't talk too much about the dungeon. If I did, there'd be no point in visiting the dungeon yourself. ;>

Anyway, if you had any questions or other things you wanted to talk, just leave a reply on this post down below and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Take care everyone!