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What is SkyE?

SkyE is our newest entry for a contest, the one for the RPGM Miniature Project Contest.
Play length: Around an hour per play-through.

What is SkyE about?

SkyE is a light sim-like game where you play the role of Celeste, a graduate Sky Knight who is taken on her final ranking assignment with her teacher, Knight Commander Svarus. You will be investigating the Rayth outbreak that has only begun at the newest Chromadus Academy for Raye Engineers and Directors. The game heavily centers around real-time shmup style side-scrolling combat.

What's unique about SkyE?

SkyE plays something like a sim, you'll be able to choose which locations to investigate at certain times of the day, uncovering the plot that haunts the new school. As you play you'll be thrown into a side-scrolling action system that mixes a brawler with a shooter to create a new unique style of gameplay. (Buzzword BINGO!)

Once you finish the game you'll find yourself able to play it over again; it will take a few times through to uncover all the different secrets and see the real answers to what's going on.

SkyE is developed entirely in RPG Maker VX from scratch starting from September 10th, completed on November 1st!

The combat system features pixel-checking collision for bullets, so moving your character around and flying forward through a wave of bullets is actually pretty fun!

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  • 11/01/2008 09:42 PM
  • 06/29/2023 06:10 PM
  • 11/01/2008
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I liked it! I enjoyed the side-scrolling combat but I didn't care much for the anime, story, and dialogue. I believe there should be more games like this, focused on quality over quantity of gameplay.
Very interesting game (I haven't played it)
loved the whole anime and great story brill game
loved the whole anime and great story brill game
I don't think the story is all that brilliant but the way it is presented makes it a lot more interesting than it would have been if it was linear. The side-scrolling arena combat though is what keeps you coming back.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I agree with Mr. Bane (good to see you on RMN, by the way, Mr. Bane) but you already know my thoughts seeing as I've written the only review so far.
Too much time between action. Gradius was great because it kept the action coming. Didn't need a story.
This game seems interesting, l'll try to play this one day, and l'll get back with you.
Wow, guess I can't afford to pass up this game any longer, considering the reviews...
Sure you can! You can avoid it FOREVER, and still remain quite happy. (Probably happier.)
Haha. Too late! Its ruined my life :( Naw, its a lot of fun, quite innovative actually.
looks like no posts here for long time...
anyway.. awesome game! one of the best RPVX games i ve seen
i liked that battle system too!
theres one bad thing even this game has difficulty settings
i was hoping ''insane'' to be bit more difficult.
i played this for the drill hair no lie
Excellent game! I like the dynamic action shooting and dodging (not much shielding for me). The plot makes good connections between action scenes. It seems very basic but will you figure out what’s happening on your first play through?
This game is amazing, good work! I just wanted you to know that I have a youtube channel where I spotlight RPG Maker Games. I recently spotlighted Skye if you want to check it out :) Hope you like it.

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