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Angel Key is back to development stage!

Since I've completed developing Seven Mysteries: The Last Page, I'm happy to announce that I am back to working on Angel Key. Also, the game is now being converted to a 16:9 resolution. Here's the very first look.


In-game GIFs

I know the project is in hiatus since I'm working on another project (which is gonna be finished next month or the month after that). If you guys want to check the project I'm currently working on, here it is: Seven Mysteries Redux.

And here's some Angel Key in-game GIFs. (^ ^ )

And btw, between Angel Key and Seven Mysteries Redux, which project do you think is much more interesting? (o ε o )


Angel Key new teaser

And this is our last teaser of the game. Thank you for watching. :)


Angel Key Teaser #01 + 02

New teasers and covers have been updated. You can watch it in the "Trailer" tab, or just simply hit the play button down here. So that's the news, thank you guys for reading.


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