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When Hennu Katsuya moves to the town of Onanne, the last thing he expects to encounter on his way to school is a battle between the town guards and some dark knights, followed by the appearance of mysterious portals around his new home!

Join the weird adventures of Hennu and his unwilling ally Jonouchi in an old project of mine, lost to a reformat many moons ago.

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  • Cancelled
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/28/2008 10:26 AM
  • 12/19/2022 04:47 PM
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uh why did you bother adding this if it's cancelled?
I'm guessing by the title that this game's story is base around contradictions?
The game is, to be honest, a bit weird. As for why it's up, even if it's cancelled, is because no one around here really knows my previous work and I think it'd be nice if the community kmew a little of my history.
It says, "The main file cannot be opened," when I try to play the demo.
I played the demo and there were a couple of passability issues with certain tilesets. Too bad it's cancelled though.
How can a triangle have four sides?
This game looks pretty funky!!
How can a triangle have four sides?

A triangle can have 4 sides, it's called a Square silly Bandito.
If the triangle were a 3d image, it'd have four sides, three triangular sides, plus the base. I'm guessing that's what he meant?
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