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Masgard, a monk just moved into a certain village to get a simple job like selling things and the like. He doesn't know that he's in for something unexpected. As soon as he exits his house, he heard someone screaming for help. As soon as he reaches the source, he is shocked to find what was wrong. After that incident, the king has called upon Masgard to ask for some help regarding something that has been bothering him recently.

Play as Masgard, the monk and help the king with whatever that is bothering him. Will you succeed? Find out by playing this game.

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  • Completed
  • Wishiyo
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 06/30/2015 10:25 AM
  • 08/09/2018 11:47 PM
  • 06/30/2015
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I got a problem.
I defeated the ancient mummy at the scapula underground ruin and got the treasure box. But when speaking to the man in the village he says I haven't been there yet. Perhaps the treasure boxes being KEY ITEMS is the problem. I got two dungeon keys and treasure boxes each but can't finish the quest nor go through the locked door in the ruins.
Also the healing effect on the monk is around 40 HP, but on the others around 150... and why has he MP?

Getting more of the strong equipment as I'm waiting for a solution.
Oh, I see the problem... I forgot to delete the treasure box from that guy's house... wait a minute... I'll fix that.
I have updated the download. I hope it solved your problem. :)
I have the same problems as firefly84 - re-downloaded and same only difference is the treasure chest is gone from the guys house - but says the same thing ! Dennis
How many treasure boxes are there in the inventory?
Now when you start a new game - it starts in natrium village - outside that mans house ? Dennis
To start in natrium village is completely bugged. You are level 1 with starting equipment and alone. When you try to go back to the origin beginning, the event with the skelleton "crushes" your game.

I'll try to restart the game with the first download and turn the savegame to the secound before entering natrium village. I have trained so hard to get my three companions to have the best equipment...
Oh, sorry, sorry! I was a bit sloppy... I finally got things right now... Sorry for messing things up....
I finally updated the game... again... I hope there are less issues now... If there are any issues, please do tell me. I'll try my best to fix it.
That seemed to have fixed it - I was at level 18 - all my gear and 82000 gold - I was worried I'd have to start over - I'll let you know in the future of any other problems ! Dennis
Okay. I'm glad you're happy. :) And, don't forget to enjoy playing the game. :)
Thanks for solving the scapula-bug.

I'm now in Moonshine Village, but the event in the middle of the village, when accepting the 2nd hunt after the evil king's generals, froze.
And have you made the healing spell effect on Masgard better?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

indoors way to much space!

no even gonna be specific but go thru your game to fix grammar issues! and any gliches that may pop up before releasing!

what does auto and all out even do? both pick a single move and then you still have to control characters?

the stores so uninspiring! default items names :3 and that pricing! some substantial gaps for such low improvements o.o
even worse every weapon type is here! not even properly limited to what each character uses

huge open areas why???

should be able to sleep in party members beds too

...you...find a murderer...say...don't think i will let you get away with that!...beat him up...and let hi get away...
...then just ignore the situation :/ mys well let us sleep on her bed since were also just taking stuff from her home

2 houses to the left gamma a girl who wants you to collect 10 tomatoes of explosion which are sold at the store
if you try to leave thru the back exits a nun randomly says something

screw the king im tired of kings just telling people what to do...and why was that guard so far away from the castle anyway? its like...you have a freaking army...USE THEM

amazed a child knows which way north is

cant save them? Stimulant- "recovers a ally from death" oh i see they aren't a ally :/

he gives you the key to the locked door after you get back from there!? w...t..f....

new town 4 generals + a boss...im done this is boring

i did not finish this,i quit because its extremely boring and poorly designed.
the characters,plot and gameplay...nothing worth playing this for. even the grammar needs some work!

you would be better off watching pewdiepies videos.
Again same problem as firefly84 - going to fight general Pu-tau at level 30 - it freezes and cannot continue game ! Dennis
To Firefly : I can't seem to know why there's an issue with that healing spell... sorry.

To Shayako : It's okay if you think it's boring and don't wanna play anymore. And I do watch PewDiePie videos for a living.

To Dennis : I will look into this matter, but not now. I'm kinda busy now... So, hang in there, okay?
Oh, and Shayako, thanks for pointing those out. Now I can improve on my next game project. :)
I checked it out and I don't seem to be having any freezing problems there. Mind telling me in detail how the freezing happened?
I checked it out and I don't seem to be having any freezing problems there. Mind telling me in detail how the freezing happened?

You talk to Edward and accept to hunt the next general. You make two or three steps forward and the event freezes when you stand directly behind Edwards earlier spot.
Oh, now I see your problem... You must have found Jonnie, the witch. I forgot that she was a usable character, to be honest. XD No worries. I will fix this.
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