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Escaping from Lothrak prison with a mysterious woman, you make your way to Haven. Once there, events of monumental proportions unfold in this unlikely location.

An amazing adventure of love, Betrayal and War. With enemies closing in from all sides, its up to you to protect Haven. Save the world, challenge the gods and denizens of the lower plains all while fending off attacks from every direction.

Over 30 Playable characters to add to your party
Beautifully crafted maps
A rich story line and uncountable side quests
Over 20 Hours of main story
Day / night cycles and calendar.
A dark fantasy world to explore
Amazingly details and in depth characters Huge amounts of side quests to further you progress in the world
Rebuild haven one business and home at a time.
Upgrade its stores to gain access to better materials

Discover the lore of Ferridan, in scrolls and books in this wonderful dark fantasy setting

Over 30 Playable characters to customize your party day/night cycles calendar system


Making Haven, I wanted to capture that feeling I had when I first played a final fantasy game or Lufia II for the first time, A strong story, likable characters (some un-likable ones), challenging puzzles and the excitement of finding a new area, a new item or a clue to drive the story further. I hope I can do that for all of you too. In addition I now get my own chance to add all those things I wanted from a game when i was growing up. I'm super excited for this project its something for me I've wanted to do since I was a kid.


If you think this project interests you please support us over on our steam greenlight page

Latest Blog

Game Dev update 21/9/15

Oh wow!!! its been over a month since I updated this, time is going so fast but we've got so much done.

At the moment we're furiously drawing maps as the events and quests call for them.


15 New maps
Quest log tracker
over 30 new npcs
a GIGANTIC amount of items/weapons and armors if I never have to look at the list again I will be very very happy.
10 new enemies including boss fights.

Here's some updated screens of the new areas we're working on at the moment


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Look very interest. Where can I download it?
Hey Tyang15, sadly the game is not available for download just yet. But if the steam greenlight campaign is successful you will see it available there :D

If you think this game looks interesting , please go to out greenlight page and give us a vote, every vote counts.


Thank you
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