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The player explores a forgotten island full of savage creatures and confronts them in real-time action combat where the right strategy is your most powerful weapon. Always look out for new artifacts that will aid you in uncovering the mysteries of that place. They are locked away in deadly dungeons that will not only test your might but also your wits.

Hell Gates 1 was created for an international RPG Maker contest. One of the rules in that contest stated that not a single word is allowed to be used in the games. Solid knowledge of RPG mechanics in general is recommended because you will have to figure out most of it on your own. (Manual is included in the game folder)

Latest Blog

Game updated to Version 1.15

Hello everyone,

a new version update is out for Hell Gates! This time it includes small bug fixes and quality of life improvements. I also added a few clues to the game that tell the player where he should go next. So if you had troubles finding your way on the island, this patch may help you out.

This patch is also backwards compatible. If you are playing with version 1.14 or 1.13 you can simply copy your save files from one game directory to another.

Oh, and when you need a break from saving the world, why not check out my blog where I discuss Hell Gates and check out other games? You can also find screenshot galleries with nice pics from other games there.

Full patch notes:

New Features
- New "visions" were added when picking up important key items.
- You can now repeat said visions when inside the crystal palace.

- The poison debuff drains less health, this change only affects the first few areas (beach, jungle, forest, mountain).
- The damage of the exploding skulls on the fire island was reduced.
- The shortcut after completing the fire islands cave now only appears when picking up the key item in that room.

Boss battles
- During both battles with the main antagonist: flames are no longer invisible when inactive, allowing easier positioning.
- The number of kills required to beat the true final boss was reduced from 10 to 8.
- The ultimate attack of the true final boss can no longer deal fatal damage.

Bug fixing
- Damage numbers would sometimes disappear when fighting against respawning enemies, this should be fixed now.
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  • 06/06/2015 03:54 PM
  • 12/11/2016 04:00 PM
  • 06/01/2015
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Well, I took a shot this game, but I couldn't find enough draw to push myself after I got my first game over.
Hi Freank,

nice to see you again.I updated the download links on your page to the latest versions.

Have a nice weekend.
Life - The Game: For the best experience, try the pacifist run.
Hey Pad!
I've played the new version of this game to completion, and sent you a PM with some feedback. I definitely noticed the improvements, and I'm planning to adjust my review accordingly.

See you soon!
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