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Ladies and gentlemen, here's to an unfinished, unpolished piece of work that took a staggering 8 hours to build.

Project 8 was a little idea I had in mind when I challenged myself to create a game within 8 hours, the result is a fast paced dungeon crawler where you take control of 3 out of 20 possible characters chosen at random to enter a sprawling dungeon and vanquish the evils that lurk within. The result is also one big mess, and testers are appreciated (and sorely needed).

Welcome to GLADIATOR!

Where the mightiest of average joes take up arms and fight evil for honor, fame, and cold hard cash!

Gladiator is a team based reality game show jam-packed with action, drama, and adventure, broadcast on live television! Which of these teams can conquer the fearsome dungeon and win the grand prize of $500,000?! Who will survive? And who will fall victim? Stay tuned!

- Randomly generating dungeons, no two dungeons are ever the same.
- 20 possible characters to control.
- Fast paced, turn-based battles.
- Dozens of items, weapons, and armour to customize your battlers.
- Crafting system that takes advantage of the ton of loot obtained.

Saba Kan

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Updated the download. All it needs is a few balancing changes before it's officially finished.

Well, I hope this helps. I'll probably write up and post a review later. Though, it'll probably be more negative then positive.
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