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Hell Gates 2 Version 1.6 is now available on rpgmaker.net!

Well it took a lot of time but the latest version of Hell Gates 2 is finally here! It contains a full English translation of chapter 1 of Hell Gates 2. This means you can experience the first 6 hours of this grand adventure. This includes the famous Rock Beetle Grotto, the first of many dungeons where Hell Gates 2 flexes its creative muscles.

Once you completed chapter 1, the game remains playable but the language reverts back to German. The menus and systems are fully translated though, even the quest log which gives you hints on where to go next. Theoretically you could still beat the game but you would miss out on the story.

Anyways, without further ado:
Check out the Hell Gates 2 Game Page here on rpgmaker.net!

Also, if you enjoyed the Hell Gates games and if you want to support it, check out the Patreon Page.

Progress Report

Hell Gates 2 Translation Progress Report 03/17/2018

It has been quite a while since the announcement of the Hell Gates 2 translation project. Let us find out how well the project progresses.

Entering the lush plains of Paradise Valley.

Currently, I am working on translating all menu screens in Hell Gates 2. This turned out to be a tremendous task. For one, there are over 30 menus in the game. To make matters worse, most text is hardcoded into the game so I had to create new graphics and new maps for the English version.

Reminder: Unlimited Early Access

Remember to check out the Patreon page of Hell Gates 2! You will find the latest progress reports and status updates there. Supporters of Hell Gates 2 can even get early access to to the latest work-in-progress version of the translation project.

Milestone #1 on 10/03/2017: Crystal Menu translated

The ancient crystals will lend you their strength.

The Crystal Menu is now fully translated. This is the place where you empower your character. You can raise attributes, spend skill points and unseal the mysterious Books of Force that will grant you unique powers.

Milestone #2 on 10/22/2017: Backpack Menu finished

The backpack contains a wealth of items and information.

It may look like not much work, but all letters had to be manually redrawn. It was quite a pain but now the menu is completely translated. Also, the item sub-menus are finished, too. Here you will find all your precious loot and artifacts that are required to reach the end of your journey.

Milestone #3 on 03/17/2018: Notes Menu finished

I have now completed the Notes Menu. This may sound tiny, but in reality this is a huge archive where every enemy, every teacher location, every key item location and many many more things are written down to help you out in your epic quest through the world of Hell Gates 2.

Up next: the character status screen. Lots of statistics and lots of tooltips to translate!

Want to try out the game for yourself? The German version can be downloaded for free. To try out the early version of the English translation, please check out the options for becoming a Patron of Hell Gates 2.

This menu is still in German. There is still lots of work ahead.


The Sequel to Hell Gates is getting an English Translation

Hell Gates 2 - Valadurs Erbe is a direct sequel to the action RPG Hell Gates. Until today, it was only available in German and anyone else was missing out on this 20+ hours epic tale. But as you can see in the video below, I am currently translating the game into good old English.

Announcement trailer on YouTube

Hell Gates 2 is a complex action RPG with Zelda-like puzzle dungeons and a combat system that is very reminiscent of the Secret of Mana series.

Current State of the Translation Project

The introduction chapter is already completely translated (approx. 30 minutes of gameplay). I am currently translating the systems and menu screens. When this is finished, the game will already be playable from beginning to end for non-German speakers, although you will miss out on the story and dialogue. As you can guess, once the story is translated, you can enjoy the complete experience that Hell Gates 2 offers.

Be the first to play the English Version

A lot of time and work is still required until completion of the Hell Gates 2 translation project. If you are curious and want to try the English Version while it is still in the making, there is a certain way to do it, continue reading to find out how.

Please visit Hell Gates on patreon.com

Hell Gates and Hell Gates 2 are both available for free via download. Forever. No strings attached. No DLC or whatever the big companies can cook up.

If you want to support this game series in general, it is possible to do so on the Hell Gates 2 patreon page. If you don´t know what patreon is, here is a brief explanation: it is a platform where all kind of creative content creators gather and present their work. People who like their work, can decide to support their favorite artists and become a patron of their work (1$ or more, it is entirely up to you).

Since the Hell Gates games are for free, there is not much that I can offer you as a reward if you become a patron. So I came up with this idea: every patron gets access to my private download archive where the latest work-in-progress version of the Hell Gates 2 translation is available. Don´t worry, saves are fully compatible between version updates and the versions are always fully playable (minus the incomplete translation).

If you don´t want to spend money, that´s entirely fine. You can still see the latest progress reports on the Hell Gates patreon page even as a non-patron.

Progress Report

Game updated to Version 1.15

Hello everyone,

a new version update is out for Hell Gates! This time it includes small bug fixes and quality of life improvements. I also added a few clues to the game that tell the player where he should go next. So if you had troubles finding your way on the island, this patch may help you out.

This patch is also backwards compatible. If you are playing with version 1.14 or 1.13 you can simply copy your save files from one game directory to another.

Oh, and when you need a break from saving the world, why not check out my blog where I discuss Hell Gates and check out other games? You can also find screenshot galleries with nice pics from other games there.

