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The player explores a forgotten island full of savage creatures and confronts them in real-time action combat where the right strategy is your most powerful weapon. Always look out for new artifacts that will aid you in uncovering the mysteries of that place. They are locked away in deadly dungeons that will not only test your might but also your wits.

Hell Gates 1 was created for an international RPG Maker contest. One of the rules in that contest stated that not a single word is allowed to be used in the games. Solid knowledge of RPG mechanics in general is recommended because you will have to figure out most of it on your own. (Manual is included in the game folder)

Latest Blog

Hell Gates 2 Translation Progress Report 03/17/2018

It has been quite a while since the announcement of the Hell Gates 2 translation project. Let us find out how well the project progresses.

Entering the lush plains of Paradise Valley.

Currently, I am working on translating all menu screens in Hell Gates 2. This turned out to be a tremendous task. For one, there are over 30 menus in the game. To make matters worse, most text is hardcoded into the game so I had to create new graphics and new maps for the English version.

Reminder: Unlimited Early Access

Remember to check out the Patreon page of Hell Gates 2! You will find the latest progress reports and status updates there. Supporters of Hell Gates 2 can even get early access to to the latest work-in-progress version of the translation project.

Milestone #1 on 10/03/2017: Crystal Menu translated

The ancient crystals will lend you their strength.

The Crystal Menu is now fully translated. This is the place where you empower your character. You can raise attributes, spend skill points and unseal the mysterious Books of Force that will grant you unique powers.

Milestone #2 on 10/22/2017: Backpack Menu finished

The backpack contains a wealth of items and information.

It may look like not much work, but all letters had to be manually redrawn. It was quite a pain but now the menu is completely translated. Also, the item sub-menus are finished, too. Here you will find all your precious loot and artifacts that are required to reach the end of your journey.

Milestone #3 on 03/17/2018: Notes Menu finished

I have now completed the Notes Menu. This may sound tiny, but in reality this is a huge archive where every enemy, every teacher location, every key item location and many many more things are written down to help you out in your epic quest through the world of Hell Gates 2.

Up next: the character status screen. Lots of statistics and lots of tooltips to translate!

Want to try out the game for yourself? The German version can be downloaded for free. To try out the early version of the English translation, please check out the options for becoming a Patron of Hell Gates 2.

This menu is still in German. There is still lots of work ahead.
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Well, I took a shot this game, but I couldn't find enough draw to push myself after I got my first game over.
Hi Freank,

nice to see you again.I updated the download links on your page to the latest versions.

Have a nice weekend.
You have value. Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself, and to others, Kupo!
Hey Pad!
I've played the new version of this game to completion, and sent you a PM with some feedback. I definitely noticed the improvements, and I'm planning to adjust my review accordingly.

See you soon!
PLayed through hell gates 1 now. I liked the game, though i found 2 problems one was in crystall palace when i went left where it was shaking and there were stone golems i went on and met a mini boss going up stairs which was a dark knight with red eyes i belive casted the first light spell and got some invalid parameter or something and the game crashed. Second in ice caverns i beated the boss there but went later back for the final chest i missed which was in a violet chest or something and i simply couldn't get back out since the way was blocked for going back or the teleporter i couldn't reach somehow with all options pushing the stone on ice which was just before the boss so maybe you could do something about this?
Final boss at level 45 i noticed i could only cast light once and the numbers for damage were shown but then it was greyed out i could still cast it but it didn't show if i did any damage.
Anyway i didn't get every weapon armor ring ingame, but i wonder one thing what was that mask protecting that armor where there were zombies that could teleport you away.Which was on the same area that could transport you to the final boss dungeon which was the armor that needed the mask,but that different armor didn't activate anything.
Anyway seen both ending not sure if the phase 3 under level 45 boss was working since i quickly got the ending without even needing to fight. I remember seing red lights in phase 3 but it just went to the end of game. I reached 88%
The game was pretty understandable with pictures.
hello, just played the game and i have a question.

what does this used for? and how do i get pass through the blue will-o'-the-wisp on the room before this? (which i assume unlocks the path to the purple book).
thanks in advance!

EDIT: i also can't seem to find the fifth and last chicken. can you help me in locating it?

EDIT2: found them, although i still haven't figured out what does the image mean.
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