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Game update from Version 1.12 to 1.14.


- The special attack was redesigned. You can now move freely during the execution but you as well as the enemies can´t start attacks in that time. Receiving fatal damage in that time span will leave you at 1 health point.
- The first boss encounter was redesigned. It should be a bit easier now as the unavoidable damage part was removed.
- The ice boss no longer moves while invisible, making it easier to hit and avoid.
- The minions of the true final boss attack less frequently and you can walk through a few of them in their recovery phase.
- You can now attack slightly faster as the readiness bar fills at 0,4 sec intervals instead of 0,5 sec.

Quality of Life
- When obtaining the helmet key item, a vision will show you where to go next. It will also be marked on your map.
- The save book before the final boss was repositioned slightly.
- The monster book in the first shop disappeared and is automatically added to your collection. This was done to avoid confusing new players with seemingly useless items. Note: if you use a save game from the previos version you still need to buy that book.
- A few icons were added to the spell learn menu in the futile hope to make it clearer to new players.
- The enemies in the first jungle area no longer step on the area exits. This prevents players from accidentally changing the area while chasing the enemies.
- The sign in front of the jungle area now contains a hint on how to find bonus areas in the jungle.
- Health of crabs and snakes was slightly readjusted to make them less durable.

- A bug was corrected in the Wind Palace when entering and leaving the upper level.
- A few walls were not solid in the area where you learn magic spells, this was corrected.
- It is no longer possible to open the save menu during the true final boss fight.

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