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You can't Win, You can't Hide, You can't Escape.

"May the odds be ever in your favor" is such cruel clause...

Why? It's basically telling a person facing a major obstacle good luck. What's so wrong about that, you wonder? Well, the person who said it may mean well, but they don't intend to lift a finger to help. "Good luck to you on your miserable journey, while I go over there an enjoy my lemonade. I'd tell you I'll help when you need it but really, I probably won't (It'll probably be too inconvenient for me, and also, I won't feel like it when the time comes.)" Why fight so hard against for an ending that you can't even see? The odd aren't in your favor; it's not "it's a little bit not in your favor," they aren't in your favor at all! If anything, they're almost COMPLETELY against you! In fact, I've never seen such terrible odds in all my life! In fact even the Jade Monkey being returned to the Temple of the Monkey King during the blue moon would seem more probable than what you're expecting! You know what? Just give and die. Just throw your arms in the air, fall down, and die. Make like a corpse, and stop moving - also let yourself get eaten by maggots.

"I really did not expect this much trouble from you.
I guess even at my age one can learn many new things. How humbling...
"With that said, your fate was sealed the moment you resisted.
No more chances..." he says as he points a gun at you.

Make a mistake here, and not only you, but everyone with you dies. What will you do?

Destiny Chronicles is a Visual Novel with RPG elements using League of Legends models and sprites.
Genre: Role-playing Game, Science Fiction, Romance, Mild Violence, Choices

Our protagonist is the 16 year old Alexander V. Matsumara, Like any other adolescent, he enjoys playing online games, but his world is about to be turned upside down as he gets thrown right in the middle of a serial murder case which hits too close to home.

The Cinema of Destiny, what exactly is it? In it resides a strange rabbit with the peculiar hobby of watching the struggle of others. Yet why is it he desires to help? "Wear the pendant," it says. But can it really be trusted?

You wake up. Apparently it was all a dream. ...Then why on earth is there a pendant exactly where that rabbit said it would be?!

Enter into the world of Destiny Chronicles - the spiritual bond is the connection allow a person's Reflection to enter the mind of others, allowing them to see everything that goes on in their mind!

Your starting League of Legends character is determined by a personality test!

Meet the characters and choose from 4 different Romance Routes and 1 Common Route!

There are several endings, but most important of all, will you be able to find the Truth past the True Ending?

Speaking back to those thoughts - just because they come doesn't mean I'll let them stay:
I refuse. Why? Because I am always led in triumph, no matter how difficult the "almost completely against me" may seem. Why don't you make like the corpse and shut up?

...I never really paid much attention to destiny;
I just thought it all depended on the luck of the draw, then going with the flow.
But it doesn't seem like I can afford to play that hand anymore.
That's no problem anyway, since I was never made to play by these rules.

Thanks to
and so many others

Latest Blog

Destiny Chronicles - Beta 2 Release 27/04/2016 (Español / Spanish)

Several updates and fixes has been done in this version.

En esta nueva version de Cronicas del Destino he realizado una gran correccion de errores del beta anterior, y cuando digo grande, es GRANDE. Tenia demasiados errores
que incomodaban a la hora de jugar, deben quedar algunos pero es algo que corregire con el tiempo.

Pasando a los contenidos de esta version, enlistare los cambios y adiciones que he realizado en el juego.

Cambios en el menu

- Menu corregido y 100% funcional - Eliminado el icono molesto que no hacia nada.
- Removido "archivos", "Musica" y "Bestiario" del menu.
- Menu mejorado y simplificado visualmente.
- Mejorada la seccion de "Personalidades" ahora tambien permite ver la personalidad
de nuestros aliados.
- Añadidas Cartas arcanas mayores para representar a cada personaje, creadas por PoisonCage.

Cambios Visuales

- Añadido un video INTRO para el juego y la capacidad de reproducir videos.
- Nueva apariencia para Kaoru, Misao, Rina, Shinji, Ryota y Honoka.
- Removidos los bordes negros (Posiblemente se revierta de ser necesario)
- Iconos renovados
- Mejorado el sistema de cache de imagenes, el juego ya no se relentiza ni se traba.

Cambios en el Gameplay

- Añadidas 2 nuevas zonas en el mapa, "Santuario" y "Cafe Dulces Sueños".
- Nuevos eventos intermedios.
- Cambios en dialogos y mejoras gramaticales realizadas.
- Experimentando sistema de Crafteo y Misiones alternas

Cambios en la Batalla

- Añadidos nuevos combates
- Añadido contador de turnos
- Mejorado el sistema de turnos reducido a un valor fijo en lugar de basarse en la velocidad de los battlers.
- Añadido sistema de Escudos y Sustitucion.
- Mejorada la explicacion de habilidades, ahora si se entienden...
- Añadidas habilidades pasivas unicas para cada personaje.
- Añadidas nuevas habilidades.
- Algunas habilidades han sido nerfeadas o buffeadas segun lo hayan necesitado.

Espero que les agrade y se agradece cualquier informe de errores o sugerencias,
todo sirve.

Nos vemos en la proxima actualizacion.
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  • Evaan
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Visual Novel RPG
  • 06/12/2015 02:03 PM
  • 01/28/2017 07:19 PM
  • 12/25/2016
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So is the game going to be in spanish? I speak spanish so not a problem for me, but im curious.
So is the game going to be in spanish? I speak spanish so not a problem for me, but im curious.

Originally yes, it was pretended to be in spanish because im from Argentina. But i need to make translations to english so everybody can play it.
My spanish is terrible but this looks fun as hell, looking forward to a DL.
It looks like you took some inspiration from Persona as well. The game looks good :D

it's the first time I see a league of legends character in an rm game and think it might be good
O.o How did you get the ring menu to work? If you don't mind sharing that knowledge of course.
O.o How did you get the ring menu to work? If you don't mind sharing that knowledge of course.

Im using the MOG - Battle Command EX, you just got to change in the line 76 the COMMAND_TYPE = 4 , and thats all.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i feels pretty miserable to know you cant win.
that mission on sc2 which the goal is to survive,then they change it to fight until death...its like why....just why...
The hell? There are apparently multiple esports themed VNs? http://www.sc2vn.com/
Hola ~ que decirte se ve genial, lo he probado y me ha gustado lo que he visto tiene un aire a persona que le queda muy bn, eso si tienes que completar el camino de claire ehh :P pero está muy bien espero la próxima actualización ^^
Juego actualizado, espero que les guste
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