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This is a one month project I entered the Gaming World Halloween game creation contest with.

Estimated Playtime: 1 - 2 hours
The game does not require Rpg Maker or RTP installed.

Those who need fonts for stand alone game: http://www.zshare.net/download/505728086a45dff6/

The game tells a story about Hollows, a scarecrow never attending the celebration of Halloween, and a young girl, Mia, whose family travels to Uncle Bismar's estate to spend Halloween. This but which is a pefect place to feed the rich imagination of young Mia.

Avoid the ghosts and other creatures of the same ilk. You have 3 Life Points, presented as pumpkins on top left corner
of your screen.

If you faint from damage received, you may use a "Continue" option, in case you are currently playing through a level. You can
use a "Continue" for 9 times. "Continue" cannot be used at the playability bits outside of the actual Levels.
Levels are a kind of "restricted" gameplay areas, that you need to accomplish as fast as you can, and taking as little
damage as possible. They start When you see a countdown, and end when you have accomplished the goal of the particular level.

Collecting a small pumpkin rewards you 1 point of Life and cuts 10 seconds from the time elapsed.

This game's focus is on the Halloween theme itself. Please understand all of the levels aren't likely to be very balanced,
nor accomplished in comparison to each other, because of the given timelimit and the related development issues, but I hope you can still enjoy the game as whole!

Another Note: If you are not a friend of difficult games or a lot of reading, this might not be so much of your thing, but I still
recommend the game to everyone.

Gameplay-wise significant known bugs: About in two cutscenes you cannot move, unless you call the menu from cancel button. So if the game freezes, call the menu.

One more note: The game has been translated by an english person too, in case you were worried of my bad english. :)

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Excellent I shall be reviewing this soon. One of the more fun puzzle games out there.
Devil's in the details
Bumping this for the sake of Halloween.

If you feel like giving a chance to a short Halloween game that won the 1st place in GW halloween game contest and has a sweet little Halloween story to tell, now's the most appropriate time to do so!

The game is still pretty difficult, but if you can beat the 2 first levels, you're very likely to beat the entire game easily. So, if you can get past those, then all the rest is easier. =)
Devil's in the details
And that announcement was kind of aimed to everyone... so yeah!
I started playing this game at the time it won the contest, but got stuck in one of the first puzzles. It's amazing graphic-wise, but how about a walkthrough?
Devil's in the details
Yeah thanks, the game was partly rushed and never got well balanced, so it's easy to get stuck/quit.
Devil's in the details
Maybe I will sometime do something about it, I'm just somewhat busy atm.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
This has some really sexy looking screenshots. Halloween is coming up again, I might need to play this...
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
ok, downloading this, I like difficult puzzles... when I can beat them!
Devil's in the details
Here's a few pointers to get past the tricky parts of the game:

Level 1: How to get the invitation which is on top of a bookcase? You need to climb to the balcony in middle of the map and to the chair there and be facing to left while pushing action button which will allow you to jump on the crate there. Then you just need to keep jumping your way to the bookcase and avoid falling. (Yeah, it's kinda impossible to figure this out in the game's current state)

Level 2 boss: Catch the blue ghosts to remove the barriers blocking your way to the house. If water blocks your way, you just need to hit action key to jump over it. (Again, it's not said the player would come to think that those blue ghosts aren't hostile.)

Level 3: You need to catch your head five times and prevent one of the crows hitting your field. (Clear instructions would really help this game, wouldn't they?)

Level 4: You can switch your characters in the glowing glyph in order to complete the puzzle.

Level 5: This is very broken, but to make it out alive from the house, you need to use obstacles to get the werewolf stuck. When he comes out of the painting, you're supposed to run back behind the table and around it, to get the werewolf out of your way. In the corridor take the narrow side path.

So yeah, I'd need to clean this game up, but that involves quite a bit of work, which I don't think I could get done before Halloween.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Well that should more than help(?)!
I'm downloading this on the pledge that I will play it. The writing in the screens is what most raises my interest.
Devil's in the details
I'm downloading this on the pledge that I will play it. The writing in the screens is what most raises my interest.

Ah well, this is a quite dated game and the writing is pretty shaky in several parts. The game was created in one month a couple of years ago.

Not preventing you, though. :D
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ill add this to my long list of rpg games to play lol..
well this was in the top 100 worst games ive played...for this engine
the survival difficulty s in this is exactly worse then the hardest snes/nes games ive ever heard of....
enemies that follow you at a speed that's way to fast
enemies that can hit you 3 times with no way to counter...

waste of time even the story just pisses you off
with selfish parents...
dont play this please...
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