Full patch notes:

New Features
- New "visions" were added when picking up important key items.
- You can now repeat said visions when inside the crystal palace.

- The poison debuff drains less health, this change only affects the first few areas (beach, jungle, forest, mountain).
- The damage of the exploding skulls on the fire island was reduced.
- The shortcut after completing the fire islands cave now only appears when picking up the key item in that room.

Boss battles
- During both battles with the main antagonist: flames are no longer invisible when inactive, allowing easier positioning.
- The number of kills required to beat the true final boss was reduced from 10 to 8.
- The ultimate attack of the true final boss can no longer deal fatal damage.

Bug fixing
- Damage numbers would sometimes disappear when fighting against respawning enemies, this should be fixed now.

Progress Report

Game update from Version 1.12 to 1.14.

Hell Gates has received a few adjustments following the feedback of Reviewer NeverSilent. The overall speed of combat was increased for the early game since players deemed it too slow. Most of the changes are boss tweaks and the difficulty was toned down in a few parts to reduce frustration. The major change here is that the special attack was completely reworked so that it no longer pauses gameplay and takes control away from the player. This is one of the biggest changes to the Hell Gates combat system in the last decade! Any feedback to this new feature is appreciated since I turned somewhat blind after getting used to the old system for so many years.


- The special attack was redesigned. You can now move freely during the execution but you as well as the enemies can´t start attacks in that time. Receiving fatal damage in that time span will leave you at 1 health point.
- The first boss encounter was redesigned. It should be a bit easier now as the unavoidable damage part was removed.
- The ice boss no longer moves while invisible, making it easier to hit and avoid.
- The minions of the true final boss attack less frequently and you can walk through a few of them in their recovery phase.
- You can now attack slightly faster as the readiness bar fills at 0,4 sec intervals instead of 0,5 sec.

Quality of Life
- When obtaining the helmet key item, a vision will show you where to go next. It will also be marked on your map.
- The save book before the final boss was repositioned slightly.
- The monster book in the first shop disappeared and is automatically added to your collection. This was done to avoid confusing new players with seemingly useless items. Note: if you use a save game from the previos version you still need to buy that book.
- A few icons were added to the spell learn menu in the futile hope to make it clearer to new players.
- The enemies in the first jungle area no longer step on the area exits. This prevents players from accidentally changing the area while chasing the enemies.
- The sign in front of the jungle area now contains a hint on how to find bonus areas in the jungle.
- Health of crabs and snakes was slightly readjusted to make them less durable.

- A bug was corrected in the Wind Palace when entering and leaving the upper level.
- A few walls were not solid in the area where you learn magic spells, this was corrected.
- It is no longer possible to open the save menu during the true final boss fight.

Game Design

Shameless self-promotion: A summary of my self-made games

Once upon a time I read that the first ten games of any game designer turn out to be horrible. Only after that many failures he has enough experience and practice to produce something that is remotely playable. I hope the number is just a rough estimate, because it will take a looooong time to get there.

In this article I want to give you a brief insight into what I came up with until now. Beginning with my very first game and ending with what I think is my masterpiece.

Lightlands was my very first project. And as expected it is not a very consistent experience since I was still a beginner and every time I discovered a new function it was immediately implemented in the map (= area) I was currently working on while the older maps were not updated. In fact, there were 2 world maps with a completely different layout and you were never sure on which you would land when leaving a dungeon.

Unfortunately, the project was too ambitious for its own good and only 40% were completed when I ultimately abandoned it.

Soul Gates was my second attempt at creating a game. This time, the scope of the game was much smaller and a priority was set on finishing the game. Small maps, only one city and no custom graphics. The plan worked out quite well, within a week 50% of the game was finished already. I even uploaded a demo version, but it could not gather any attention at all. This seriously dampened my enthusiasm and I scrapped this project, too.

Time Gates was another ambitious attempt,featuring customized graphics, an improved, more dynamic combat system and lots of options to build the characters the way you want. This would have become a very time consuming effort if not for a contest that was announced a few weeks later wich led to the cancellation of this project.

Hell Gates was born in the wake of this contest. It was created within three brutal and mostly sleepless months, always keeping in mind the most difficult rule of said contest: no written words. Yes, you have read it right: it is an RPG without any single letter in it. You need a very good understandig of RPG basics to get anywhere in this game. On the bright side, you can play it regardless of the language you speak. (You can download the game here.)

Up to this point, Hell Gates was the only game I was able to finish. But I had to cut out a lot of things (for example...well...text) which did not sit well with me. So I started working at a sequel called Hell Gates 2 - Valadurs Erbe. Now I wanted to go all in and take everything I learned in the last years and create a game as close to my vision as possible. Even if it would take forever and it would be my last game, I didn´t care.

And guess what, after only 8 (!) years of planning, executing, scrapping and reworking it was finally finished. However, it is only in German at the moment so maybe we should wait for someone to translate it (hint, hint).

For more background information on Hell Gates, Game Design (and awesome screenshots) check out my blog.
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